5/18 “Rock of Jericho” with Mike Mushok recap

May 22, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

from Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Mike Mushok segments, they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says Mike Mushok of Newsted & Staind: http://twitter.com/staindmusic will be on. He calls him a guitarist expert with other stuff coming up to where for next week, he’ll have Overkill’s Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth
to where it’s New Jersey’s finest thrash metal band & says he’ll start the 1-2 punch
from the CD “The Electric Age”: http://tinyurl.com/bc29xtx with “Come & Get It”. He says the rock starts now, says to crank it up & says “here we go”.

2.Plays Overkill’s “Come & Get It” & “Electric

3.Jericho says “Electric Rattlesnake” is also
from “The Electric Age”, says the show’s on the new XM ch.242 due to not being on ch.
164 anymore:
www.siriusxm.com/channelupdate & says 242 sounds like a football call up to where he says “242, 242, hike, hut”. He again says
Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth will be on next week
to hike us the heavy metal ball, calls it a great segway & says Mushok will be on later. He says there’ll be lots of great stuff
coming up to where he’ll talk about the recent death of Jeff Hanneman, says to stick
around because the show has just begun &
then takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show on XM 242 to where he again
introduces himself, says a couple of weeks ago he hosted the Golden Gods Awards in
LA for the 1st time since last year & then
corrects himself by saying it was the 4th time in a row. He says yearly it has been getting bigger to where this year, Metallica’s headlining & then mentions 5 Finger Death Punch, Anthrax, Dillinger Escape Plan [DEP], Stone Sour, Gene Simmons, Tenacious D, [Rob] Zombie, Alice Cooper, Rob Halford & others were there. He says 2 or 3 hours before the show the news was announced that Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman died [5/2].

Jericho says it casted a bit of a scene over the festivities to where people didn’t know
how to react, calls Jeff a huge pioneer in thrash to where he had a falling out with Slayer & says he couldn’t play guitar anymore due to being bitten by a spider. He
says he got flesh eating disease from it to
where his arm almost had to be cut off, says
it wasn’t & says this sounds like it’s from a
Slayer song but it was really true. He says
Jeff tried returning to Slayer but couldn’t do it to where playing Slayer songs ain’t like playing folk music, says his [guitar] picking wasn’t was it was to where he hasn’t played with them for 2 years & says
he died from liver cirrhosis due to drinking.

Jericho says it was a sad thing due to Jeff
dying before the award show, says after that everyone regrouped to see that the only positive thing on this was that he died
before the award show & not after & says
they’d have a celebration of Jeff’s life with
everyone gathered together. He says if he
himself died it wouldn’t be a bad way to do it, says it was the same thing when Whitney
Houston died before the Grammys a few years ago & says Jeff’s name & memory was
remembered & celebrated at the awards. He says Jeff’s riff writing was incredible to
where lots of people feel that Kerry King’s the face of Slayer, but some of their songs
were written by Jeff.

Jericho says it includes this 1 that has the actual music with 1 of the greatest breakdowns in metal history, says it’s
“Angel Of Death” which was written by Jeff
& then plays the song.

4.Plays Slayer’s “Angel Of Death”, “Raining
Blood” & “Seasons In The Abyss”.

5.Jericho calls “Seasons In The Abyss” 1 of
his favorites which was also written by Jeff, says “Raining Blood” has another great riff by Jeff & says the 3 Slayer songs are the last
3 of every Slayer show to where they’re the
encore tunes. He says the music was written
by Jeff to where he says rest in peace to him, says there’ll be a Jeff memorial show in
LA late this month or in June [NOTE FROM JEFF:it’ll occur 5/23 at the Hollywood Palladium] & says go on either blabbermouth.net: http://tinyurl.com/axbq9lz or slayer.com [NOTE FROM JEFF:it’s www.slayer.net ]: http://tinyurl.com/avtnwbn for more info to
where tickets are free for this show.

Jericho says it’ll be a big celebration of Jeff’s life, then plugs
http://twitter.com/rockofjerichoxm for requests because it’s been a while since he
has recorded recently show episodes & says
he needs to fill up his request box. He says
to send your ideas & thoughts on what you’d wanna hear on the show, says that
http://twitter.com/edjacksony2jfan wanted to hear Ghost’s “Year Zero” & plugs the CD
“Infestissumam”: http://tinyurl.com/a5ypq5n to where they’re blowing up huge. He says it’s funny
because Papa Emeritus was at the Golden Gods Awards & says when meeting him, he’ll say [in a Papa Emeritus imitation]
“hello, how are you, good to see you man, how’re you doing man”.

