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Spoilers: WWE Smackdown Taping Results

Highlight Reel with Ryback to start, about Ryback’s actions and losing the respect of the fans. Ryback is so bad on the mic. And I have no clue what this segment is supposed to accomplish since Ryback is already a heel. Teddy comes out and makes Ryback/Jericho in the main event. Then Ryback decks Jericho. The talking sucked. Main event is nice.

1. Kofi Kingston beat Cody Rhodes. Kofi won with Trouble in Paradise to the gut as Cody tried a springboard. Short and kinda sloppy.

Recap of Lesnar destroying Triple H’s office and the Triple H/Heyman segment from Raw. Triple H and Lesnar will be face-to-face on Raw.

Backstage with Zeb Colter. Colter says tonight is “real American vs. affirmative action” and Jack is ready to take back America.

2. Jack Swagger vs. Big E Langston. ADR came out for commentary and threw a ladder in the ring before the match started. Swagger decked Dolph then hit Big E w/ the ladder. Dolph got up and drop kicked the ladder into Swagger. ADR hit Dolph and Swagger with the ladder before climbing and posing with the belt.

3. Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan went to a no contest. Kane/Shield got involved and then Kofi evened things up. Really good while it lasted. Crowd was into it the whole time. Plenty of “yes” chants.

In a taped segment, Mark Henry pulls a semi truck. They say its a world record. Never mind. Henry pulling one tractor trailer was a warm up. Now he’s pulling TWO! This is the world record. Henry struggles then goes BEAST MODE and pulls both. He collapses. Coughs a lot. Nearly throws up. But then yells “THAT’S WHAT I DO!”

Backstage, Orton says he’s going to send a message to Big Show at Extreme Rules.

4. Big Show beat Tensei via KO. He was going to KO Clay after the match but Orton snuck up and hit the RKO.

Kaitlyn is backstage texting. She and AJ diss each other. Natty interrupts and wants to know about the secret admirer. Khali goes undercover. Khali wears a Rey mask and Cody mustache as part of his undercover disguise to find Kaitlyn’s admirer.

5. Chris Jericho defeated Ryback via DQ when Ryback crotched Jericho on the post. Pretty decent match. They badly messed up one spot. Weak finish. After the match, Ryback tossed Jericho over the announce table. That was weak as well.

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  1. refjmac says:

    Who in the hell is this Jeremy Lambert guy calling everything sloppy, & weak.. Why don’t you put on your big boy diaper, and give wrestling a shot before you say everything is weak.. Hold on, you must be a smark, I forgot, you know the business inside & out.. Please proceed Jeremy Lambert..

  2. Fisha695 says:

    I know there is an pro/am MMA fighter named Jeremy Lambert & given that the main thing Jeremy covers for 411 is MMA I’m guessing it’s the same dude.

  3. Guled says:

    as long is renee young’s there, i’m tuning in.

  4. Yeahuohno says:


    Why are you defending this crap?

    WWE is not going to even exist in 20-30 years.
    Why? Because no new stars will be made after Cena they have forgotten how to do that.

    Cena will be champion at 55 and nobody will care. Except a few 20 year olds who used to watch cena growing up, by then RAW will be getting 1.5 – 2.0 in the ratings at average. And HHH will try some copycat angles trying to be the next Mr. Mc Mahon.

  5. Ostego says:


    Nice crystal ball there, buddy. While you have a minute looking into the future, could you tell me if Jeremy Lambert is still giving his smarkish comments about shows. Right now, they suck.

  6. refjmac says:

    @ Yeahuohno

    I’m not defending anything, I just believe this guy is doing his best to bury the product while he is attending the product.. So what since does it make to pay to attend the show, then to knock it?

    Regarding Cena being champion is completely irrelevant to this entire topic, regardless of what we think of the business isn’t going to matter, but what’s going to matter is the fact you’ll still be attending, and watching the product in 20-30 years regardless of the champion or talent, why because you are a FAN!

    Thanks for your feedback man!

  7. Wow says:

    I don’t think WWE has “built stars” in the last 10 years. Latest proof of that is fandingleberry. I think they pay attention to pops and boos and just work with it. If they built stars, Wade Barrett would already be a WWE or World Champion at this point.

  8. aag44 says:

    Wait, so what exactly was the result of the Swagger/Big E match???

  9. StunningSteve says:

    I just hate when the reporters put in little comments, good or bad. I don’t read reports to hear the musings of the writer. I will check out your blog if I want to know your thoughts.

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