5/11 “Rock of Jericho” with CJ Pierce‏ recap

May 15, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

from Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the CJ Pierce segments, they’re
#s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says CJ Pierce of Drowning Pool [DP]:
http://twitter.com/drowningpool will be on.
He says CJ will have stories to tell with lots of things occuring in DP & in music in general, plugs Megadeth’s CD “Super Collider”: http://tinyurl.com/brke9qk that’ll be out in June & says from the CD
“Endgame”: http://tinyurl.com/dxwj2xt , he’ll play the 1-2 punch with “Dialectic Chaos”. He asks on what dialectic means & says to Google it to see what it means: http://tinyurl.com/cvxssry .

Jericho says while you’re researching he’ll
play some maximum rockesity, says the show starts now, says to crank it up & says here we go.

2.Plays Megadeth’s “Dialectic Chaos” &
“This Day We Fight!”.

3.Jericho says “This Day We Fight!” to where
it’s also from “Endgame”, says it wasn’t
Megadeth’s last CD but it was “TH1RT3EN”:
http://tinyurl.com/br9cfrq & says this is from 2 CDs ago to where it was a good 1. He says he loves the fact that they opened
with the instrumental “Dialectic Chaos” to
where it sounds interesting, says that
“Super Collider” does too & says he don’t know what it means, but thinks it sounds like an electrical circuit from ohms. He asks if you remember ohms from electronic class
to where he spells ohms, says he remembers someone named Mr. Cherveny
to where he talked about “ohm on the range”.

Jericho says that’s not a rock & roll subject
you’d wanna hear on the show, says there’s
plenty more to come to where he says CJ
will be on later & says after the break, he’ll
play a “set of S’s” that’s all across the board. He asks on what bands he’ll play, says to stick around & then takes a break.

After the break Jericho says this is his show
to where he again introduces himself, says
he’ll play some bands with “S’s” in it & says
he thought it’d be fun to play bands & songs with them. He says he learned from an old DJ mentor to never do gimmick sets
such as “today we’re gonna do all songs with the word “rock” in it”, says to not do
gimmicks when playing sets & says he’ll do 1 anyway. He says sorry to Charlie [Logan] because he’s doing it, says he’ll play Saxon’s
“Sacrifice”, then Slash’s “Standing At The Sun” to where he wonders if it’s “Standing
Under The Sun” & says it’s “Standing In The
Sun”. He says after that he’ll play Scorpions’
“Same Thrill”.

Jericho says there’s lots of “S’s” there to
where he’s lucky he don’t have a lisp because he’d mention [while talking with a lisp] “Saxon’s ‘Sacrifice’, Slash’s ‘Standing Under The Sun’ & Scorpions’ ‘Same Thrill'”.
He says he’d deliver it that way if he was Elmer Fudd & then plays all 3 songs.

4.Plays Saxon’s “Sacrifice”, Slash’s
“Standing In The Sun” & Scorpions’ “Same

5.Jericho says “Same Thrill” is from “Love At
1st Sting”: http://tinyurl.com/bmo83sv to where he again says there’s lots of “S’s” in that set, hopes you had as much fun hearing it as he did putting it together & says it’s tons of fun to where it’s always fun
hearing requests. He then plugs
http://twitter.com/rockofjerichoxm to where http://twitter.com/jeffmu4 wanted to
hear “Sweet Amber” which’s cool, says he loves that song & says he saw “Some Kind Of Monster”: http://tinyurl.com/btx8f2u which he hasn’t seen in a while. He says if you never saw it you need to because it’s 1 of the best rock & roll documentaries & says
Metallica’s falling apart at the seems on camera.

Jericho calls it a sad state of affairs for them
at the time, mentions a scene to where radio programers want them to say things
like “we are Metallica & you can win $50 if you call in now” & says they felt like they were selling out. He says it was like they had to wash their backs so they don’t stab
theirs to where “wash their backs so they don’t stab mine” is where James [Hetfield]
felt that was good lyrics, says that James wrote “Sweet Amber” based on the radio game & says he himself’s in a radio game to
where he’s at both sides of the fence. He says whatever side’s winning it’s the 1 he’ll be on to where he then plays the song.

