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Daily Discussion: Your favorite storyline of all time

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Today’s topic: From Kiran Devang – “Your favorite storyline of all time”

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  1. Neumanrko9 says:

    I specifically remember the whole Rikishi running over Stone Cold angle and the mystery of who did it as a kid lol but overall the Stone Cold/Vince McMahon storyline is my favorite, when Steve Austin’s music hit those arenas exploded and went crazy when he hit Vince with that Stunner ahhhhh memories

  2. Neumanrko9 says:

    or when The Rock finally beat Stone Cold (greatest rivalry of all time in my opinion) at WrestleMania 19, loved his late heel run/movie star gimmick in ’03

  3. Caue says:

    Deadman-HBK Angle

  4. Big Dave says:

    Mega powers from wrestle mania 4-5

  5. Katie Vick! Just kidding. For me it was Million Dollar Man’s quest for the WWF title. When he couldn’t win it, he tried to buy it, then resorted to enlisting Andre and a pair of Hebners to wrest the title from Hulk Hogan. I was rooting for the bad guys way before it was cool.

  6. fairfax says:

    Props to K Sullivan and the devil went down to florida stuff. Bret and Shawn are the reason the ENT didnt go out of business in the 90’s. But Im going to have to go with Sting vs the 4horsemen in the early 90’s WCW with Dusty/Horsemen from the 80’s a close second and the Dangerous Alliance in at third. Honorable mentions go to Taz transforming from the tazmaniac and WCCW vs USWA. I also remember really being into the Cartel in the GWF and trying to figure out who The Boss was.

  7. Zachery Badman says:

    WWE vs WCW/ECW

  8. T says:

    Lawler vs Kauffman

    Race vs Flair


    Savage vs Steamboat

  9. Legend_Killer says:


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