Jericho says Papa’s got the crazy skull makeup & evil pope outfit, says he talks like
a normal guy & says
http://twitter.com/y2j_jessica wants to hear
Halestorm’s “I’m Not An Angel” to where
Halestorm also played at the awards. He says he likes it when people have Twitter handles that’s influenced by himself, says it’s good knowing that his existence on Earth at the least has influenced Twitter handles & then plays both songs.

6.Plays Ghost’s “Year Zero” & Halestorm’s
“I’m Not An Angel”.

7.Jericho says Lzzy Hale & brother RJ are
crazy rock stars, says if you haven’t seen them live you need to see RJ play drums &
calls him a modern day Tommy Lee with lots
of tricks with attitude to where he’s a cool guy. He calls them a great band to where he
spoke with Fozzy’s manager to where he told him that it makes him mad while pissing him off that Halestorm’s on every tour, wonders if Lzzy can save some tours for others, says he’ll play more requests to where he’ll play Evanescenece & 5 Finger Death Punch & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, again plugs his Twitter for requests & says
http://twitter.com/donalbert17 wanted to hear Evanescenece’s “Bring Me To Life”. He says http://twitter.com/darrenm wants to hear 5 Finger Death Punch, says it’s great because Jason Hook will be on the show soon & says he’ll play “Lift Me Up” which’s their new single with Rob Halford on vocals.
He asks on how cool is it getting Rob to be a guest on your single, plugs “The Wrong Side Of Heaven & The Righteous Side Of Hell”: http://tinyurl.com/bd8ehez & says they’ll be on this summers Mayhem tour to where he then plays both songs.

8.Plays Evanescenece & Paul McCoy’s “Bring
Me To Life” & 5 Finger Death Punch’s “Lift Me Up”.

9.Jericho says Halford still sounds amazing
after all these years to where he guested with Metallica at the Golden Gods, says that
he had a cane due to being bent over & says he don’t know if Rob’s got health problems or issues. He says it don’t matter
because he’s still sounded amazing, says there’s something else that sounds amazing
to where he asks if you’re ready to hear it,
asks if you’re sure & then does the
“Jericho’s iPod” jingle. He says everyone’s singing along to where it’s the dance sensation that’s sweeping the nation, again does the jingle & asks on what’s on this weeks iPod to where it’s “Louder Than Hell”
from “Theatre Of Pain”:
http://tinyurl.com/a4qylo9 .

Jericho says he always loved that song to where it’s a cool song, then makes kissing sounds to Nixxi Sixx by telling him that he
loves him & mentions Cheap Trick’s
“California Man”. He says the last he saw them they were at the House Of Blues with
Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith who’s also a ROJ alumni: http://tinyurl.com/c724t6n & Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer, says he attracts Hall Of Famers on the show & says as he watched
Cheap Trick, Chad was flipping out to where
he loves them. He asks on who don’t love them, says he does too & mentions Bloodgood’s “Let Me People Go” to where
they were a glut of great christian metal bands from the late 80s.

Jericho says they were orchestrated by Stryper to where they were 1st the pioneers, then mentions Bloodgood, Barren
Cross, Whitecross, Guardian, Bride & others
& says if you never seen any of them while
being interested in great rock & roll with
positive slanted lyrics, check them out to where he plays all 3 songs.

10.Plays Motley Crue’s “Louder Than Hell”,
Cheap Trick’s “California Man” & Bloodgood’s “Let My People Go”.

11.Jericho says “Let My People Go” is from
the CD “Out Of The Darkness”: http://tinyurl.com/ablrscz to where he always dug Les Carlson’s voice, says he used
to be on Broadway & says for anyone worldwide that gives a damn on any kind of
Bloodgood trivia, there it is for you. He again says Mushok will be on later, says he’ll play some DEP to where he again introduces himself & takes another break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to XM 242 which’s his show, says at the Golden Gods there were lots of great bands
that played on it & says DEP made their return after being away for years. He says if
you never seen them live to where Dream
Theater’s Mike Portnoy hooked him up with
DEP years ago on the 1st Gigantour, says he
told Jericho “you’ve got to watch Dillinger Escape Plan” & says he saw them beat the crap out of each other to where it’s insane.
He says they did that at the awards to where the singer named Greg, then says he
can’t remember the last name & then says it’s Dillinger to where he climbed the rafters.