6.Plays Metallica’s “Sweet Amber” & Papa Roach’s “Scars”.

7.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/brian070710 wanted to hear “Scars”, says that Jacoby Shaddix’s back in business again to where he’s over his vocal problems & says Jacoby had issues
with his vocal nodes on his throat. He says
it’s cool for Jacoby back to touring to where
Papa Roach’s doing well, says good to them
to where he’ll play more requests & says he’ll play Exodus later to where he again takes another break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show on XM 164 [NOTE FROM JEFF:
it’s now ch.242], again introduces himself to
where he’s playing requests & again plugs
his Twitter. He says
http://twitter.com/angelwitchy2j who’s a good show customer, says hi to her & says she wanted to hear “Class Dismissed”. He says if you heard Kerry King’s appearance on the show: http://tinyurl.com/ccdxdpk he
said he couldn’t believe that Exodus wasn’t bigger, says he agreed with Kerry to where
Gary Holt’s riffs are amazing & calls him an
awesome player. He says their CDs have
tremendous riffs to where if you’re not an Exodus fan you need to be more into them.
He says angelwitchy2j’s an Exodus fan to where she’ll hear the song now.

8.Plays Exodus’ “Class Dismissed” & Rainbow’s “Gates Of Babylon”.

9.Jericho says http://twitter.com/theeironmaiden wanted to hear “Gates Of Babylon” to where it’s a great tune, says it’s got Ronnie James Dio &
asks on where’s Ritchie Blackmore. He asks
Richie if we can hear some rock & metal from him again, says he don’t want the Ritchie that’s currently playing medieval folk tunes on mandolines & loots & hopes
that Ritchie will return to rock & roll. He asks on what it is with those that don’t wanna rock anymore like Ritchie & Robert
Plant, calls them 1 of the greatest of all time
& tells them to rock which’s his advice to them. He tells fans to get their ears ready to where he does the “Jericho’s iPod” jingle.

Jericho asks on what’s on this weeks iPod,
says from Kiss’ “Dynasty” CD:
http://tinyurl.com/bn92xd5 or if you’re from Australia it’s “Denisty” & says he’ll play “2,000 Man” to where it’s got Ace Frehley on vocals. He calls it a cool song to
where it’s a cover of Rolling Stones’ version
of the song, says after that he’ll play Poison’s “Let It Play” to where it’s cool & calls it an acoustic track. He says he liked it
because he’d play it on guitar, thanks C.C.
[DeVille] for it & says after that he’ll play
Bullet For My Valentine’s [BFMV] “Temper Temper” from their CD [“Temper Temper”]:
http://tinyurl.com/bpc3l9e from Matt Tuck & the band.

Jericho says BFMV’s doing a US tour: http://tinyurl.com/5tap6z9 with Halestorm:
www.halestormrocks.com/tour & Young Guns, again does the “Jericho’s iPod” jingle
& then plays all 3 songs.

10.Plays Kiss’ “2,000 Man”, Poison’s “Let It Play” & Bullet For My Valentine’s “Temper Temper”.

11.Jericho says it’s always cool hearing BFMV to where he says to see them while
they’re touring, says that “Temper Temper”
has the “Dead To The World” song that was
written by Matt & himself & says “that’s me,
yay”. He says after the break he’ll play some
Japanese heavy metal & then takes another

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says he’s a big Japanese
metal fan & calls Loudness 1 of his favorites.
He calls them a great band with a great
guitarist of Akira Takasaki, says that Fozzy
played with Loudness a couple of years ago
to where Akira’s still amazing & calls him 1
of the best guitarists in metal. He says if you
haven’t heard Loudness in a while you need
to, says there’s another Japanese band called Ezo to where they weren’t quite as good as Loudness but still had cool songs &
says their singer Masaki Yamada was in Loudness for a couple of years on their self
titled CD “Loudness”: http://tinyurl.com/anuhl4k .

Jericho calls the CD 1 of the heaviest they’ve
ever done, says if you’re a fan of them & don’t have that CD you should go on Youtube to hear the CD:
http://tinyurl.com/c7zwerh & calls it amazing. He says it was only released in Japan to where it’s got obscure stuff for Loudness fans, says if you’re not 1 but only a metal fan you may like it anyway & says if
you trust his judgement which lots of you do, he says to track the CD down. He says he’ll play Ezo’s “Night Crawler”.

