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Wrestler drops the F bomb on Raw

During his match with Sheamus on Raw last night, Tit0us O’Neil dropped the F Bomb, which was caught by the censors. Mick Foley posted the following about the accident…

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  1. Guled says:

    guy shows a little attitude then gets in trouble?
    that ain’t right

  2. Mr. Black says:

    I heard his fine was for millions of dollas, millions of dollas…

  3. doug says:

    I thought he said freakin. I wondered why they censored it. Yeah bet he’s in trouble

  4. Matt says:

    I’d imagine Vince did the million dollar dance telling him if he does it again it’s going to be miliions of fines! millions of fines!

  5. gerry says:

    And thats the last well see of him on live television

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