Jericho says Greg hung from the beams in the ceiling while breathing fire, says he cut
himself open by banging his head on a wall
to where blood streamed down his face & called it an extravanganza & specticle. He
then plays DEP’s “Farewell Mona Lisa”.

12.Plays Dillinger Escape Plan’s “Farewell Mona Lisa” & Judas Priest’s “Rapid Fire”.

13.Jericho calls the “Rapid Fire” lyrics
“pounding the world like a battering ram”
unbelivable, says he takes it as a different slant to when seeing that Halford’s gay & asks how did we not know that Rob was gay. He says who cares if Rob’s gay because he don’t, says nobody else knew in the 80s
that Rob’s gay & says by seeing the way he
looked & the lyrics he wrote it’s like “how did we not know”. He says it’s cool seeing
Rob sing “Rapid Fire” with Metallica at the
awards to where it was awesome, says that
Lars [Ulrich] talked Rob into joining them on stage during the song & says Metallica
never officially recorded the song on either an EP or a “B” side.

Jericho says Metallica played “Rapid Fire”
with Rob at Metallica’s 30th Anniversary show years ago in San Francisco, calls it a great tune to where it’s a great way kicking
off the CD “British Steel”: http://tinyurl.com/b6vpa2a & plugs Judas
Priest’s DVD “Epitaph”:
http://tinyurl.com/llhey6g which’s a greatest hits live show that they did on their last tour. He says they did this when
threatening to retire to where they played 1 song to a minimum for every CD they’ve ever released, calls it cool stuff to where they’re really not retiring & says they shouldn’t because they should play less & don’t do any crazy world tours.

Jericho asks on why should they do such a
big rule like “we’re retiring”, asks on why should they say it & says they should say
“we’re not gonna play as much” or just don’t say anything at all. He says Metallica
don’t say it to where they release a CD every 6 years, says that Mushok’s coming up next & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone is an
amazing guitarist to where he’s a cool guy,
says it’s Mike Mushok & asks him on how he’s doing. Mike says he’s going great, asks
Jericho on how he’s doing & Jericho says he’s good. He asks if he pronounced Mike’s
last name properly, Mike says yes to where
he’s impressed & calls him a talent person that he’s speaking to. Jericho says he was laughing because there’re times to where
there’s a name that you wanna make sure
you’d say it correctly, says he texted Mike
earlier to ask on how to pronounce it & says that Mike’s response was “it has been
butchered my whole life, it doesn’t matter”.

Mike says since day 1 during school to where now it’s all good, tells him not to worry & Jericho asks Mike on where he’s calling from. Mike says he’s in Battle Creek,
Michigan, Jericho calls the city famous to where Mike’s touring now with Newsted &
Mike says he’ll be touring with them for life:
http://tinyurl.com/kdws9su . He says there’s
lots of dates to where they’ll be out for a while, Jericho says by coming out of nowhere to where Mike’s involved with them & says for those that don’t know, Jason Newsted was Metallica’s bassist for 15 years to where he did some things while
staying away from the rock & roll world. He
then releases an EP [“Metal”]:
http://tinyurl.com/bajvnhg .

Jericho says after that fans want a piece of it to where it has exploded, asked Mike on
how he got involved with Jason & asks on what’s the story behind this that’s occuring.
Mike says when they got off the road to where it was with Fozzy while doing the Uproar tour with Staind on 10/2012,
Aaron [Lewis] released another country CD
[“The Road”]: http://tinyurl.com/krtgjkj to where he was supporting it & says he himself wrote music to where he did some
soundtrack things with some scoring as well
as songwriting for others. He says his manager looked for other opportunities since the EP came out & says another manager in the same company, managed Jason.

Mike says they were looking for another guitarist to where he was emailed by being
asked to play for them, says he heard the
song “Soldierhead” from the EP & says he saw the video: http://tinyurl.com/bz3s7gw . He says he thought it was killer to where he
loved it, calls Jason talented to where he was interested & says it was very quick to where he was going to LA for meetings he had to do. He says he had 1 day off in between that & recording video guitar lessons for jamplay.com: http://tinyurl.com/lzhh62f , says he was gonna be with another singer that he knew & says he went to San Francisco to jam with
Jason & Jesus [Mendez Jr.].