12.Plays Ezo’s “Night Crawler” & Loudness’
“Run For Your Life”.

13.Jericho says “Run For Your Life” is where
Guitar World magazine said the song had the longest riff ever, says it’s got 100 notes in the riff to where he makes sounds of it & says good luck if you’re trying to learn that 1. He says to stick to “Smoke On The Water”
1st then move onto “Run For Your Life”, thanks Akira for some amazing rock & roll & says CJ will be on next to where he takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone is a great guitarist that’s off the road from DP to where it’s CJ & asks him on what’s going on. CJ says it’s the end of tour to where the
last day’s where he has to clean off the bus,
hopes he don’t get anything on it & Jericho
says no kidding to that. He says that today’s
the end of the tour, CJ says yes to where it
was a 5 week run with the band Stars & Stereo, Jericho asks if he’s back in Texas & CJ says he’s in Dallas now. He says he has to
grab his rod to where he has to pick up the
trailer, calls himself the lucky guy in the band to where he takes care of the gear & says he don’t know how he got that job.

Jericho says this is the other rock & roll side
that fans don’t know to when all the glammer & glitz is done, someone’s gotta clean out the bus, CJ says you have to clean up the mess & hopes he didn’t lose anything to where Jericho agrees. He asks on how the tour went, asks if it’s 1 of the 1st that was done with Jason [Jones] & CJ says it was the 1st big 1. He says there were
2 others that was done before last summer
with a handful of shows, called this 1 the full on run to where it was great & says it’s
fun watching Jason being the front man. He
calls him a nice guy that’s easy to work with
& says that Jason’s his favorite to work with
at this time.

CJ says that Jason gets on it to where all the
shows were great, says that others felt it too to where they were cool & says they were lucky. Jericho says it’s good to where they’ve had lots of vocalists in the last few years, asked on how did they get Jason & CJ
says Jason came on the scene in Dallas with them to where some of the previous bands
were on the road with them. He says the band knew Jason for years to where CJ’s got a home studio that produced the last demo called Suicide Hook, says he has worked with them before to where Jason was in the audition & says he didn’t know
Jason would audition for them, but just audtioned like everyone else.

CJ says Jason was put thru the process to where they were fair about it, says the 1 thing he loves about him’s that they didn’t
have with other singer’s that out of respect
to the other singers they’ve had, Jason learned all the songs on every CD they’ve ever had. He says they play anything they want & mix it in a setlist, says they have limitations to other singers that just learned the singles to where they played new stuff & feels it’s great for fans to play the old stuff on this run. He says it was fun
watching fans when you’re playing something from the 1st CD to where it’s like
“AHHH, they’re playing that song” & Jericho
says when going into the catalog & doing stuff that hasn’t been normally done before.

CJ says they’ve played songs that hasn’t been played since Dave [Williams] was in the band 10 years ago to where it’s fun now, says it’s now a new life for them & says
it’s good. Jericho says it must be kinda hard
sometimes to do lineup changes from time to time, says it’s always good when finding
someone to where it’s “this is the guy, this is the 1” & CJ says this is the 1 to where he
ain’t doing a switch up anymore. He says they’re over with that switch up thing, says
you go thru things in your life to where you
get to a point & plugs their CD “Resilience”:
http://tinyurl.com/cjzytfy that’ll be out 4/9 [which means it’s out now since we’re now in May].

Anyhow CJ says he’ll be giving out advanced
copies even though he shouldn’t be doing it, says it’s when you start handing them out to where it’s out there now, Jericho says in the age you can’t be scared of that
anymore to where it’s like “you can’t let it go out, you can’t let it, it’s gonna leak, it’s gonna leak” & says it’s gonna leak anyway
because it’s the way it is to where CJ agrees.
He says it’s gotten better in a way because
when it 1st started happening a few CD’s ago, it’s when that whole leak thing to where it was 2 months before the 2007 CD
“Full Circle”: http://tinyurl.com/d3gguhw
came out & says he was told that it was already out there.

