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Spoilers: WWE Superstars taping results

– They ran a really great video hyping the WrestleMania DVD coming out today before the taping.

Sin Cara defeated Michael McGillicutty with the swanton.

Cody Rhodes defeated Alex Rily with the Cross Rhodes. Neither match was anything special.


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  1. Truth_Sayer says:

    And this is why so many wrestling “fans” are just miserable people. Two matches everyone know has four talented wrestlers in them that will be good and watchable.

    Why some people set “standards” so high so they have to watch most a show ticked off and ignore minor shows to feel special is beyond childish. Why are you even here if you can’t appreciate good wrestlers wrestling as being exactly what WWE should be giving you.

  2. Thomas says:

    Alex Riley is not a good wrestler, and sin cara sucks too. I called A-Ry’s blown push literally the night it started. It was a case of “oh, he’s gonna feud with miz. Then what?”

    Sin cara is nothing more than a new generation mysterio and Riley is just a generic worker with a catchy theme song.

    Kinda like Randy Orton before he learned to do more than chin locks.

  3. Blaze says:

    I do agree with you, for the most part, but I think a lot of why so much doesn’t feel special anymore is that there’s just too much wrestling to go around. These days, there’s 3 hours of RAW, 2 hours of SmackDown!, an hour of Main Event, an hour of Superstars, an hour of NXT, half an hour of Saturday Morning Slam, and I’m not even counting stuff like AM RAW. And that’s just one company, putting out over eight hours of wrestling per week – not counting when a PPV airs and adds another 3 (4 for WrestleMania) hours to that mix, more if you count pre shows! (And I’m not even adding TNA’s shows to that total!)

    I can appreciate a good wrestling match as much as anybody, but when there’s SO MUCH WRESTLING every single week, it starts to drag a bit, especially when they do the same matches again and again. Last night, I tried using the WWE app in collusion with RAW for the first time, and during the Orton/Cesaro match, a pop-up stated that Cesaro had failed to stop Orton “in their first six encounters, would tonight be different?” WHY would they advertise the fact that Orton and Cesaro had fought SIX TIMES??? What makes the match special when we’re seeing part 7 (especially when the same guy has won all seven encounters, according to WWE) – Benoit and Booker’s classic WCW showcase notwithstanding?

  4. Geoff says:

    Cody Rhodes gets voted the Most Underrated Wrestler in the WWE.

    WWE thinks about it for a second, puts him on Superstars two weeks in a row.

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