Former ECW performer: “I am in 100% better condition than most of any locker room here in the US”

May 15, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Jason Knight via Facebook:

It has been broth to my attention that a promoter from N J has a misconception as far as my physical ability in the ring. I never hid the fact that I did undergo a back surgery in ’93 and for years I have worked hard to strengthen my body, not to depend on pain medication as I did years ago and I feel better than ever. Spreading rumors that I can be paralyzed at any moment is not only cruel but un couth and most un professional. I no more stand a chance of being injured than the next performer, in fact I am in 100% better condition than most of any locker room here in the US and other places on earth (no pun intended). I train heavy and hard every day not only for size and strength but endurance and flexibility. My body is strong like iron and my mind as well, in fact I am probably in as good condition today at nearly 50 as I was in my 20s and 20s. For those that spread rumors about others I would like to say, please have your facts straight before you cause others to loose bookings by speaking without thinking first. Your brain is not inside your head just for dead weight and it should control what comes out of your mouth, once you train it to do so. Thank you, Jason Knight.

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