CJ says he was frustrated but at the same time you want everyone to hear it, says it’s a give or take on it & Jericho says when they were kids, he remembers hearing the
radio to where he had a cassette player that was hooked up to the radio. He says it’s whenever a song came on he ran & recorded it, says it’s like a modern version of that to where CJ agrees & says he did the
same thing. Jericho then talks like a DJ to
where he says “And this is the new Drowning Pool, right here on 75-22 Rock”,
says it’s when the DJ’s would talk over the opening riff & says you’d be like “shut up, I
just wanna hear the song”. He says he had a mixed tape with 1/2 DJ talking & 1/2 clicked songs back & forth.

Jericho says if that’s the way it’s gonna be
you might as well do a clean version of it, CJ
says he wants it out there anyway to where he wants fans to hear it & says fans still go to the shows to where they’re great. Jericho
says that’s what it’s about to where you can’t download a show experience or a Tshirt, says that’s the way he sees it & CJ agrees. Jericho asks on what’s the recording process like with the new guy on the block, asked if he helped with the writing, did they have it all done to where he told them what to do or how did it work.
CJ says it was 1/2 & 1/2 to where on every CD they’ve had & regardless on the singer switch.

CJ says he & Mike [Luce] have written music
together for over 15 years to where they were high school friends, says they both started off like that to where the 1st handful of songs reflected the frustration on going thru the singer switch & says when Jason came in, he didn’t want it to be
to where you didn’t wanna get his voice on
there. He says they left the music open for
him to where he again says it was 1/2 & 1/2,
says at the end of the day you want DP to be all 4 guys & says they’re putting in their 2 cents to where Jericho agrees. He says they wanna make it the strongest CD possible to where it don’t matter who writes it or who don’t write it.

Jericho says it’s funny to where the CD hasn’t been released yet [again, it’s out now], says he has heard lots of songs on the
radio in the last couple of months & feels it
has been 2 or 3 songs that was played on the “Octane”: www.siriusxm.com/octane , asks CJ if that’s true & CJ says yes to where it’s something they’ve always wanted to do. He says it kinda fell into it unintentionally to where being on an indy label & the way the business is, is that the CD was pushed back twice to where he was 1st frustrated on that & says he understands on how the
business works. He says you can only put out a CD for this & that kind of thing to where it allowed them to put out songs in

CJ says it has fans get familiar with it to where he feels it’s working to his advantage, says it’s due to having a couple of tracks out before & Jericho agrees to where it gets a buzz rolling. He asks if it’s especially when having a new singer, CJ says
yes to where they didn’t skip a beat & says they did club tours such as House Of Blues
to where it’s like Groundhogs Day, because they’re all insane. He says all the shows were great with good times, says that once
fans come out to see it they know & says it’s
easy going online to write whatever you want, but unless you actually see it you can’t download a live show experience to
where Jericho agrees.

Jericho says the thing’s that they’ve always
been thrust into a position they didn’t wanna be in, says when Dave died they lost
their singer & says it’s not like Dave quit or
didn’t get along anymore. He says you either get a new singer & continue or they’re done, says it’s not cool to where lots
of fans like having opinions & says the bottom line’s that the best part of it, is that
DP’s still existing & stronger then ever. He
says there’ll be some changes but you should get used to it, says it’s either that or
don’t have the band at all & CJ says they try
making changes for the better to where with Jason, he’s got a high vocal range that they’ve ever had.

CJ says Jason knows all the songs to where he’s dedicated, says that Jason rehearses all
the time to where he’s a pro & says Jason hangs with everyone all day long. Jericho calls it cool to where it’s what they want, says that since they’ve played lots of live songs he asks what song has gone over well
rom the new CD & CJ says when they do
“Bodies”, that’s when everyone goes nuts. He says their new single “1 Finger & A Fist” has the same crowd reaction like “Bodies” to where it’s a good feeling on it, says you can see the reaction to where they never heard it before & says when playing it live, they get the same intensity to where Jericho calls it cool & then plays the song.

14.Plays Drowning Pool’s “1 Finger & A Fist”.

