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Daily Discussion: Martha Hart vs. WWE

Today’s topic: from Mackdeezy – Martha vs WWE: Is it really over? Will Owen Hart be in upcoming materials such as DVD’s/bluray, WWE2K14, etc.

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  1. Josh Dionio says:

    I hope so but who’s to say but Martha and WWE? I would like there to be more Owen stuff out there and for Martha and her children to receive royalties from the items, but it takes effort on both groups’ parts.

  2. Meh says:

    I hope it is over. Indirectly, Martha Hart also hurts the fans of her husband.

  3. Jempires One says:

    As much as the pain will never fully go away, Martha has kids to support and working with WWE allows or additional income opportunities.

    No matter her disgust and hurt, her biggest focus should be providing for her family. And this is her fight- not her kid’s fight- so take the money for them and their future.

  4. MC Live says:

    I hope it’s over. Put him in the Hall of Fame. Put out a DVD. Let him receive the respect he deserves, and let a whole new generation celebrate one of the greats of this business. From what I’ve heard of him, sounds like he would have wanted the show to go on.

  5. Scott II says:

    I hope so. She should realized how villianized she is in this whole deal. Yeah, you always have to feel bad for those who lost someone close, but when you go about things like Martha has… What a witch

  6. Mackdeezy says:

    On a side note, when I suggested this topic, it had slipped my mind it was his birthday.

    Back to the topic, I hate having to download a CAW to play as him. If this settlement means his likeness will be allowed in materials then I can’t wait. But I hope it does, I’d hate to find out that the settlement was just to correct past mistakes but that WWE still is barred from using his likeness.

    For example, Eddie’s death was NOT WWE’s fault, but Vickie still gets royalties, and hell, they employ her. Vickie was easier to work with than Martha, and while I sympathize with Martha, I have to see to it that she stops her behaviour, Owen’s fans love Owen too. She may have married Owen and he may have loved her but he also loved wrestling. He loved entertaining his fans. Martha, hopefully, has finally come to terms with that. Still, I won’t know until a video release or his inclusion in WWE games comes to fruition. I wish her all the best, seriously I do, but its up to her if she lives to “make WWE pay” or if she lives for herself and her family now. wrestling didnt kill Owen, Vince McMahon didnt call for Owen to get executed, Owen died of an unfortunate freak accident. RIP Owen, and my thoughts are with those involved.

  7. Mr. Black says:

    Let’s hope it’s over. As awful as the Owen Hart situation was, 14 years ago has passed and now is the time for the WWE to honor Owen and have him be remembered by the fans in a positive light. Owen is someone who helped orchestrate the modern day cruiserweight style of wrestling in the United States and Canada. For the time he had a very unique high flying style but performed every move precisely and with great execution, as per usual of the Hart family. Fans today deserve to see his in-ring work and will be able to trace the roots of guys like cm punk and Daniel Bryan back to Owen. Not to mention how great and underrated Owen was on the mic as well. As a selfish, spiteful brother and the token white guy in the nation, Owen was hugely entertaining in any role. Martha needs to put the lawsuit to rest, what’s done is done and nothing will bring Owen back. Using Owen’s likeness will put his memory back into a positive light, and that will calm Martha.

  8. T says:

    I don’t see a true end to this. It’s her choice and why should she trust the WWE to do the right thing or profit from her husband? As far as Owen not being in a silly video game I couldn’t care less.

    As long as the internet exists fans will know who Owen is.

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