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The future of WWE’s Saturday Morning Slam


credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

I believe Saturday Morning Slam only has a few more weeks to run. I’d been told a few months back that CW considered it like a Saturday morning cartoon, in that they purchased a certain number of episodes for a season run. I don’t know if that means summer reruns and a new batch in the fall, or what. WWE never confirmed or denied it when asked. But the last two weeks there have been no episodes of Saturday Morning Slam taped. They tape the show a few weeks ahead.

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  1. Fisha695 says:

    I thought that was the known plan from the beginning? It was to be a season of a Saturday morning kids show, when the season was over (or well enough taped for the season) they would stop taping it over the Summer until it was time for the 2nd season (if there is one) to start back up in the Fall.

  2. Yes. Less stuff for me to watch. :-)

  3. Matt says:

    How silly do they expect us to be? I mean seriously, this is not the first time they took a break from taping Saturday Morning Slam. They have plenty to use. Did we get some make believe journalists giving us the same run of the mill bs they like to spread? Who the hell really cares, those of us who aren’t braindead see how pathetic stories like this are.

  4. Chicago Made Punk says:

    @Matt: Amen.

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