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Daily Discussion: WWE DVDs

daily discussion

Today’s topic: If you could create a WWE DVD of your choosing (that hasn’t already been produced), what would be the subject matter?

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  1. Y_Set says:

    Invasion Era DVD (cover storyline since Shane bought WCW until Survivor Series 2001).
    Brand Extension era Year One (cover the first WWE Draft and the debut of John Cena & Randy Orton)
    Evolution DVD (self-explanatory)

  2. N. Gaijin says:

    Tough call. WWE has done a DVD on just about everything, granted not all of them were done right, but still they exist.

    I suppose in the same vein as the Very Best of WCW DVDs (the first of which I own and can tell you is wrong, aside from some notable content and DDP as host), I’d do a best of ECW DVD. Instead of doing yet another rehash of what every promotion aside from WWE has done wrong, I’d like to actually focus on the greatest of what ECW had to offer.

    Other than that, I guess it’d be cool to do a DVD on the greatest managers in history.

  3. Clayton says:

    I think a shoot interview with Vince McMahon would be Interesting

  4. MC Live says:

    A greatest WrestleMania moments countdown. Or a DDP DVD

  5. A 3 disc set about Mark Henry and/or William Regal, or a set about the FCW/NXT developmental system and highlighting the background of some of its more notable stars featuring some of the more stellar matches.

  6. Mackdeezy says:

    The failed XFL. A whole documentary on the HOF.

    ……Owen Hart 😉

  7. Nick says:

    I think there are many ideas still out there for DVDS. Lets see: Owen Hart DVD, Paul Bearer DVD, including everyone he has managed in his career, Evolution DVD, Harlem Heat DVD or just a Booker T and Stevie Ray DVD, A Ministry of Darkness DVD would be awesome, How bout a Beth Phoenix, Mickie James or a LITA DVD?? Id say there are more but those are just one i will list of the the top of my head.

  8. dizzlow says:


  9. jake says:

    I’ve been waiting for the year 3/4 of raw set. They released quietly an awesome best of years 1&2 a while ago but, must not have sold well bc no follow up. The first showed stuff from the first run of raw in nyc complete with perfect vs flair, hbk vs jannetty, and some rare gems. The second would have been 1995-1996. Which would have mankind/taker, hbk/bret build, and the start of the attitude. But alas…guess that’s why there’s youtube. Or my old vhs recordings….

  10. JD Storm says:

    i’d like a best of Harlem Heat, Owen Hart, don’t think i’ve seen one on Rude or Davey Boy Smith. i think anything involving Rude or Smith would be pretty sweet.

    was one ever produced for DiBiase?

  11. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    With the releases of the histories of WCW, ECW & World Class Championship Wrestling, they should continue making compilations of past federations whose libraries were bought out by the WWE.

    I would purchase retrospectives of:
    1. American Wrestling Association
    2. Jim Crockett Promotions
    3. Smokey Mountain Wrestling
    4. Ultimate Pro Wrestling
    5. Ohio Valley Wrestling
    6. Deep South Wrestling
    7. Florida Championship Wrestling

  12. Kid Vicious says:

    The Best of Tatanka.
    That’s money.

  13. fairfax says:

    Some of the titles mentioned have actually been released. Wrestlings Greatest Managers, The spectacular legacy of the AWA, And the Rise and Fall of WCW along with the best of Starcade pretty much cover the JCP stuff. I think a set chronicling the history of the WWE itself would be nice. Something in the vein of The Story of Wrestlemania. Tracing the roots of the WWE back to Jess McMahon through Vince SR, JR, and now Stephanie and Hunter. I dont think a Smoky Mountain DVD would be a very big seller but I grew up with Smoky Mountain and never missed a Bobby Fulton run SMW spot show at the pickaway county fairgrounds in Circleville Ohio. A Florida or Georgia DVD would be nice too. I dont think Vince owns Detroit but a feature on the Sheik would be interesting too. Finally a DVD featuring talent that was not only successful in the states but I’m Japan as well. Hansen, Brody, Vader, The Funks, The Steiners. A unique perspective of what working Japan in the 70’s and 80’s was like.

  14. fairfax says:

    Also maybe an in depth look at the founding fathers of the NWA. Sam, Pinkie, Al Haft and CO. and Vinces take on the formation of the Alliance that would forever change and shape the future of the business would or could be a must watch dvd.

  15. rebel says:

    An anthology set of mid 80s – early 90s taped house shows (NY, Toronto, Boston, Philly, etc.). Hell, just MSG would do…

  16. Adurka Durk says:



  17. Saint Savage says:

    A full Anthology on Trish Stratus. Not the filler stuff about how her house is set up. Going on photo shoots. The great matches she has had.

  18. Saint Savage says:

    Macho Man’s Missing Matches. Flair vs Savage Sept. 92.

  19. Saint Savage says:

    How about a set on people who have turned on Vince and then kissed his ass. And turned on him again. He should be tied with Hogan on friends stabbing him in the back.

  20. jimmy pink says:

    fabulous freebirds dvd
    Bladerruners dvd
    Uwf dvd
    Mid southern area
    Wwf stars tours in japan

  21. seth says:

    Invasion Era DVD (cover storyline since Shane bought WCW until Survivor Series 2001).

    Also, a best of HOUSE SHOWS dvds

  22. Mike says:

    Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Sting, Some releases with old footage from UWF & Smoky Mountain & Mid South, Lou Thesz, Historical documentary, good AWA matches

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