15.Jericho calls “1 Finger & A Fist” a cool song to where he heard it a few times on the radio, says it’s got good power to it to where there’s some diversity & says
“Saturday Night” is a different style of tune o where “1 Finger & A Fist” has more of the
power, DP, in your face type of thing. He asks if they’re working on more diverse type stuff, CJ says yes to where it’s his goal
& says it’s not a go-to thing to where he’s a
Zeppelin fan. He says the 1 thing he loves about them’s that on their different music styles, says they covered lots of music styles
& says some people feel that 1 thing of that
type works to where 5 CDs later, every song’s got the same tempo & key.

CJ says the songs are rehashed because it works, says they should’ve done that with
“Bodies” but wants to bring new stuff to the
table & says he likes expanding. Jericho feels you have to because some of the best
bands that he grew up with were always like that, says you talk about Zeppelin, Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd or any other classic bands that had a different vibe to them & says it was always a Beatles song, but there’s lots of different sides to it. He says it’s good when getting the diversity, CJ
feels they’ve pushed the bounderies on it to
where they’ll continue doing so & says on this CD, it’s a bit more metal & heavier then
what they’ve had.

CJ says that part of going into it is due to the frustration of the switch, says at the same time “Appetite For Destruction”:
http://tinyurl.com/crgryok & “Vulgar Display Of Power”: http://tinyurl.com/cxegwba were both huge
with attitude & says their own CD’s got more attitude on it to where Jericho agrees.
He says they’ve always had attitude to where “Bodies” was their 1st huge hit in 2001, says he wants to talk about DP’s early
days to where he asks on how they got started coming up in Dallas & asks if they had a Pantera influence since they’re another Texas based band. CJ says when they started in ’96 it was Pantera’s hey day

CJ says every band in town sounded like
Pantera because they wanted to sound like
them, says it’s a reason they chose not to go down that path because you’ve got your
metal roots & says you try being original, but when they got started they played everywhere & anywhere. He says they played every place for free beer, says you can see you won’t be paid to do this because you just want to get out there & says they built a fan base by doing that. He says they always hung out to where even when they didn’t play, they’d hang & watch
other bands to where at the time it was bands supporting other bands & says the next thing you’d know, they’re selling out
clubs in Dallas.

CJ says the radios started spinning out demos to where the next thing you knew, the labels showed up, says that’s how they got their start back in the day & says back then, email didn’t exist. He says they’d go to
the post office on Mondays to mail postcards to everyone which was a hand written mailing list, says it was the thing to do on Mondays to where they mailed 1,000
postcards to those that were playing their
songs & Jericho says it was cool to where they came just at the cuss between the big switch. He says 2004 or 2005 was when the
whole record company system started going down the drain & says it was when the “interweb” started.

Jericho again says it’s cool because they knew both sides of the rock & roll coin on
what it’s like promoting themselves, CJ says
there’s pros & cons to everything & feels it’s
more of a pro due to going online, getting on sites & getting your music out there. He
says that everyone’s on Facebook to where
it’s fun for the band due to being there all the time for fans, says he’ll hang at shows while talking to fans that he loves & says when they’re off or downtime in between
touring, you get on there to where it’s interactive with fans. Jericho says it’s great
because you get instant reaction on what’s
occuring while playing shows & says afterwords, you’ll hear “you know I saw Drowning Pool tonight, then kicked ass”.

Jericho says he does lots of Fozzy stuff on
Twitter: http://twitter.com/fozzyrock to where there’s a big Twitter fan base, says that fans respect it to where they love the fact that it makes you feel closer to you that
way & CJ agrees. He says you can see fans in
the crowds while playing to where they’re on their cells chilling while saying “I’m at the show right now, it’s awesome”, Jericho agrees & says the band was on their way to
being iconic personalites with Dave to where he had a huge personality. He asks on what it was like being in a band with Dave, CJ says Dave was awesome to where he ain’t saying it because he died & says he
did have this personality.

CJ says they had someone before Dave when they were starting locally, says there’re those that don’t know it but they had someone else before Dave that didn’t work out & says in the rehearsal room, they
were thinking “who was like the best singer
in Dallas, we need to get this guy”. He says at the time Dave played in 3 or 4 other bands to where he bounced around, says 1 of them was a pop band & another was a cover band to where he sang Skid Row songs & says he was also in another metal
band. He says Dave was everywhere to where he had that personality, called him a
cool dude & says that’s how he met Pantera’s Dimebag [Darrell] & Vinnie [Paul].

