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Daily Discussion: Best Babyface turn

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Today’s topic: suggested by Guled Ahmed – Best babyface turn

Yesterday’s discussion – Improving WWE’s roster

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14 Responses

  1. Denis says:

    Three come to mind: When Nikita Koloff joined Dusty Rhodes to battle the Four Horsemen; when Blackjack Mulligan turned when Ric Flair attacked him; and when the Masked Superstar turned when Gene Anderson’s army attacked him. All three had been hated heels for their entire career and it was a real shock to see them turn.

  2. MC Live says:

    Austin’s face turn during the double turn at Mania 13. Austin as a face is what made the WWE what it is today

  3. Kid Vicious says:

    Mr Perfect 1992 for me.

  4. Mackdeezy says:

    So many to count. But pretty much a face turn where they DONT turn into a wimp. Like for example, Mark Henry’s turn against Randy Orton back on raw a few years back was an excellent example. Also, Austin was great at doing this.

  5. Scott II says:

    Macho Man Randy Savage reuniting with Miss Elizabeth at WrestleMania VII

  6. Haywood jablowme says:

    Austin, wrestlemania 13. Nothing compares

  7. DW says:

    Ray Stevens turned on bobby the brain and bockwinkel in the awa. Great turn !!

  8. D says:

    @Denis. Nikita was the first one I thought of.

  9. Guled says:

    Chyna’s face turn at Wrestlemania XV & Vince Russo whacking Jeff Jarrett with the guitar.

    as a kid, i thought those turns were great.

  10. Xavier says:

    I think Austin at Mania 13, Batista on Raw when he put Triple H through the table, and when Undertaker turned face against Jake Roberts by saying 2 words.

  11. Thomas says:

    Triple H’s 2002 return technically qualifies. I’m going with that. That’s when the sledge hammer REALLY became the shovel.

  12. Adurka Durk says:


    It led to weak reactions for weeks, people not understanding what was going on, a lame WM main event, and the heel turn that solidified him as only worth a crap as a heel.

    LOL at you guys mentioning Mark Henry or the entirety of Guled’s comments.

    At the very least, THINK about what you’re typing before you press “submit comment”.

  13. jake says:

    Hogan @ wmx8 was amazing as well. Him hulking up and playing it up.

  14. Adurka Durk says:

    Jake knows what’s up.

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