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Rick Steiner on former WWF tag team great: “Piece of sh*t!”

Rick Steiner took part in a Q&A last night on Twitter:

Q. do you miss wrestling on tv ?
Steiner: Honestly, not at all.

Q. would ever come back to television either by yourself or maybe with @ScottSteiner ?
Steiner: Nope sorry never.

Q. I enjoyed watching you, who was your best friend in the business
Steiner: Boss man. We were neighbors.

Q. have you ever thought about starting your own wrestling school
Steiner: I have no interest.

Q. have u ever thought of writing a book??
Steiner: No! No one would read it lol

Q. Any stories of Tom Billington?”
Steiner: Piece of sh*t!

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5 Responses

  1. Y_Set says:

    Whoa, Rick Steiner is retired ? Since when ?

  2. James says:

    Actually, he’s semi-retired, as he still wrestles from time to time in the independent circuit.

  3. greg says:

    The title makes you sound like a little kid tattle tailing on somebody. Its Steiner opinion. Not many wrestlers like dynamite kid cuz he was bully and worked stiff. Only marks like dynamite kid.

  4. jj fact says:

    Steiner sounds like a real joy to talk to. And Dynamite Kid probably was the reason why the bulldogs run ended sooner than it should have. Davey Boy stuck around with the WWE well after the bulldogs split. So maybe he wasn’t such a nice guy. But you could probably say that for a lot of guys in a business especially in that era.

  5. JD Storm says:

    i recall hearing stories of Dynamite Kid being a real piece of crap. don’t remember anythin specific, off hand.

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