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WWE superstar has no plan to run for public office

“(I have) no plans on running for political office at this time,” Kane told the Tennessean. He added that “things get a little carried away on the Internet sometimes” in regard to the rumor, which was reported in several newspapers.

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  1. Saxon says:

    Kane for President! Send Al Qaeda straight to hell!

  2. enem V says:

    he would be awesome! At his size and knowledge nobody would say no to him!

  3. Really? says:

    He could never successfully run for office with a skeleton in his closet like poor Katie Vick…

  4. dude love says:

    @Really which is kind of a shame. Kane is extraordinarily well-spoken and intelligent. I love his interviews when the company goes overseas, i.e. the UK. Because fairly often he breaks character and they actually discuss real world issues with him.

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