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WWE releases four talents from developmental roster

Audrey Marie

The site reports that WWE has cut Michael Hutter, who wrestled as Derrick Bateman, Sakamoto, Ashley Miller (Audrey Marie – pictured above) and Ryan Nemeth (younger brother of Dolph Ziggler), who wrestled as Briley Pierce from their developmental roster.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Bateman has been on the cards, but the other 3 are a surprise to me

  2. Unless they asked to be released then this was a bad move by WWE.

  3. leg lover j says:

    Yummy legs in shorts.

  4. DBRude says:

    Not Bate-man!

  5. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    Didn’t even get the change to see Nemeth’s work.

  6. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    Maybe another Tough Enough season is coming? I remember some of the previous challengers were former NXT and everyone was in an uproar when they were released.

  7. seth says:

    look at that body

  8. Matt says:

    Briley had one match officially in WWE and it was on the recent NXT tapings. So watch it while you can…which i also believe Sakamoto was involved in too…

  9. Matt says:

    It’s actually the episode that airs this week. Conor O’Brian is apparently beating Sakamoto and Pierce into future endevour-hood lol

  10. Drew says:

    Completely disappointed, all the way around.

  11. fairfax says:

    Michael Hutter aka The Deviant aka Derrick Bateman worked for us in the old Premier Wrestling Coalition in Columbus OH. I always thought he was good but sort of bland. Didnt get the chance to see the others. Hutter used to travel with Chris Cronus and Chris Kahn. Now those two has so much potential but not sure what happened to them.

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