5/23 WWE Main Event Recap

May 22, 2013 - by staff

(source: WWE.com)

By: Kevin Hensley

WWE Main Event Recap

May 22, 2013 (Taped May 21, 2013)

Omaha, NE at the CenturyLink Arena

Commentators: Michael Cole & The Miz

-The standard WWE, then Main Event open airs

-Full pyro, and Michael Cole welcomes us to Omaha for WWE Main Event!

-Tony Chimel introduces Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer/buddy (he doesn’t announce him as his “buddy,” but he’s supposed to be now,) Ricardo Rodriguez! Ricardo introduces Del Rio, who storms to the ring, and we see footage from his match Monday night on Raw against Big E. Langston. Speaking of Langston, AJ skips out and leads him to the ring. Looks like we’re having a re-match tonight! Hey, at least it’s not Orton/Cesaro for the umpteenth time this year (that’s why I didn’t like the match two weeks ago…)

1. Alberto Del Rio VS Big E. Langston

-Collar and elbow tie-up, Langston shows his power by pushing Del Rio away. Another lockup, and Alberto slips around and hammers away at Big E. in the corner. Del Rio tries a suplex, but Langston blocks it and lands one of his own. Hmm…interesting sequence in the first minute of the match. I like where this is going! E. doesn’t mess around, setting up Del Rio for an Irish whip, but turns and runs Alberto short and FAST into the near turnbuckle. Langston stays on him, choking Del Rio with his shin on the bottom rope. Ref asks for a break, and gets it. Big E. does the short Irish whip again. Alberto back up, lands some blows, and then low-bridges Big E. over the top rope, to the floor. Del Rio channels his high-flying roots and lands a SUICIDE DIVE on Langston. Nice. E. gets rolled back into the ring, Alberto tries to follow, but gets distracted by AJ, long enough for Big to knock Alberto into the guardrail HARD. AJ examines her handiwork as we go to break 2:31 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

-Before we re-join the match…an ad for Raw Monday airs, where we’ll get the latest on Triple-H, plus the return of the Highlight Reel! IT’S PAYWUNDHAS! CLUBBERIN’ AND PLUNDERIN’!!!

-Back to the action, and Langston is wearing Del Rio down with a chinlock. Alberto tries to fight out, and climbs to the second rope for a crossbody, but Big E. catches him in mid-air (!!!) and lands not one, not two, but THREE backbreakers, holding Alberto in his arms. HE’S DOMINATE!!! Cover, one, two, no. E. toys with Del Rio, and then chokes Alberto over the bottom rope again. Del Rio fires himself up, and clubbers away at Langston, driving him into the corner. However, Alberto misses a follow-up charge, and collapses back to the mat. Cover, one, two, nada. Big E. clubs Alberto across the back, and locks on the chinlock again (I realize the redundancy of that statement.) Del Rio tries to fight out, so Langston rewards him with a back suplex. And….another chinlock (that’s three tonight, and…SPOILER ALERT…won’t be the last!) Big E. dominates until Alberto gets up, drops down with the jawbreaker, charges off the ropes, attempts a sunset flip, but Langston simply reaches down, picks him up in a chokehold, pushes him off and pulverizes him with a clothesline! BIG E. DON’T MESS AROUND, you see. Alberto tries to mount some offense, so E. rewards him AGAIN, this time by DRIVING him into the corner with some shoulder thrusts. However, a glimmer of light for Del Rio, as he catches a charging Langston with a big boot, then lands a SWEET tornado DDT. Referee administers a ten count, and both men make it back up in time. Ricardo gets the crowd behind Alberto, and a Si! chant breaks out. In Nebraska, no less. Del Rio has to deliver THREE clotheslines to drop the big guy. Alberto ducks a clothesline, and connects with a BACKSTABBER. Langston explodes off the mat with a clothesline, then a cover…one, two, and 2.99999999999. Big E. attempts a corner charge, but Del Rio moves and Langston meets ringpost. Winner: Ringpost. Big E. gets tied up between the second and top rope, and Del Rio lands NINE kidney forearms, but Big E. elbows him in the head to prevent the tenth. Alberto lands a big kick; Big E. falls in the ring. Cover, one, two, no dice. Del Rio sets up for the CROSS ARMBREAKER, but Langston pushes him off into the ropes and catches him in a SMOOTH belly-to-belly suplex! Cover, one, two…not yet. Big E. drops the straps, reaches down and promptly gets locked in the CROSS ARMBREAK…wait, Langston STANDS UP AND SLAMS DEL RIO INTO THE MAT. Wow. What a great second half to this match. Cover, one, two…almost! Big E. sets up for the BIG ENDING, but Alberto drops behind, hits an ENZIGURI to the back of the head, then follows up promptly with a schoolboy for the 1, 2…3!!!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio in 10:34. An absolute GREAT story told here, as Langston dominated, and Del Rio had to counter with wit to take down the stronger foe. Just a gritty, old-school feel to this one…we’ll go ***.

-After a replay of the finish, Del Rio stands tall on the ramp.

-UP NEXT! John Cena and Ryback fought in a Last Man Standing Match, at Extreme Rules, for the WWE Championship! What were the after-effects??? Chances are, you already know, but for those of you unaffiliated, find out, NEXT!

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-And lest we forget, to thank Airbourne, for the Extreme Rules theme song, “Live It Up.” It’s available on iTunes now, that is…if you’re into that sort of thing.

-We see the latest Ryback/Cena drama from Raw Monday night, where Ryback drove the ambulance into the arena…you know the rest!

-After the video package, Cole says that Cena is “banged up,” but will be in Calgary, this Monday, on Raw.

