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WWE to donate $1.2 Million to head-related injury research

USA Today reports that WWE will donate $1.2 million to Chris Nowinski’s Sports Legacy Institute over a period of three years to help with head-related injury research.

Triple H said:

“Obviously, I think it’s such a huge concern for everybody right now in sports and in the military. As we learn more and more about concussions and what can become of it, I think it’s a problem for every body.”

(thanks to Mike Informer for the link)

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4 Responses

  1. Mackdeezy says:

    I hope Benoit is watching from above (my opinion) in content. Let’s hope this goes far.

  2. Adurka Durk says:

    Orrrr you could just donate that money to the victims and families of the people you’ve destroyed.

    @Macdeezy LOL

  3. Herpdederp says:

    Chris Benoit is he a french soccer player?

    No such thing as a Benoit wrestler. There is a black hole in WWE if you look for that.

  4. Swayze says:

    Thank you, WWE.

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