Notes on Diamond Dallas Page, Lilian Garcia, Hardcore Holly, and more

May 16, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

– ODB via Facebook: Headin to chicago I will b special guest bartender at The Squared Circle restaurant 2nite 7-9pm in lincoln park,IL don’t even think bout orderin fluffy fancy drinks BAM

50 minute interview with “Hardcore” Bob Holly

– Lilian Garcia tweeted: Jst released my blog about my Mom’s battle w Breast Cancer. Hope it helps any1 else going thru this @KomenfortheCure

– Filed to GERWECK.NET: Former WWE and WCW superstar Diamond Dallas Page was interviewed by Tom Filsinger and Wiggy for “The View from Filsinger HQ” podcast. DDP talked about his health program, DDP Yoga, as well as updates on Scott Hall and Jake “the snake” Roberts.

Also featured on the show was game artist Werner Mueck who talked about his work on playing cards for the Ring of Honor and Chikara games. Tom Filsinger announced that popular wrestler ACH will be featured in the upcoming Ring of Honor game expansion scheduled for release in late June.

To listen to the podcast go to:

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