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Poll results: Which is the better Thursday night time slot for TNA?

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Which is the better Thursday night time slot for TNA?

9PM (53%, 187 Votes)
8PM (47%, 167 Votes)

Total Voters: 354

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5 Responses

  1. Travis says:

    How about never it sucks

  2. ApplegreaterthanMicrosoft says:

    Yeah WWE iz teh best i wear my wwe John Cena shirt and John Cena wristbands with pride for wwe. #StandupforWWE #Fanboyism

  3. ApplegreaterthanMicrosoft says:

    TNA sux they dont has John Cena!!!!

  4. Shane says:

    TNA and WWE are both lacking huge in many areas.

    The timeslot doesn’t matter at all. TNA has been pulling pretty much the same rating for the last almost 8 years. No growth or decline. Why would an hour difference change that at all?

  5. ApplegreaterthanMicrosoft says:

    There will be growth once WWE starts another BOOM period.

    Maybe TNA could break into the mainstream with some guy or storyline.

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