Mike says that night Jason asked him to be in the band to where it was 2/23, says in 8 weeks is where he had European festivals booked at the time & says there was 1 US show. He says it became 5 weeks in Europe
o where it was 15 or 16 USA shows, says they’ve done 8 or 10 of them now & says they’ll get off from Europe to do Gigantour
2 days after they get home. He says in 8 weeks they learned a 90 minute set that they’re now playing to where they recorded
a CD, says it’s now mixed to where it’s waiting to be mastered & says it has been quicker then anything. He says he was told he has 3 days to do guitars & says he’ll take 3 days to get his guitar toned in Staind.

Jericho says that’s how it usually works to where it takes long to get something going
in rock & roll, says in the last 2 months they’ve created a big buzz from nothing & Mike says obviously that Jason was in 1 of the biggest bands ever to where there’s an
aspect of it. Jericho asks if he knew Jason beforehand to where they ever met on the
road, Mike says no but both have done a couple of things with Metallica & says it was
after Jason left the band. He says he never
met Jason to where he was at Jason’s house
for the 1st time, says he didn’t know on that
day it was going to be his living for the next
2 months & Jericho says it’s funny when Mike knocks on the door with his guitar & amp.

Jericho says it’s like starting a band all over again when you’re 18 while answering a
magazine ad, Mike agrees to where it was a
saturday to where he was supposed to leave for Denver on Sunday & says the flight was delayed to where both spended the day together. He says he texted Jason &
told him “hey, I can’t leave, there’s a snowstorm or something in Denver”, says he was supposed to be home after recording the [jamplay.com] lesson for 3 days & says he just flew back to San Francisco to jam for 3 or 4 days with the band. He says that’s what it turned into due
to living in Connecticut & says it turned into
a flying back & forth weekly.

Jericho says he’s referring to Newsted’s EP
that came out months ago, asked Mike if he
recorded a full CD with the band & Mike says yes. He says the band had the EP done
when he came there to where it was already out, says that since then Jason’s got
a studio at his place & says the part of the thing, was to keep it true to the music by what it is & not getting caught up in protools, cutting everything to the grid while making everything perfect. He says it’s like “lets get a good performance, lets go with that, lets get a good solo & lets go with that”, says it’s to not make it the way that things become in music today & says anything you’d hear on radio, all of that stuff’s been altered so much on what was played.

Mike says it’s trying to keep it to where it’s kind of getting back to getting musicians &
just playing, says that Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl said that’s how they did their last CD
& don’t think they used protools, but they
themselves did use them. Jericho says it makes it easier to where it’s 1 of the things
to where it’s interesting, says that lots of bands like Avenged Sevenfold’s recording 5
guys in a big room to where they’re pressing play & recording & says it’s almost
like what’s old is new. He says now they’ve
gotten thru a phase of everything being perfect to where it sterilizes the show in a way while making it perfect & says it’s not rock & roll.

Jericho says we’re not machines to where
their favorite CDs when going back such as
“Piece Of Mind”: http://tinyurl.com/bez49fo
“Master Of Puppets”: http://tinyurl.com/alolnaz or a
“Heartbreaker” solo with Jimmy Page, says if someone released it today people would be like “are you kidding me?” & calls it classic to where Mike agrees. He says the producer would be like “c’mon dude, that’s how you’re gonna play that”, says when they cut it to where they play every note whlie pasting it together & says it’d be perfect. Jericho agrees to where Mike says it loses the heart, soul & emotion of really what it is.

Mike says with some of the early records is
where they recorded 4 tracks in a couple of days, Jericho agrees & says “Sgt. Pepper”: http://tinyurl.com/annex8h was like that to
where 4 tracks bounced down in 36 or 37.
Mike says it’s more like trying to return to
being true to the music on what it is, says it’s how they got to this point & says they’re
finishing up the US tour to where they’ve got another week or so. He says after that it’s a couple of days home, then says after that there’s a couple of European festivals & Jericho asks when he went to Jason’s house to record, he asks if all the songs were mapped out & written or did Mike contribute ideas too.

Mike says Jason did to where it all came about, says it’s due to Jason having an iPad
& a garage band to where he wrote stuff & calls it the 1 thing that’s different to where
he has never been in a band that didn’t write music. He says it’s cool to where he
contributed parts to it by adding some overdubs, layers & solos, says he loves doing that to where he loves doing the scoring thing & says when recording a CD,
you need to be careful on how much you’re putting on a song to where you may play it
live. He says just in case it don’t run tracks
when playing it they try duplicating as best as possible & says to be able to do it while
scoring, he loves doing it.

