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April Hunter comments on Angelina Jolie having her breasts removed

april hunter wearing t-shirt

April Hunter via Facebook:

Having breasts removed as preventative when you don’t HAVE breast cancer is insane. Cancer is NOT a matter of chance or luck. It’s a matter of cause & effect. Angelina Jolie -and I adore her – but she has set a terrible example for women at high risk. Cancer can be avoided by lifestyle choices instead chopping breasts off. So, she was at 87% risk. She’s lived healthy her entire life…the real truth is that she fell into the other 13%. Thanks to her, women will sadly continue to be ignorant of what they can do to truly PREVENT, seeing lobbing boobs off as the only way to go. And we will all go on walking, running and jumping rope “for a cure” that will never happen…because it’s far too profitable to allow others to get sick instead of educating them on how to stay well.

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