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Independent star appears to have signed with WWE

Big Japan Pro Wrestling has announced that independent star Sami Callihan has been pulled from a tournament they are hosting later this month. The promotion noted that this was due to Callihan signing a deal with WWE, which would be consistent with a report that Callihan was undergoing the necessary medical testing to secure a WWE developmental deal.

On October 23, 2012, Callihan wrestled a WWE dark match, losing to Johnny Curtis.

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  1. Nick A says:

    Great signing by WWE. Sami is one of the best talents in wrestling.

    Now they just need to not screw him up.

  2. Shane says:


  3. Mr. Black says:

    So pumped about this news. The WWE needs a death machine!

  4. ironFNmaiden says:

    This is terrible for Sami….he is great…..he won’t be great in the WWE setting (not by his own doing, just how they’ll expect him to act / perform)……

  5. The Sheild says:

    Can never tell how these signings will go, it’s either the Punk/Bryan/Shield type success or it’s the Colt/Generico/Low-Ki type “push”

  6. JDBJJ says:

    Terrible for Sami ironFNmaiden? Making more money than he’s ever made in wrestling would be terrible? Even if he were used as a jobber to Hornswoggle he would still be making bank! When you are an Indy wrestler the farthest thing from terrible would be a WWE contract, anyone who says or thinks otherwise knows nothing. Good job Sami, time to make some money!!!

  7. JR says:

    This might sound weird but I hope they make him cut his hair. Long haired Sami looks too generic/bland/slobbish compared to when he had short spikey hair. Here’s also hoping they add a fourth man to The Shield or if they break up before Sami debuts, they put him in a team with Ambrose.

  8. Zach says:

    Sami should be used to bring back a cruiser weight division and title I mean they got Generico, Sydal, Mistico, Kofi, Primo, Epico, Yoshi and probably others to help build it.

  9. Matt says:

    weight divisions are stupid. WWE was in the right to abolish that ****.

    And lol @ The Sheild.

    Sami Zayn has two matches officially in WWE taped and somehow he’s got a bad push? Give me a break. Just because WWE ended up giving him a new name so he could keep the persona he made into something isn’t a bad move.

    Plus using Low Ki and Colt as examples of bad moves? Ki’s WWE career wasn’t even that bad. He spent most of his smackdown appearances losing but was always in the fight. He did his job fine. Colt if anyone is the only one with a gripe, him and Jay Bradley had a terrible bring up time, but neither of them seem to be ticked off or crying over the big mean ole WWE like you are.

    But then again the person i’m arguing against can’t even spell the world “shield”. so i take it you don’t have much mental capacity to really get what goes on. You must be one of those people who watch wrestling with your eyes closed so you can cry on the internet for the attention no one gives you in real life.

  10. Bobby says:

    Lol at spell the “world” shield.

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