Mike says he gets lots of enjoyment out of it while adding parts to the songs to where it was fun, says he wants to be true on what
Jason wants while trying to make him happy & says it’s Jason’s vision & music. He
says he & Jason have a couple of songs together to where it was after everything was done, Jericho says when talking about the EP he asks which song’s his favorite to play & asks which 1 jumps off the back when hearing it. Mike says it’s at 2 ends of the spectrum to where “Soldierhead” is a blast to play, says it’s due to it being fast, heavy & aggressive & says “Godsnake” is a
slow, grinding, super heavy to where there’s another song from the CD that’s similiar to what they’re playing.

Mike says there’re songs they have that you
can’t play too fast while there’re other songs that you can’t play too slow, Jericho agrees & Mike says it’s tough live because you’re amped up & ready to go. He says when getting into the songs to where they’re super heavy & slow riffs that’re sludgy & Jericho then plays “Godsnake” now.

14.Plays Newsted’s “Godsnake”.

15.Jericho says the 1 thing he loved when hearing the EP was that you don’t know what you’ll be getting when guys put together a new band, says that [Dave] Mustaine said it best when he said “when I heard this EP it’s exactly what I expected” &
says when hearing it, it’s as if Jason did a Flotsam & Jetsam CD after “Doomsday For The Deceiver”: http://tinyurl.com/akfpctg to
where it’d sound like this. He says the riffs are super old school but they’re great, heavy & fast, says it’s a blast hearing it to where it’s lots of fun & says it must be fun playing them to where Mike agrees. He says
that what thru him to do this & says he wants to have fun doing this.

Mike says it’s important to where everyone’s super cool, says he gets along with everyone in the band & Jericho says that Mike knows how important chemistry is as far as being in a band. He says when spending 6 weeks on a bus with someone you need respect with each other, says for
the fact that Jason & Mike met off the bat to where he’s walking into a camp of 3 guys
& says Mike’s the new 1 to where it’s interesting too. Mike calls it different to where he’s with Staind for 17 years since
’94, says when talking chemistry it’s where he & Aaron are the opposite to where they’re different people & says when getting together, Aaron makes what Mike
writes better.

Mike says he & Aaron compliment each other when it’s about songwriting to where
they’ve got a strong connection, Jericho agrees to where they’ve been together for
many years & Mike agrees. He says he respects what Aaron does to where he’s an
amazing & talented guy who’s a great singer, says he loves what they do together
& says the opportunity came up to where he enjoys everyone in the band & the music.
He says he feels it’s a great opportunity,
Jericho calls it perfect timing to where he
asks on how’s the fan reaction from it & Mike says it’s good. He says the EP never really got any type of push to where management thought there’d be a CD.

Mike continues by saying they didn’t know if they were gonna do a song off of it, says
there’s nothing out there except Jason’s name & Jericho says there’s a buzz too. Mike says unless you follow the metal sites
you’re probably not aware of what’s occuring, says that shows are good to where fans show up & says they dig it. He says the energy’s great from the fans to where he expected that once you start pushing to getting the CD with more publicity, that’s when you’re giving something to fans that’ll hear it. Jericho asks if their set’s all Newsted songs & Mike says they do Metallica bits & some covers but for most of the part, it’s new material.

Mike says there’s also some familiar stuff from the EP, Jericho says as new material
comes out that’s when the buzz builds to where they’ll play at Gigantour & says it’ll
continue growing. He says it was perfect timing for Mike getting the gig due to Staind being on hiatus, asks Mike if it’s true
& Mike says the word “hiatus” is 1 that he hates but feels it’s the 1 to use. Jericho asks
if “taking a break” is better, Mike agrees to
where there’s a talented kid [Aaron Lewis]that’s got a desire to have a country career
& says he has known for a while that he has
wanted to do this. He says while he himself
being in a band while needing Aaron as a singer he tried holding him off as much as

Mike says he knew this was coming to where Aaron would go out & do some solo
acoustic things, says in his mind he feels if it
makes Aaron happy to where it’ll make him
return to this while being in a better frame of mind & says by having the desire to do this, then do it. He asks on what he himself’s gonna do, try & bitch to Aaron by
saying “oh you’re doing this & Staind can’t
work”, says that all it’s gonna do is make him resentful & says the idea’s that this is
something Aaron wants to do. He tells him to do it to where when Aaron’s ready, they
can do another Staind CD, Jericho says Mike
knows it’s gonna occur & says it’s perfect for Mike to go & be with Newsted.