CJ says it’s because Dave was friends with Dimebag & Vinnie, then tells a funny story
which was when the 1st time they played with Dave which was in the area that Dimebag & Vinnie lived & says at the time, he never met them before. He says they were gonna play the show to where Dave
acted weird, asked Dave on what’s going on
to where Dave’s said “SHHHHHHH, I owe
Dimebag $500 because he bought me this red pickup truck, I never paid him back & I
think he’s gonna come out here tonight & I think he’s gonna beat me up for the money”. He says as they’re getting ready to
go on stage here comes Dimebag, Vinnie &
the entourage.

CJ says he told Dimebag “hey man, I know
Dave owes you some money & can you at least wait until after the show before you beat his ass”, says that Dimebag’s response was “man, c’mon” because they didn’t care
& says it was like “whatever dude”, because they came out to support to see the show.
He says it was cool, Jericho says it’s funny
because Fozzy was at a spoken word show at Soundwave, says it’s where he & Scott did 1 hour each during this to where both went on stage & told stories & says 1 of Scott’s stories which brings the house down
nightly, was that he got a call from Dimebag to where he was hiding in his closet.

Jericho says Dimebag was saying “listen,
Sebastian Bach’s here & is going crazy, he
wants to kill himself”, says that Scott asked
Dimebag “well what do you want me to do”
& says that Dimebag told him “you gotta call the cops”. He says Scott said “I’m in
New York, you’re in Dallas” which has Dimebag tell him “you gotta call the cops, I gotta go, Sebastian’s coming”, Scott asks
Dimebag “well what am I supposed to do?”
& says that Dimebag calls back a few minutes later to tell him “hey listen man, Sebastian’s here, he’s going crazy, he wants
to talk to you”. He says it’s when Sebastian
came on the phone to where he told Scott all the crazy stuff.

Jericho says it’s where Sebastian was saying
he wanted to kill himself due to things going bad, says that Scott asked “well what
do you want me to do?” & says that Sebastian told him “dude I can’t talk anymore, I gotta go”. He says Scott said
“don’t do anything Sebastian” to where he
hangs up, says that Sebastian called back to
where this continues on & off & says that
Scott discovers that it ain’t Sebastian on the phone, but it’s Dave doing an impersonation of Sebastian. He says Dimebag & Dave were calling Scott to where CJ says he remembers Dave doing that to where he did a great Sebastian impersonation.

CJ says it’s funny he hears this story because he remembers Dave being on the phone doing that, calls it awesome & Jericho says the next time he sees Scott, he
needs to ask him to where the story’s so funny. He says it’s where Dave’s like “dude, I
can’t talk anymore, you gotta talk to Dave
Williams from Drowning Pool” & says Scott’s like “why is Dave Williams from Drowning Pool there, has he been there the
whole time?”. He says it’s where Dave says
“what’s up man”, Scott tells him “uh, nothing”, Dave says “what’s up dude”, Scott
says “hah?, what’s up man”, Dave says
“what’s up dude” & says that Scott tells Dave “you a*****e, you’re playing both parts”.

Jericho calls it good times then, says when
thinking back to where “Bodies” was a huge
hit & asks CJ what other song makes him think of Dave to whether it had good memories of writing it or playing it live. CJ
says the 1 song they don’t play from the CD
[“Sinner”]: http://tinyurl.com/bsk8jkl is
“Sermon” to where it was 1 of Dave’s favorites, says he used to be frustrated but
now sees & understand when putting that 1
aside to save it & says he’ll never play that
live again. He says on the new CD he wrote
a “part 2” type song called “1 Way Prophecy”, says in “Sermon” Dave says “you
tell me what you believe” & says in “1 Way Prophecy”, he says “I’ll tell you what I believe”. He says it kinda continues from that, Jericho calls it a cool tribute & then plays “Sermon”.

16.Plays Drowning Pool’s “Sermon”.

