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May 7, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Author: Cassidy

To celebrate Owen’s birthday we the two admins from wanted to share why we run the tribute site and what Owen means to us. We hope you read this and hope you like getting to know more about the pair of us. Please visit our site like our pages and follow us on twitter if you want we always are willing to meet more fans!

Twitter: @theowenhartfan
(From Calgary, Alberta-Canada)

“I watched wrestling as a very little kid on my dad’s lap and have some memories of that time. But it wasn’t until a few years later as a teen when I started watching week after week. At that point Owen had been gone for a few years already. At that point in my life I was facing a lot. I had been picked on in the past, wasn’t sure who I really was, and was facing an uncertain future health wise.

I came across Owen for the second time in my life in his brother Bret’s DVD release and was instantly drawn to him. If you had asked me then I wouldn’t have been able to even explain why. I researched match after match, and read interview after interview. And soon after I realized it was because Owen was just that special. That would probably be the word I use most describe him. He became the person I wanted to be and the person that I mold myself after. He was my reason to smile when the world was pretty foggy. He got me through some teary moments, the loss of two close people in my life, and most importantly he showed me the way to who I am now.

I fully believe he brought me and Kris together  I had always wished for a sister for many, many years and I managed to find another huge Owen Hart fan. Working on the In Our Harts website has become a source of many smiles and much pride for me! I’m glad to bring my writing, research, design and photo skills to the site to go along with Kris’s technical website know how, photos, and graphic design skill. We make a pretty powerful tag team and I hope the love and passion we share for our blonde Hart will carry on to others.

Now I know to let my humor show, I’m confident, proud and secure. I am currently in a communications/PR/broadcasting program and have used wrestling several times in various assignments. I can only say thank you to Owen for bringing out the willpower and confidence that I had all along.
Truly there are so many reasons to like Owen I could continue for hours. Things I will remember most are his amazing smile, the ever present sparkle in his eyes, and in ring skill the rivals the best of the best. Anyone who argues otherwise needs to watch his matches, watch them from every promotion and notice how he was performing high flying movies easily 10-15 years before future WWE high flyers. He helped countless other performers get over. He never became champion (though we are sure he would have) but that doesn’t matter. It’s not the championships that make an amazing wrestler/personality it’s the heart, soul and pure skill they put into their work and their life. This man never had a bad match. This man never forgot his loved ones, and never left his morals. He came into the business and left it a real person who never sold out.

Owen you are the originator of winning 😉
“Life can change just so fast
You did your best and never let us down
Each and every May I can’t help myself -but think of you
And for all the times I watched you-The Emotion felt brand new
It’ll never be the same, without you-all we can do is Honour you
We hope that on the grandest stage,-we’ll gather there- to rejoice in you”

I love you my high flying hero and my life inspiration <3 “

Twitter: @IamTumblweeeed
(From Lexington, North Carolina)

“I was 7 when I first started watching wrestling…Owen’s match with Rock for the Intercontinental title. From that point on, Owen was my hero. I idolized him and couldn’t wait for the day that I would meet him. When he died it was like…the world stopped moving for me. I’d lost my hero. The one person I watched wrestling for. Then over the years when I talked to people and they had no clue who Owen was. That’s why I wanted to start In Our Harts. I didn’t want him to be forgotten. My hero couldn’t be forgotten.”

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