Impact spoilers for 5/30

May 23, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Xplosion: Robbie E beats Shark Boy


Bad influence and It Factor vs. Storm, Gunner, Chavo and Hernandez. Faces win when Aries taps to Gunner’s torture rack. Fun match. Storm didn’t tag in at all.

(Jeremy Borash is incredible during the commercial breaks. He might be the best worker on the show.)

Bully Ray and Devon out for a promo. Which leads to…

Team 3D vs. Sting and Joe Parks.
We get the dreaded wild brawl which breaks down into a standard tag match. Sting pins devon with the death drop after a distraction from Abyss’ entrance video. (And yes several people around me thought Abyss was coming out.)

Dixie Carter is out next. She plugs Slammiversary and says they’ll announce the next TNA Hall of Famer at the ppv. A&8s interrupts. Garrett Bischoff talks for a while and A&8s surround her. Joe and Magnus make the save. Leading to…

Joe and Magnus vs. A&8s- C team. 1 minute match. Dq finish as A&8s triple team magnus. Joe announces 6 man tag Bischoff, briscoe and Doc vs. Joe, Magnus and Jeff Hardy at ppv.

Mickie James promo. Calls out Velvet Sky. She wants her rematch at Slammiversary. Gail Kim out and runs down velvet then attacks her. Taryn makes the save as James just leaves.
Kenny King comes out and we are getting a mixed tag.

King and Kim vs. Taryn Terrell and Chris Sabin. Sabin pins King with the Cradleshock. Fun match. Post match King cuts off a Sabin promo and Suicide runs in to attack King.

Ken Anderson vs. AJ Styles. They had a long match. It was slow to get started and wasn’t much to write home about. Angle attacks AJ for the dq. A&8s go after AJ but the locker room (Magnus, Joe, Parks and Sting) make the save. Everyone brawls leaving Sting and Bully alone in the ring. Sting puts him in the scorpion Devon saves and they hit Sting with the 3D. A&8s stand over Sting and pose as the show ends.

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