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Shane Helms reacts to Austin Aries getting fined

Helms via Twitter:

Austin Aries getting fined = f’n stupid! Did he make a bad spontaneous move? Sure. Intentional malicious harassment? NO! PC sucks ass!!

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  1. Trig says:

    Maybe Helms should learn what sexual harassment is. Here’s a hint: It’s based on what the victim experiences and not what the perpetrator intends. People love to throw out “PC culture” as a self-justification for being dicks and harassing/intimidating others.

  2. JR says:

    What. Aries got fired?

  3. JR says:

    Edit. Late night. A literal smudge on my screen made it look like an R instead of an N.

    I don’t know why someone would be so outraged over a fine outside of a work. It’s not like he lost his job, lol.

  4. N. Gaijin says:


    It’s bad enough he’ll probably wind up de-pushed as well.

  5. Nick A says:

    Helms comes off as an idiot here. It would be one thing if it was a storyline taken the wrong way. But it was an angry Aries acting in a lewd way to “show” Hemme. There was no need for that whatsoever.

  6. Greg says:

    I’d say it was pretty intentional, Shane. And if I pressed my crotch into a coworker’s face, I can’t go running around cursing my bosses for being PC when I get fined (or most likely FIRED). Just because it’s a ring and not an office doesn’t make it no big deal.

  7. Scott II says:

    I’d agree with Helms if the whole bit was planned, but someone got offended, and Aries got thrown under the bus for it.

    If anything, this is TNA covering their asses, just in case Hemme ever left, and claimed there was any sexual harassment. Any lawyer worth his law degree would point to this and use this as “exhibit A”.

  8. Joe says:


  9. MC Live says:

    I mighty be missing something from what I’ve seen, but I didn’t really see a thrust. I thought it was more of a just stand in the corner where she was blocked off. Pretty heelish, which is his job. Sure, he should apologize for making Hemme feel uncomfortable, but I think this might have been blown out of proportion. Unless I’m just not seeing the thrust

  10. greg says:

    Aries is the only reason I watch tna

  11. John 5 moves Cena says:

    Shane Helms have the “Mattitude Hardy” dna, Atenttion Whoring in its purest form.

  12. `J says:

    solution, let hemme grind in his face this week.

  13. Mimura says:

    what is genuinely annoying is that the act itself wasn’t as heinous or as despicable that some people make it out to be. It’s not a matter of “PC”, or whatever you want to call it, it’s a simple matter of pulling the stick out of your ass.
    I would completely agree with some people’s opinion of “OFF WITH HIS HEAD” (in a matter of speaking) if the guy did something sexually harassing. Did he sexually climb up the turnbuckle? Did he grope, and/or molest Christy? Did he actually air hump his junk towards her in a suggestive manner? Maybe he should have walked up the turnbuckle backwards and gave her the stinkface? What would be done if the genders were reversed in this situation?

  14. Jiiim says:

    Shane and Chavo must like the taste of their own feet.

  15. Craig says:

    TBH i read the report expecting it to be a lot more than it was, but there was nothing sexual in it, he climbed the turnbuckle and raised his arms, which he would of if Christie was there or not, there wasn’t any contact or thrusting or sexual behavior.

    Aries was acting heelish, announcer got his name wrong, he acted like she wasn’t there, if this was the attitude era, it’d of been awesome, and yeh times of changed, but lets not forgot TNA try to tell us WWE sucks because they aren’t attitude anymore, than a wrestler shows attitude era behavior and got fined.

  16. Scott II says:

    Mimura, it’s the fact that he did it, even with no thrust, and with no warning, is the problem, especially in a society today that could sue at a drop of a hat (see my earlier post).

    Had he backed her in the corner like he did and “forced her to correct herself”, that’s fine, that’s just playing the heel. Unless it was planned, and Aries just got thrown under the bus, or this is somehow all a work, he could have done without teabagging her.

  17. Mimura says:

    Scott, and this is what makes the society we live in really silly. This is the same society where you can break into a man’s house, slip and fall, SUE, and actually have a solid case in some people’s eyes. Just saying they could sue on the drop of the hat does not make it any less stupid.
    And if that’s what you call teabagging, I’d love to see what you call the actual literal act of teabagging.

  18. Zachery Badman says:

    I just watched it I didn’t see anything wrong he don’t thrust or anything,

  19. Zachery Badman says:

    Also she shouldn’t be offended for sakes she did playboy and she’s offended that Aries had his d**k near her face . PLEASE!!!!!!

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