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bo dallas

Bo Dallas defeated Big E Langston in about 8:00 to win the NXT title in Winter Park, FL earlier tonight.


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  1. Jono K says:

    Urghhhh, I love to know how many fans actually like Dallas…?

  2. Later Marks says:

    I’m not surprised, but geez can’t they give it to somebody that can actually work. I wanna know why the WWE loves him so much. He is horrible and even worse on the mic.

  3. Fisha695 says:

    Isn’t his daddy (IRS) one of the top road agents for the WWE? There is your answer 😉

  4. Later Marks says:

    IRS has no pull whatsoever.

  5. rhbd says:

    i prefer his brother bray wyatt, hes going to be a very good heel

  6. Geoff says:

    Why? He feels like a lesser version of drew mcintyre to me. And i dont like mcintyre

  7. Simba says:

    Of the entire NXT locker room, why Bo Dallas? He’s so bland and nondescript, plus he looks like a lesbian. Bray Wyatt would have been the immediately obvious replacement champ, the contrast between the brothers is unbelievable!

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