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Jim Ross on the possibilities WWE will crossover with TNA

Via JR’s blog:

WWE is about as likely to work w/ Impact Wrestling on an event as I am wearing burnt orange to the Oklahoma-Texass Red River Rivalry Game. Ain’t gonna happen. WWE has zero to gain by this and I’m surprised that some fans actually think that it “could” happen.

TNA Owner Dixie Carter is a bright lady and made a timely sound byte that many fans, I’m sure, were excited to read but let’s be honest…it’s not going to happen.

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  1. The Perfect One says:

    And why would WWE want to? Nothing to gain, everything to lose, guilt by association. Dixie Carter is a easily convinced, naive, silly….. I’d say woman, but that would appear sexist, and I’m not being sexist. It’s just even now, she’s clearly a fan and out of her depth. Please someone make TNA go away. For everyone’s sake.

  2. ~J^ says:

    dixie may be the first owner/mark in rasslin history.

  3. Kerry says:

    I agreed with JR until he called Dixie a bright lady.

  4. Brock says:

    @J^ – Are you forgetting about Ted Turner? Go back and watch the rise and fall of WCW they make is very clear that he bought WCW because he was a mark.

  5. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    Thank you JR for pouring the sauce over Dixie’s dream, she can basically do a WWE vs. TNA crossover with the roster she already has.

  6. Bob Barker says:

    Not sure why people are slamming Dixie for this. It’s a marketing stunt. She is getting a response from JR, thus getting free advertisement. There’s some sort of success right there.

    I’m not sure how some of you can call her naive when she is clearly toying with an interesting idea (Which she knows is not going to happen) which fans of both companies would be interested in seeing. And the WWE will obviously decline as there is no profit from their side, however the idea will linguer, WWE will seem like the bad guys for refusing and TNA could potentially get some extra viewers without any risk of a backlash. And you guys call her naive. Well done.

  7. ~J^ says:

    good point brock turner was def a mark +1

  8. Mighty says:

    Oh @Bob Barker, it ain’t that deep. She’s naive.

  9. Dave K says:

    It could actually increase viewership and make for some interesting matches, seeing as how many of the folks on the Impact roster came from WWE. Let’s face it, the writing of WWE lately has been horrible and the same matches week after week are boring. It would be cool to see an infuse of talent both ways, but because those in power in the WWE are so stubborn and think nothing is wrong with their product, it won’t happen.

  10. The Price is Wrong says:

    @Bob Barker

    No silly old man, you should have stayed to controlling the pet population by having your pets spayed and neutered LOL!. Your point is an extreme leap in logic. It may have been a marketing ploy, but it has zero chance of accomplishing anything. It is just what it is, Dixie shooting off her mouth, which she apparently likes to do ALOT! TNA is not going to gain viewers because Dixie Carter says she is open to cross promotion, and it doesn’t make WWE look in any way, shape or form, worse, better or anything in between. It is a total nonstarter, just like the New Price is Right with Doug Davidson. *Fail Horn*

  11. Jau says:

    WWE currently have only 5 or 6 good WRESTLERS. They’d looks extremely bad if they had a cross-promotion with any other company.

  12. Sean says:

    Well, no surprise here, but why do you have to have the smugness to offer the obvious condescending response JR?

  13. darko22582 says:

    @Sean he does come across as smug . He seems almost bored in his blog answering questions and it seems as though he forgets the people he comes across as smug to are the people who love “good ol’ JR”.

  14. T says:

    I agree it is free publicity and obviously not worthy of a reply by “good ol'” JR. Yet JR took the bait.

    Dixie successfully trolled JR. Just like when Bischoff had him vs Vince on PPV and people thought Vince would actually show up.

  15. Dude Love says:

    T, that is a terrible example. Yo know why people thought that Vince/Bischof could happen? Because that was a real, intense living and breathing rivalry between the companies. Sure there might be *some* level of competition between WWE and TNA now but it is nowhere near where the Monday Night Wars EVER were. Hell, right now the situation is compareable to Current-day WWE vs. WCW Thunder (yes, Thunder) in it’s last year.

  16. Denis says:

    Too bad. It’s something that would make fans interested again. Of course, we wouldn’t want that now, would we? And fans might finally get that Undertaker-Sting match they’ve been wanting.

  17. Dude Love says:

    But Denis, outside of Sting-Taker, (which should’ve happened years ago now and would be mediocre at best now due to age.and as a direct result skill-set) is there any true “dream matches” like we conjured our heads and shared during the IWC’s early days? None that I can think of

  18. Steven Jackson says:

    Thank you Jim Ross for bringing everyone back to reality. Long Live JR!

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