New York Radio Personality & Ring Of Honor Star Debut Podcast

May 24, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

George Carroll sent in:

Albany, NY – What started out as a fun on the road video series has now gone full blown podcast. Professional wrestler/Radio personality Dalton Castle has teamed up with Ring of Honor TV/Pro Wrestling NOAH star Bobby Fish. The goal of The Traveling Tights is to connect on a whole different level with Albany, New York’s Q103 listeners and wrestling fans across the world. As two dudes who wear tights and travel a lot, this is their chance to act somewhat normal and entertain you in a different way.

Each week Dalton and Bobby will let you into their world of wrestling by recapping their past weekend trips and absurd stories. Covering current topics, a crappy news break and interviewing a new guest are always on the menu. More than not the conversation comes back to professional wrestling, not by design but because that’s just how their brains are wired. Fish and Castle may not solve all the World’s issues, but at least they can make one hour of your life appear to suck less. Be sure to check out The Traveling Tights Podcast with Dalton Castle and Bobby Fish.

Listen to the first podcast right now!

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