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Paul London Gives Us A Very … Different “Montreal Theory”‏

Ok, we have this DVD called “The Montreal Theory”. It takes a very deep, detailed, serious investigative look at everything leading up to the infamous Montreal Screwjob in 1997 involving Bret Hart, Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels and Earl Hebner. In it, we present to you evidence, debate, and discussion about the possibility that Bret was secretly in on what happened in Montreal and that those events were, on some level, privately predetermined and planned between Bret, Vince, and possibly a few others, with everyone else kept completely in the dark.

At Wrestlecon 2013, we set out to interview a number of famous wrestling personalities about their individual theories on what happened behind the scenes in Montreal and why wrestling’s most famous double-cross but have actually been wrestling’s most well-executed work. We received several great intelligent, thought-provoking comments from numerous wrestling personalities.

Then… we talked to Paul London.

What happened next accomplished pretty much nothing in our investigation… but proved to be our most entertaining and unpredictable interview of the weekend.

Order “The Montreal Theory” now at and check out to hear more “Montreal Theories”!

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10 Responses

  1. art123guy says:

    Dear everyone, don’t waste your time. I skimmed the video and have no clue as to what this moron is talking about.

    Your welcome.

  2. MC Live says:

    @art123guy you don’t know what you’re talking about. That is the single greatest wrestling promo ever. Pipebomb, Austin 3:16, Cane Dewey, they’re all great. But you’ve all officially been outdone by Paul London, Because I Am. I seriously recommend absolutely everyone watch this video start to finish. it’s purely amazing. Wrestling at it’s best right here folks.

  3. Swayze says:

    What kind of idiot listens to Paul London expecting coherency?

  4. P b says:


  5. art123guy says:

    @MC Live–I do know what I’m talking about, unlike London. But I guess if you like pointless rants, this would be one of the best.

  6. DW says:

    The only thing I found out is that Paul London is a complete idiot !!

  7. Drew says:

    He likes to hop back and forth over the line that separates genius and insanity.

  8. Mike says:

    I think Paul London just showed us how little he gives a crap if Montreal was a work or not.

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