McCool Vlog: Finally talks about marrying Taker, daughter, Vince-WWE Departure‏

May 16, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

filed to GERWECK.NET:

Michelle McCool is trying something different with MichelleMcCool.Net.
For years, she’s answered questions, written blogs, and has even
tweeted back-and-forth on occasion with her Faithful Followers. This
time, she’s going to change it up — she’s going to vlog. In her
vlogs, Michelle’s at her most candid — like you’ve never seen her
before. She’s talking about anything and everything, from her precious
baby girl, to even her husband… yeah, him. Raw and real, Michelle
doesn’t shy away from controversy; it’s a different side of Michelle
McCool… the one you thought you’d never see.

courtesy of MichelleMcCool.Net

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