-AND…here comes The Usos! They’re in tag team action, next!

[Commercial Break]

-We’re back! Here comes the 3MB, BABY!!! Representing tonight will be Drew & Jinder.

2. The Usos VS Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal

-Jinder starts off with an Uso. Lockup, Mahal with a quick armdrag. And he’s proud of himself! It was crisp, I’ll give him that. Another tie-up, Uso takes down Mahal with a headlock. Jinder quickly back up, pushes him into the ropes, and promptly gets shoulderblocked down. Mahal begs off. Mahal begins a barrage of strikes, culminating in a head smash into the turnbuckle…which doesn’t work. And WHY, you ponder? BECAUSE HE’S SAMOAN AND HE HAS A HARD HEAD. Hold that thought…Uso chops Jinder away for that miscue, tags in the fresh Uso, and Mahal gets whipped into a jumping clothesline. SCOOP……..SLAM and Jinder is HURT. Big stomp by the Uso, then a chop, but Mahal quickly pushes the Uso into the corner, tags in Drew, who comes in and hammers away at the Uso. Wait…so the turnbuckle doesn’t hurt his head, but right hands do? Something’s fishy about that…McIntyre with a club to the back, tries the turnbuckle out AGAIN, and as we’ve all learned, Samoan’s>turnbuckle. Drew follows up, however, with kicks to the midsection. Irish whip to the other corner, Drew gets caught with a elbow, Uso comes out with chops, tags in the fresh Uso, and we are treated to a double Snuka chop, followed up NICELY by stereo elbow drops. Cover, one, two, no. Irish whip, McIntyre reverses, and catches a leaping Uso in the air with a kick to the gut. Cover, one…that’s it. Tag to Jinder, and a DOUBLE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP. That was different. Mahal lands some punches, and Slater gets in on the fun with a cheap shot of his own. He’ll pay…all in due time. Cover, one, two, no. Jinder with a chinlock (four,) and a power back ends with a head snap down to the mat. Tag to McIntyre, who catches the Uso with a kick to the gut. Stomp to the hand, and that just made him MAD! Right hands, but Drew catches him with a throat thrust. Tag back to Jinder (good tag team wrestling here, folks,) and it’s a kick and an elbow to the back of the head. Mahal lands a BIG kneedrop for one, two, no. Chinlock again (five,) and the Uso fights back up and trades blows with Jinder, climaxing with a spinning enziguri! Hot tag to Dre…nah, just kidding, to the fresh Uso. A flurry of punches follows, the Uso climbs up top, Drew distracts him long enough to see the Uso crotched over the top turnbuckle. He’s pushed to the floor, and we go to break 6:01 into the match.

-And…be sure to catch The Miz, on commentary, on Main Event, on Ion Television, which airs…RIGHT NOW, on Ion Television!

[Commercial Break]

-We’re back! Drew has an armbar locked in on an Uso in the ring. After a bit, the Uso breaks free, Irish whip, McIntyre reverses and charges into a thrust kick, which angers the Scotsman, as he comes back with a BIG BOOT to the face. Ouch. Cover, one, two, no. Tag to Jinder, and Drew gets some shots in before he leaves. Mahal pushes off the bottom rope for some air time on some stomps, three of them to be exact. Jinder hits a swinging neckbreaker for one, two, no. And…that’s right, it’s a chinlock! (Six!!!) After the Uso fights out, Mahal whips him down to the mat, using the Uso’s hair. Cover, one, two, nada. OH MY GOODNESS, it’s ANOTHER chinlock (seven.) Mahal is persistent with that chinlock, I’ll hand it to him. This time, the Uso fights out by gaining some leverage and NAILING a back suplex. HOT TAG TO…the fresh Uso! Clotheslines, chops, and a Bunsen Burner come into play, culminating with a SICK Samoan Drop, then the Butt Bump in the corner. Cover, 1, 2,…

-Wait a tick! I hear a siren! HERE COMES RYBACK, out of the back of an ambulance that just HAPPENED to back into the arena at the right time. Heath tries to hide as Ryback stomps to the ring, but Ryback can smell the West Virginia on Slater, so Heath goes for broke, charges and Ryback slams him FACE FIRST on the floor! Excedrin headache #6. Ryback promptly tosses Heath over his shoulder, throws him into the back of the ambulance (ala Zack Ryder on Raw Monday,) and we may have seen the Last Ride, of Heath Slater.

-Meanwhile…back in the ring…the freshest Uso hits the SUPERFLY SPLASH for the three count.

Winners: The Usos in 11:27. This match was just fine, **…but where is Ryback taking this ambulance victims???!!!

-Up next! Triple-H realizes his has a concussion, during a match with Curtis Axel…catch it next!

-But before you do, go buy the WrestleMania 29 DVD, in stores NOW!

[Commercial Break]

-DID YOU KNOW? That last Monday, Raw was the most socially active show on television, beating out every show on NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, MTV, Bravo!, A & E & FOX? Yeah, not all that “social activity” could’ve been positive though…

-We’re back, and we travel to Raw this past Monday, and see the Curtis Axel/Paul Heyman/Triple-H interaction.

-After the video, Michael Cole reports that Triple-H has post-concussion symptoms, and won’t be medically cleared to return to the ring until he passes all necessary tests. Main Event closes out with a shot of HHH collapsing at ringside Monday on Raw.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A good episode of Main Event tonight. Both exclusive matches were enticing (although, SEVEN chinlocks in one hour of wrestling?) and the recaps weren’t TOO heavily featured over the in-ring action…this episode gets ***.

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