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Dixie Carter: “Magnus is the real deal”

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Dixie Carter did an interview with The Sun in the U.K. Here is an excerpt…

Magnus could be the future of our company. He was only 21 when I signed him and I don’t think people realize that because he looked so much more mature than that. He’s really grown. He’s a fabulous talker and his in-ring work has come so far. He’s gorgeous and carries himself like a superstar. Magnus is the real deal.

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  1. Bubba the Brewer says:

    Pathetic. Dixie Carter wouldn’t know the real deal if it bit her in the a$$. Go waste some more money on Hogan, Dixie. Your company couldn’t draw money with paper and green crayons.

  2. Zach says:

    Lmao you think she’ll see that response and say “wow this dude is completely right, he’s definitely not a tool, and truly knows how to run the business, thank god hes not just some IWC mark, or even worse a Smark, now I must fire Hogan” lmfao

  3. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    At least she’s pushing a wrestler who wasn’t buried or future endeavored by the WWE in the last 20 or so years, there’s way too many of those wrestlers to waste my time and list.

  4. James says:

    Magnus is totally the real deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if Magnus won this year’s Bound For Glory Series and became the first British born World Champion in a major US wrestling company. I’m surprised WWE haven’t given that honour to Wade Barrett already.

  5. gerry says:

    Magnus is awesome im tired of all these washed up has been main eventing tna

  6. The Sheild says:

    Magnus is the real deal & a great young talent, but even Dixie can’t deny the A Double has the total “package”

  7. seth says:

    sounds more like she wants to do him

  8. ~J^ says:

    Please dixie just quit already.

  9. Thomas says:

    Dixie is pretty dumb but I agree that magnus is the real deal.

  10. LoMoHotDogs says:

    I love that yummy yummy Dixie.

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