Jericho says it’s funny because he knows about Staind & the hits they have, calls it
amazing to think on how many big songs
they’ve had over the years & says by watching them play a couple of times weekly on Uproar, to see them live was very
impressive too. He says he was impressed on the 1st night to where he was like “oh my God, this guy’s killer”, says it’s not like
he thought Mike was a killer & says when they did the Dime thing in Dallas on the song “This Love” on stage. He says they nailed the Dime solo note for note to where
he thought “man, this guy is no joke, this is
great” & says it’s fun for Mike to open up that side of the coin while playing super fast, thrash music with Jason.

Jericho says after that they’ll still do some
cool, molotic, heavy Staind stuff, calls it 2 different sides of the coin on it & Mike agrees. He says when Staind started he came from that to where he sat 10 hours daily in his room with a guitar, says his friends stopped calling him due to not wanting to leave the house & says during high school, he yelled at his mom to leave the house & go to a party because he wouldn’t leave. He says that’s where he came from to when Staind started, he was doing that to where music made him get away from soloing then & says he was happy embracing it to where he switched to
playing a baritone guitar.

Mike says instead of using a regular guitar
by doing different tunings he thought of wanting something new & different to where it’s fresh for him, says he’ll make it
exciting & says he did it for lots of years. He
says Aaron’s the 1 that pushed him to where he said “dude, why don’t you do solo
& show people”, says he himself was always
about trying to make the best Staind song
possible & says if it needed a molotic solo,
he’d put 1 in. He says if it didn’t call for it he
didn’t want to say “here’s a solo for the sake of me showing that I can play fast”,
says with his playing it’ll show thing he never did in this kind of set & says it’s where fans will be able to hear.

Jericho says earlier while doing research he
asks on what a baritone guitar is, says he never heard it before & Mike says it’s got a longer scale to where the neck’s longer. He
says it’s between a guitar & a bass to where
it’s got a low “B” string & no high “E” string,
says it’s where you’d lose a high “E” while
adding a low “B” & says that’s the 1 he has played forever. He says he tries not playing a 7 string due to not wanting to do so, says
with the soloing & lower tunings there’s no
other way of doing it & says he has played a
7 string a bit more to where he’ll still get lower tuning while not losing the high “E” string & solo. Jericho calls it interesting & Mike talks more about the baritone.

Mike says when tuning it so low to where it’s usually “B” to “B”, says on some of the stuff he’s tuning down to “F” due to not knowing on how low it should be & says he uses a bass string on the low string. He says
on a regular guitar it’s like a rubber band to where you can’t get the guitar to play &
tune, again says it’s like a bass & guitar together with a longer neck & says you can
get the guitar to hopefully play the tune better. Jericho calls it interesting to where
he didn’t know about it, then asks on what’s his favorites Staind solos, asks if there’s 1 or 2 songs pop up when thinking about it & Mike says on Staind’s last CD [“Staind”]: http://tinyurl.com/kcbm35n .

Mike says on there it’s the only spot that he
started soloing to where on “Wanna Be”,
it’s like a funny song where it was 1 of the last ones that was finished for the CD & calls the CD a tough 1 to make. He says Aaron raps on it to when he 1st heard it, he
wasn’t in a great spot anyhow, says he didn’t let producer Johnny K. finish playing
& says he told him “shut it off, I can’t even listen to it”. He says 1 week later he returned to where he was able to step away
from it, says it had a cool solo on it to where he likes the song & calls it a funny song to where Jericho then plays the song.

16.Plays Staind’s “Wanna Be”.

17.Jericho says he liked it when Mike called
“Wanna Be” a funny song to where it was different for Staind, says that Staind had a certain vibe to it to where it was deep & says if you were breaking up with your girlfriend, you’d wanna hear some Staind songs to where it took them to a different place. He says there’s haunting type riffs in it, Mike says thanks to where lots of it was
from lower to alternate tunings & says for
lots of years, he’d practice so much to where he’d learn the theory stuff. He says it’s funny because in Staind he got so far away from it with different tunings & says he tried playing riffs & chords that sounded cool.

