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Daily Discussion: Sting getting another title shot at Slammiversary

slammiversary 2013

Today’s topic: This year’s TNA Slammiversary PPV will be headlined by Bully Ray vs. Sting for the TNA championship. This marks the fourth consecutive year Sting is involved in the TNA title match at the PPV. Is he deserving?

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24 Responses

  1. Jamie says:

    His legacy says yes and I think he’s the best bet they have right now. There’s no-one else in TNA who has been pushed to that level in time for the PPV, plenty of people who could (or should) have been, but no-one who actually has.

    Look at the usual contenders:

    Aries & Roode – stuck in the tag division
    Styles, Angle & Storm – involved in other storylines
    Anderson – won’t challenge while he’s in A&8
    Hardy – ‘injured’
    Abyss – only just returned

  2. G says:

    In my eyes, no. I’d quite like to see an Abyss title run now he’s returned, though I find it unlikely. I don’t know who should be given a title shot at this PPV but I don’t think Sting should have.

  3. Y_Set says:

    They had a chance to put Matt Morgan over. But since this is the big PPV, they want to play safe, and TNA seems can only rely on Sting (like WWE can only rely on Cena) for buyrate.

    Maybe next time for Matt Morgan. Not on the big PPV like this.

  4. trev says:

    I must say its a bad move tna should start showing that they can back and build a young star

  5. Geoff says:


  6. jake says:

    Sting should be helping make these younger guys. Can he help continue to elevate ray? If so I have no problem with this. As long as it has meaning. But sting has been severly downsliding skill wise due to age. And there’s only so long you can hide that.

  7. Clayton says:

    I woulda liked the king of the mountain match to return

  8. brad says:

    Dumb decision. So much young talent not being used correctly. What the hell is Samoa Joe doing!? With Joe, Angle, Styles, Roode, Storm, Hardy, Aries, Abyss, Morgan and yes, maybe even Bully Ray, there is more than enough talent to have a great Heavyweight division. I’m sure Sting isn’t cheap to keep around and I doubt anyone is buying PPV’s for him. Time to get rid of Sting AND Hogan and start focusing on what matters, the wrestling.

  9. brad says:

    And another thing, is this gonna be the first main event ever where both guys are wrestling with shirts on? Lol

  10. James says:

    To be fair, Sting hasn’t held the title since losing it to Kurt Angle in August 2011. Plus, he had always been TNA’s reliable hand to put over a credible top heel as champion. He did it with Bobby Roode last year. And now, it’s Bully’s turn.

  11. Greg says:

    Sting is now well into his fifties he has no business in a Heavyweight title match at this point in his career. If he wins, exactly what does that day about the rest of the company. This is almost as bad as Ricky Morton getting a shot at the NWA Championship. Better yet lets have Arn Anderson Challenge for the WWE Championship.

  12. josh says:

    Sting is a true corner stone of wrestling. He has wrestle so many great matches over the years. I believe that he is entering hus final run and I like to see him as champion. I think aj styles would a great storyline for yhis years bound for glory and a true passing of the torch. Bully ray has done well but I don’t see him going much farther. Stibg vs. Jeff hardy could wlso be the gane changer and repay fans for what we missed a coupke of years ago at victory road 11.

  13. MC Live says:

    No. Sting wants to retire. Dixie needs to let him. He’s had enough, and TNA will never advance if they can’t make their own stars

  14. Scott II says:

    No. You mean to tell me you can’t do something with Matt Morgan?!? Sting is great and all, but his time has long gone. Time to step aside Stinger

  15. Coray says:

    I feel sting Is way past his prime and should be used to put over young talent like the wwe does with guys like Jericho and rock did

  16. Big Travis says:

    Sting belongs, Bully does not

  17. Manny says:

    So it’s a WCW world champion from 1999 against a Dudley Boy. Call me a mark, but I don’t know how TNA fans think it is even close to WWE.

  18. seth says:

    give sting one last chance and then put him in a different fued. let bully go over and fued with younger stars

  19. greg says:

    @James check last year ppvs sting v. Roode main evented how many ppvs? Just when I thought tna was getting better it goes south again.

  20. eddie says:

    @brad TNA is more about wrestling then wwe so your comment is worthless to me
    @Manny because TNA may not be best but more about wrestling then wwe anymore

  21. brad says:

    @eddie your comment is worthless to everyone since you didn’t even add anything to the daily discussion and I didn’t even mention WWE in my post. I am a fan of both but was just giving my opinion on this one subject.

  22. `J says:

    If thats’ what tna wants to do so be it dixie is in love with stinger, their main event scene has not been exciting for quiet some time.

  23. greg says:

    Austin Aries was best champion they had. Hell I would rather see Matt Morgan get his time in the spotlight but they don’t invest in their employees unless they self made like Aries

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