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Video: Jay Briscoe’s apology at ROH house show

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  1. seth says:

    he didnt get caught up in his charcather as he said. it was truely how he felt

  2. Icon says:

    he doesn’t deserve the applause he was forced to say this by ROH management.

  3. Shane says:

    He’s kinda just talking in circles. My only hope is that he learned something from this bs

  4. fairfax says:

    My only hope is that you people grow some thicker skin. Archie Bunker called people “fags” on primetime TV and now a WRESTLING CHARACTER gets chastised for making a remark. Wrestling has always been low brow and we’ve seen necrophelia and gay marriage and insest and every other storyline under the sun and this is oh sooooo offensive??? I have plenty of gay friends and colleagues and I know that this would not have offended them. It’s rediculous. And if Jay really feels that way THEN SO BE IT. If Lester Mattox doesnt want to serve fried chicken to blacks he shouldnt have to……thats thee famous OFFENSIVE statement made by Bill Watts remember? Heres the thing, if Gays in this country want to seek out equal rites and advocate Gay Marriage then Jay Briscoe has EVERY RITE TO OPPOSE IT. Bottom line, that is what equality is. Bill Watts, although clearly not a racist, comments are understandably offensive. No one is ever going to call me European American, theyre going to always call me white so if Im simply white then black is simply black however Black, White, Asian whatever, thats not a choice. Homosexuality is a lifestyle. OK. It’s a choice. So while I may be offended by the mainstream media refering negativly about pro wrestling it is their opinion and theyre entitled to it. I wasnt born a wrestling fan, I chose to be one. The religious right has been bashing Gays forever….maybe Jay said it for Jesus. Any way, please, lets grow some thicker skin people and get over it.

  5. jonny says:

    What a total bush league looking show. Its no wonder ROH doesnt make it anywhere

  6. Icon says:

    really fairfax? it’s a choice? when did you CHOOSE to be straight? Ignorant mofo.

  7. Shaffee says:

    Wow, they’re hanging off the rafters at ROH.

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