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May 16, 2013 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Note that I am counting One Night Stand as a separate series of events to Extreme Rules and therefore has it’s own set of stats

The event has featured 50 wrestlers so far in it’s history, with John Cena, Randy Orton and The Big Show the only three competitors to have appeared at all 4 events. CM Punk, Jack Swagger, Rey Mysterio and Sheamus have appeared at 3 of the 4.

As with all of the newer PPV’s, the event doesn’t have enough history behind it to start drawing up detailed win-loss records, so here’s a few interesting stats instead.

1) CM Punk and Jeff Hardy are the only men to have competed in multiple matches at the same event. In 2009, Punk beat Umaga, Hardy beat Edge, then Punk cashed in his Money In The Bank to defeat Hardy

2) Among those with more than one appearance, John Cena, Kofi Kingston and Layla are the only undefeated competitors. Cena has an 4-0 record, while Kingston and Layla are currently 2-0

3) 4 wrestlers have made multiple appearances and failed to win. John Morrison, Michelle McCool, MVP and The Miz are all 0-2 at the event thus far.

4) Despite the event’s tame reputation, 22 of the 35 matches have been contested under a variant of Hardcore rules

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