17.Jericho says he imagines on how it has
been for the band, asked on how long was
it after Dave’s death that they thought about playing again & CJ called it a dark time to where he didn’t wanna embarass himself with alcohol & other stuff. He says you just fall into it to where you can’t escape of, says the band was down for a while to where he, Mike & Stevie [Benton]
got a 3 bedroom place together & says they
all kinda stayed in their own rooms for a while. He called it a long process but they went out a lot to where talking about it kinda helped, says when going out at night
you hit the clubs & says everyone came up to him & gave their condolences.

CJ says they helped each other thru it to where he gives credit to Dallas people, says it’s good talking about it & feels by talking about it so much, it helps you with the process. He says they’ve had lots of good times to where it’s exciting when 1st getting signed & going on tour, says you’ll
get to experience all of that with them & says it’s fun hearing others tell stories about Dimebag & Vinnie personalities to
where they’re always out having a good time. He called Dave 1 of the greatest entertainers to have worked with, Jericho
says there’s a grieving period to where it’s
amazing & says how many times in rock & roll that has happened.

Jericho mentions Bon Scott, Cliff Burton & The Rev to where you have to continue, says
it’s worse when it’s your singer & says they’ve done a great job continuing forward to doing so. He says with this past
DP tour he knows that bands go up & down, asked if the band’s feeling good now
with an upswing & resurgence & asks on what’s going on. CJ says you can feel it to where it’s awesome being in this position,
says he feels like it has been 10 year since Dave died & says they’re proud of the CDs
they’ve made with the last 2 singers. He says they’ve had good shows but also had some bad times to where it didn’t work out
with those singers.

CJ says things went from bad to worse, says he thought it would get better but it got
more worse & says late 2011/early 2012, it
was tough. He says all you wanna do with your life is that you love music to where he’s passionate about writing, recording &
playing live, says he gives Jason credit to where he stepped in & took the reigns & says he himself hasn’t had this much fun in
years. He says he’s having too much fun to
where it hurts, Jericho says it’s supposed to
be fun to where he spoke to someone [Russ
Dwarf]: http://tinyurl.com/agprxgy 1 day on
the show & told him that it’s rock & roll to where they ain’t curing cancer with it. He says if you can’t have fun playing music &
traveling worldwide then why are you doing this.

CJ agrees to where you can’t take everyone
with you to have a good time, says that fans
that either go to work or school come to get out of the house & have a good time at the show & Jericho agrees. CJ says you’re a
party host who’s an entertainer, says you’re
there to have fun & says to make sure others have fun too. He says he has the band again to where everyone’s having a good time, Jericho agrees to where you need it & asks if they do international stuff. He says Fozzy will be touring the UK & Europe next week to where they’re all the time, asked if DP has been there & CJ says it
has been a while since they’ve been there,
but they’re returning to the swing of it.

CJ says they’ve done a handful of shows there with Ryan [McCombs] before, again says it has been a while but they’re trying to reconnect with Europe & says they want to go there on a regular basis. He thanks
Fozzy for taking them out to where they’re
the perfect band to be there, Jericho says
they’re excited to where it’s funny because
it’s the opposite for them & says they haven’t had a chance to do the USA too much. He says they did last years Uproar to
where it was awesome, says it’s funny because he spoke to [M.] Shadows about 1
year ago: http://tinyurl.com/7brahpw & says he asked Jericho on why do they tour
England so much.

Jericho says he told Shadows that they always do good there to where they’ve toured there for years, says that Shadows told Jericho that they’ve toured the USA &
says that he told Shadows that if you’ve toured the USA, then tell Jericho if he likes
England so much. He says England’s great &
fun but it’s still not your own country, says
there’s something to be said about pulling
up at a Walmart to go in & buy food & calls it a bit of a culture shock. CJ says there’s 24
hour Walmarts, Jericho says they rule & CJ
says he’s usually at a Walmart at 4 AM to
where he’s a bit tipsy. Jericho agrees to where if you’ve got nothing else to do while
having drinks & you’re awake, there’s 24 hour Walmarts.

