Diana Hart remembers her husband Davey Boy Smith

May 19, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Diana Hart posted on Facebook:

Eleven years have come and gone since my husband Davey passed away. He is still so much a part of my life – I see him in amazing things like our children and in the wrestling world, still. His style continues to be appreciated and demonstrated, thankfully, in the wrestling world today. His impressive physique and handsome face are things people would see if they didn’t know about his exceptional athletic wrestling ability. But Davey was so much more than just a pretty face. Beyond being a head-turner on a public street, and beyond being an unforgettable performer in the ring, Davey stood up for things he believed in, everyday, and he tried to help make the world he knew better. I see Davey in the great things in my life, like Harry and Georgia who I know Davey would be so proud of; I certainly am; But I also think of Davey when I see things that are flawed, like me, because I know if Davey was here still, he would repair what’s not right with me; he would help fix a lot of things that are not right with this particular world I know; if only he was still here. Davey was an inspiration to me, and he himself was easy to inspire. He was not bitter and he never gave up. He always had dreams of doing more and more incredible things. I’m blessed to have been a part of a challenging and beautiful World Of Davey. I still live in the World Of Davey and he will live on forever in my heart (that has been broken since he left).

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