Spoilers: Four weeks worth of NXT taping results

May 24, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

credit: WrestlingObserver.com

NXT TV taping report 5-23 Winter Park, FL, Cesaro vs. Generico, Ryback

NXT taped four weeks of TV tonight at Full Sail University. Weak attendance tonight—it wasn’t much more than half a house before the late walk-up, and it looked like a bunch of the boys who weren’t booked on the card came out to fill part of a section right before bell time. The only advertised attraction was Ryback, plus an NXT title match between Big E Langston and Bo Dallas.

Dark match: Mojo Rawley d. Knuckles Madsen. Both showed a lot of fire.

–The taping started with an announcement from Stephanie McMahon (in a backstage pretape) that the NXT women’s championship would be decided in a tournament over the coming weeks. She said “NXT favorites like Paige, Summer Rae and Emma” would join stars of Raw and Smackdown in the tournament.

–A desk was set up in the ring, and Jim Ross was introduced to moderate a contract signing between Big E and Bo Dallas. Dallas had more heel heat than anyone else throughout the night, with many chants of “no mo’ Bo.” Langston remains a tremendous babyface here despite his WWE character. Very good promos on both sides—Langston called Dallas “a geek” because he smiles all the time. Heated but not physical.
–Backstage interview with Corey Graves—he and Kassius Ohno both have issues with the Wyatt Family, so even though they don’t always see eye-to-eye, they’ve agreed to team up for a shot at the tag titles.
–Paige d. Tamina Snuka in a first-round women’s tournament match. Paige remains super over with this crowd. Tamina took most of the match. Finish came when she went for the splash, Paige got her knees up, then rolled her up for the pin.
–Mason Ryan d. Colin Cassady in a quick squash with a torture rack into a backbreaker.
–“The Ascension” Conor O’Brien d. Alex Riley via submission.
–Erick Rowan and Luke Harper (w/ Bray Wyatt) d. Corey Graves and Kassius Ohno to defend the tag belts. Good match. Ohno is the most ready for a call-up of anyone on the roster, and Graves had a good night here. Wyatt interfered freely, and the finish came when Graves took out Wyatt with a twisting plancha, but the distraction was enough to get the pin on Ohno.

–A video package introduced Sami Zayn (El Generico) and showed highlights of his victory over Antonio Cesaro at the last taping. They obviously know they have something with Zayn, as he was (I think) the only one to get this treatment all night.
–Cesaro d. Zayn in about 12:00 in the rematch. Definite match of the night. Zayn came off the top rope into a Cesaro forearm, but kicked out for a near-fall. Zayn hit a Canadian Destroyer-esque power bomb for a great near-fall. After a very competitive match, Cesaro finally hit the Neutralizer for the clean pin. Super heat.
–A man in a tiger-striped shirt came onto the ramp. He introduced himself as Sylvester Lefort, a French entrepreneur, here to debut his latest acquisition—the tag team of Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan. Dawson and Dylan haven’t changed their characters, but now they have a mouthpiece.
–Dawson & Dylan beat Travis Tyler & ? in a quick squash.
–Alicia Fox d. Bayley in a women’s tourney match. Bayley plays the sweet, innocent girl who snaps and goes crazy when she gets hit. The character is a cartoon—Bayley even has a bow in her hair—but it got over.
–Bo Dallas b. Big E Langston for the NXT title in about 8-10 minutes. This was put over as something special, from the prematch announcements all the way through the postmatch.interview. Langston took most of the match, but when he went for the Big End, Dallas grabbed the ropes, slipped behind Langston, then muscled him over into a Bo Dazzler for the win. Afterward, Bo screamed “I’m going to Disney World!”

–Sami Zayn beat Angelo Dawkins in a too-quick squash with a springboard tornado DDT. The finish seemed to come out of nowhere, and Zayn seemed unhappy after it was done. Zayn was way over, again.
–Adrian Neville d. Bray Wyatt by DQ for interference from the Wyatt Family. Graves and Ohno came down to even the odds, and NXT commissioner Dusty Rhodes, proving he’s been reading his Teddy Long playbook, made a six-man for later in the show.
–Summer Rae d. Sasha Banks in a tourney match with a scissor kick leg drop. Both women were way over..,Summer’s over-the-top heel character is fun. A few fans tried to get the Fandango song started, but it died quickly.
–Xavier Woods d. Jake Carter. Woods cut a promo on the Titantron before the match.
–The Wyatt Family (Wyatt, Harper and Rowan) beat Neville, Graves and Ohno. Wyatt pulled his partner out of the way of Neville’s twisting top-rope finisher, and the other partner pinned Neville.

–Langston d. Aiden English with the Big End in a quick squash, then hit three more Big Ends after it was over. This might have been E’s last match as a regular member of the NXT roster, as he stayed on the ramp for a little bit absorbing the babyface reaction.
–Leo Kruger d. Dante Dash in a quick squash.
–Bo Dallas d. ? in a quick squash…afterward, Kruger indicated he wanted a title shot. Looks like that might be the next program.
–Emma d. Aksana in a tourney match with a bridging inverted Indian deathlock. Emma was way over. Brackets were never revealed for the tournament, but your semifinalists are Paige, Emma, Summer Rae and Alicia Fox.
–In a No. 1 contenders match for the tag-team titles, Graves & Ohno beat Dawson & Dylan. The postmatch ended with a brawl, as first the Wyatt Family came down to attack Graves & Ohno, then Neville came down to help even the odds, and finally William Regal had had enough and came down from the broadcast booth to help. The babyfaces were soon on the short end, and Regal in particular was pounded by the Wyatt Family. He was carried/staggered out as the taping ended.

–Stock video of an ambulance appeared on the Titantron. Ambulance lights were set up on the corners of the stage, and Ryback made his way to the ring. He started his promo by putting over all the young talent in the back (an oddly babyface thing to do) before launching into a rehash of his Monday promo about finishing the job against Cena at Payback. He offered anyone in the back the chance to come and challenge him, bringing out…Colin Cassady and his manager, Enzo Amore. Amore did most of the talking, and it was a really amusing promo, but it went on too long. When it was over, Amore tried to hide behind Cassady. Ryback laid out Cassady with a meat hook, then Amore tried to befriend Ryback, but took a meat hook and a shellshock to end the night.

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