Jericho says there’s also 24 hour gas stations like The Flying J’s to where they sell old DVDs, says those are the best to where you can buy a stack of drunken DVDs
& CJ says it seems like at the end of every tour, he’ll restock his shelves either at Walmart or The Flying J, because you know
where everything’s at. He says that’s the only thing you’ll hit at night, Jericho agrees
to whether you’re sleeping or awake & says
if you’re awake, you’re drinking. He says
that’s how you’re waking up at mornings to
where it’s like “OK I’ve got “Cannonball Run
1, 2 & 3″, why did I buy these, especially 2 & 3” & CJ knows someone has tons of DVDs to
where he calls him a DVD guy.

CJ says the classic movies are always on the button, Jericho tells him to bring & stock them up because the tour will be very cool
& says since there’s lots of great DP songs,
he asks on 1 of the favorites to play live besides “Bodies”. CJ says it’s funny because
whenever they play “Sinner” from the CD
fans go nuts, calls it fun to where “Tear Away” is great too & says it’s got a cool vibe
to it. He says it never fails to whatever’s occuring because that song gives the room a vibe, Jericho asks on which song & CJ again says “Tear Away” to where Jericho plays it now.

18.Plays Drowning Pool’s “Tear Away”.

19.Jericho says he’s excited to go out with CJ to where they’ve got a mutual friend of
Paul Gargano, says it’s funny because he &
CJ never met & says Paul always talks about
CJ to where he speaks highly of him. He says he’s looking forward to meeting CJ &
have some fun, CJ says Namm’s nuts to where he was there & says he returned to
doing his thing. He says he was like running
around to where Jericho knows on how Namm is to where it’s insane, Jericho says he had about a 10 minute window to where
he was looking for CJ & says CJ probably had the same to where both didn’t meet. He says it’s cool to where they’ve got 3 weeks coming up to hang & says it’ll be great.

CJ says it’ll be good to where everyone goes
to bed early, says he’ll do it to where he won’t keep everyone up & Jericho says he don’t know what CJ has heard. He says
“Resilience” should come out by the time this episode airs to where he does say that
it’s out now, tells fans to buy it & says to not download it. He says go out & pay $9.00
for it to where it won’t be expensive, says it’ll be a great CD with Jason on it & thanks
CJ for being on the show. He says from 1 CJ
[Chris Jericho] to another he’s looking forward to meeting him, says it’ll be a great
tour to where he’s looking forward to great
things on the CD. CJ thanks him to where he’s looking forward to hanging with him.

CJ says they’ll rock it out to where they’ll have a good time, Jericho agrees to where
he tells CJ to clean up the bus & CJ says he
has to get all of his stuff out. Jericho says
“rock & roll baby”, again thanks him & then
takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, again thanks CJ for being an amazing guy to where he’s got a cool vibe & says it’s nice hearing bands that’re
back on track & touring. He says it was cool touring with DP to where he likes CJ a lot,
calls him a cool guy to where he again thanks him for being on & says 1 of his favorite Canadian bands including Brent Fitz, is Slash’s band called Streetheart that
never broke into the USA & feels that they should’ve, could’ve & would’ve if they had
better luck. He says earlier he played “2,000
Man” to where Streetheart did a cover of
Keith Richards’ “Under My Thumb” to where it was better then the Stones’ version.

Jericho says he loves the song to where it’s a live version, says it’s got tremendous bass
playing from “Spider” [Ken Sinnaeve] who’s
in Loverboy & says he’s got great guitar playing to where it’s a great vibe. He says everytime he hears the song he wants to go
& party while hanging & having a great time, says he’ll play it for you to where he says “last song” 3 times & then plays the song.

20.Plays Streetheart’s “Under My Thumb”.

21.Jericho asked on what did you think, calls
it an amazing tune to where the bass work on that’s out of control & tells “Spider” that
he loves him to where it’s great playing. He
calls Streetheart a great band to where he
wished they could’ve been bigger, hopes that you enjoyed it to where he hoped you’ve enjoyed the show & again thanks CJ
for being on the show. He thanks the fans to where he again plugs his Twitter for requests, says he’ll see you next week to where he hopes you’re safe & says to stay cool, hungry, hard & heavy. He says he loves
you to where he again says thanks, says God bless you to where you’re the greatest,
says he’ll see you next week & that’s how the show ends.

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