Mike says it made it a different voicing to where it made it a big part of what the music sound of it was, says his job for many
years was to write riffs for a single & feels that’s what gives it that great feeling to where it’s like “he knows what he wants to hear”. He says he started catching onto that
to where they started following that thru, says the band for a long time have a reputation of doing some dark bands & feels that lots of it to where it was Aaron’s
place to be able to deal with some things that he’d never normally talk about to where it’s how he got it out in lyrics. Jericho
says Aaron’s voice fit that to where he had that kind of style.

Jericho says especially for what was occuring in the 2000s to where they were 1 of the stand out bands from that time, says
it’s where other bands kinda followed the sound that they created in many ways & Mike again thanks him. He says the band has had some good success early on in the 2000s to where they’re kinda able to ride it
thru while doing different CDs, Jericho asks
on how was it to see on how the music industry changed & says the band came in as the last generation of bands that sold big time CDs. He thinks it was 700,000 copies in the 1st week & asks if it was interesting to see on how it has changed to
where it went to a different direction.

Jericho asks Mike if he predicted it or was he surprised, Mike says when they put out
“Break The Cycle”: http://tinyurl.com/auaygxs to where it was #1 for 3 weeks in a row & Jericho called it huge. Mike says they had no idea it was gonna occur, says his goal was to make music to where he never thought in his life
on having a #1 CD & says they had 3 in a row to where Jericho calls it amazing. Mike
says the industry changed so much with the
internet, says he remembers the 1st time they were with producer Josh Abraham did
the CD & says they were at Josh’s home. He
says it was the 1st time he heard of Napster
when they recorded the CD.

Mike says he didn’t know what Napster was
then to where little did he knew, that it would become the way on how music’s consumed, says it changed everything to
where Jericho agrees & Mike says if record
companies at the time instead of trying to fight it but just embraced it, we may be in a
different spot now. Jericho says it’s funny because he remembers when everyone crucified Lars for saying “this is wrong”, feels if people listened then & did an iTunes
type of thing then that things would be different now & says that Lars was right to
where Mike agrees. He says there’s no question about it to where the sad part about it, is that Jericho knows how hard it is
to make a CD.

Jericho says he does to where Mike says it ain’t easy, says that music’s now disposible
these days to when making a CD, you’re on the road while hoping that since rock radio’s difficult & thanks God for Jericho’s
show & satellite radio to where Jericho agrees. Mike says it’s where songs can get played to where fans hear it, says there’s nothing on regular radio anymore & says he was in Battle Creek at a runner’s car returning from the hotel to the venue. He says he don’t know the station but they were playing something to where it was like
“wow, this station’s actually pretty descent”,
says it’s all playing soft classic rock now,
Jericho asks if it’s Hartford’s WCCC & Mike
says yes.

Jericho calls it a drag to where Mike agrees,
says he’s got a friend who’s a program director to where he says it’s tough & says
he has no choice because he’s gotta pay the
bills. He says the station’s playing songs from 40 years ago, Jericho agrees & says by
doing that, it’s like playing a Sabbath song
to where Sabbath’s got a new CD [“13”]:
http://tinyurl.com/bbh3gne . He says it’s where they won’t play any new Sabbath or
Skynyrd songs, says you make a CD which’s
like a souvenir so fans come to the shows & says things have changed to where it used to be the CDs that pays the bills while the shows were for fun. He says things are the opposite now.

Mike says the way it was described to him
was that there’s 4 ways to make an income
for a band which’s CDs, publishing if you wrote stuff, touring & merchandise, says that 2 of those from that list have gone away to where there’s still touring & merchandise & says the problem, is that every band & their brother’s on the road to
where it’s the only way to make money. Jericho agrees because by going to every
territory & country as much as possible just
to be out there, Mike says it’s so expensive
to tour to where Jericho knows it ain’t cheap & says it’s difficult. He says what’s funny is something he thought of last night
while playing.

Mike says it’s weird now to play to where a
fan’s standing 1 foot away from you while
recording the show with his cell, says he’s
thinking “well we’re playing the set, but these people could’ve sat in their bedroom or office where they have their computer, watched the entire set multiple times” & says he could’ve done this at home while putting it online within 30 minutes. Jericho says whenever Fozzy’s doing a show to where you’d hit a clam, it’s like “well that’s gonna be on Youtube in like 5 minutes”, says it’ll be like “Mike [Martin] can’t play guitar, Jericho can’t sing” & says that anytime you’d do something wrong, it’s like
“oh no, it’s out there, it’s out there”.

