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Impact posts another dismal rating number

Last night’s Impact Wrestling did a 0.84 cable rating with 1.05 million viewers, down 17% from last week’s show.

The rating is the lowest since October 4th.


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  1. Scott says:

    The fix is simple, the die hard fans of TNA have realised that they do double tapings on the road and because they want to know what happens next, they surf the internet to sites like this one and read the spoilers. TNA have to do what WWE do and do a live show every week.

    After all, there is so little wrestling in a 90 minute show these days, unless there’s a good match on the card, why waste 2 hours of your life watching stuff which was dated even in WCW. Why was the X Division Title match not the main event?

  2. Travis says:

    Because the poor rating has nothing to do with the fact that TNA is just the drizzling Sh*ts.

  3. JLM says:

    Its crazy the better the show gets, the lower the ratings get.. TNA is improving.. but they need to put Bischoff over creative as well as production.. and go live every week like Scott said.

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