Mike calls it crazy to where when talking about trying to make a living, says now it’s
like “do I need to go to a show when I can just sit there & listen to it” & says you’re hearing it on crappy speakers via an internet connection. He says you’re still seeing it to where you’re kinda getting somewhat of the experience, Jericho says
you can’t download a Tshirt or a vibe to where he thought a few years ago, when DVDs 1st starting coming out or movies you’d watch in your home & thought that the movie business would die. He says people still like going to see movies while having the atmosphere & it’s the 1 good thing on going to see a band.

Jericho says there’s a certain vibe & feeling you’d get when you’re really there, hopes that’ll never go away & Mike says there’s something that’s said when you’re with your friends while seeing your favorite band & says you’ll have some drinks while
having a good time. He says those are memories you’d carry forever whether it’s a
sports or a concert while doing that with close friends, says there’s surely that part of
it & Jericho asks Mike on what’s his favorite
songs to play live with Staind to where he got great fan reaction. Mike says it’s funny
because the 1 song is where they had a ’96 indy CD [“Tormented”]:
http://tinyurl.com/bh29sbh .

Mike says the only song from that CD was
“Mudshovel”, says it became their staple to where it’s 1 of those things that Aaron asked “are we really put this out, how can you” & says you’d hear from the 1st song,
fans are calling for it. He says you gotta play
it because fans wanna hear it to where it’s a
blast playing it, says that even though it’s not a Staind show & says they haven’t played a Staind show since ’96, unless it’s an acoustic show that they didn’t play that song. He says it’s still 1 of those songs that
fans wanna hear it to where it’s fun playing it & Jericho then plays the song.

18.Plays Staind’s “Mudshovel”.

19.Jericho says when you have as many hits
as Staind has sometimes you’d have to put
songs in there by giving fans what they want, says it’s what keeps them famous &
keeps them going & Mike asks Jericho if he
thinks that Neil Diamond wants to sing
“Sweet Caroline” again or Jimmy Buffet wants to sing “Margaritaville”. He asks on
what’re they gonna do because it’s why they’re there, Jericho agrees & thanks Mike
for being on the show to where he knows
he’s got lots of stuff going on. He tells him he appreciates it to where he’s super excited for him, the Newsted project & whatever happens with Staind & says it’s cool connecting while talking with him to
where they toured together last year.

Mike tells Jericho he appreciates his time by
giving him time to do this, says it has been
great & Jericho tells him he’ll see him on the road soon to where he appreciates it. He tells fans to see Newsted on the Gigantour this summer, again thanks Mike
to where he’ll talk to him soon, Mike thanks
him & Jericho takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to XM 242 to where he again introduces himself, again thanks Mike for being on the show & says Fozzy toured with
Staind last year on Uproar. He calls Mike a great guy to where he’s happy & excited seeing on what Mike will accomplish with
Newsted in the band’s project, says it’s Mike’s 2nd band due to Staind being on hiatus & says Corey Taylor who’s a friend &
ROJ alumni: http://tinyurl.com/7umvel4 to
where he plugs the Stone Sour CD
“The House Of Gold & Bones Pt.2”:
http://tinyurl.com/agsbgvf is out. He calls it the 2nd part of “The House Of Gold & Bones Pt.1”: http://tinyurl.com/bj98yuh that
was out 6 months ago.

Jericho says that Corey’s not only touring with Stone Sour & Slipknot but is writing a comic book & a screenplay for the CD, says
that Corey’s writing another book & says he’s almost as busy as himself, but says that
Corey don’t have a swank radio show. He says if so he’d bet that Corey would play Fozzy but since he’s got his own show, he’ll
play some Stone Sour, says “last song” 3 times & plays “The House Of Gold & Bones”.

20.Plays Stone Sour’s “The House Of Gold &

21.Jericho calls “The House Of Gold & Bones” a cool track from Corey who’s a cool guy, thanks fans for being cool & again
thanks Mike for being on the show. He again says Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth will be on
next week with lots of stories to tell, again plugs his Twitter for requests, hopes & dreams & again thanks the fans. He says he’ll see you next week, says to stay hard, cool, hungry & heavy, says good night & says God bless you. He says he loves you &
good night & the show ends at 7:10 PM.

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