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Impact viewership down

Impact Wrestling on Thursday night scored 1.10 million cable viewers, down from 1.23 million the week before. It is the lowest viewership for the show since the 10/4 episode brought in 1.06 million.

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  1. kali760 says:

    What does TNA expect when there pushing Sting as the top babyface in 2013. I like Sting but he is not the Undertaker when Sting takes time off and comes back ur doesnt feel Special because he’s on tv to much. When Taker comes back it means something because we dont see him that often.

  2. Zach says:

    @kali760 I have to agree about the fact that Stings comebacks are no longer special, haven’t been since he debuted as Crow Sting. Pushing him as the top baby face at his age, with his limited in ring set, and the fact that even the most hardcore WCW diehard doesn’t believe in Sting as the top baby face I’d rather see another Angle or Jarrett title match (not like TNA didn’t over produce those) I’m not saying drop him from TV but get him out of the main events and title matches.

  3. Sinister says:

    Well Bully Ray is champion, Dvon is Tv champion, and you have an NWO style theme AGAIN. What colors do the Aces and Eights use? I wouldn’t be surprised if the spray paint doesn’t come out next. Sadly TNA needs a fresh iddea, something never attempted. Anyone have any ideas? Real ideas?

  4. darko22582 says:

    It’s not just sting. I can’t watch cuz inevitably I’m gonna see way to damn much Hogan and garrett Bischoff and not nearly enough aries, roode, Samoa Joe, Aj styles, storm, Christopher Daniels, …
    And I know they all get tv time but most of the stories are watered down boring ass suck fests.
    Likewise they book bully ray in this dumbass sons of anarchy tryin to be the NwO gimmick which is a waste and book angle to job to nobodies, and I understand giving the young talent a rub and push and blah blah blah, but seriously, the dude who used to take Brock lesnar to the limit is losing to Bischoff’s kid? Wtf….
    And they have overexposed the Hell outta hardy to the point I just don’t care anymore.
    And gut check sux.
    And,enough with d Lo brown, who cares, likewise Bruce pritchard and al snow and any other backstage guy. You all suck , quit wasting tv time on yourselves.
    Not to mention the knockouts, Wtf happened? What was once great sux ass now.
    Tna did to knockouts what WWE did to cruiser division, just murdered it….
    Speaking of awesome divisions the x division is a shadow of its self.
    How this company has survived its own management i just don’t know.

  5. darko22582 says:

    Oh yeah cuz we watch regardless of what we come to pages like this and say.

  6. Eric says:

    @kali760 Taker comes every year and isn’t special either. I find Stings comebacks even less special but I do find Sting to be way more entertaining than Undertaker over the last 10 years. Undertaker barely talks now and is boring. But does put on amazing matches.

    @Sinister Aces&8’s has similarities and differences to the NWO, relax and enjoy it. Are you gonna say the Shield or the Nexus didn’t copy the NWO at all? There is/was nothing fresh about the Shield or the Nexus. Aces&8’s are actually entertaining and non-PG.

  7. darko22582 says:

    I’ll take the pg shield over non pg a&8 anyday because the members are interesting. Bully ray is all that’s good with a&8

  8. Eric says:

    @darko22582 The Shield isn’t remotely interesting. They have no charisma. People only like them because they were big in the indies and WWE hired them to seem cool, maybe these 3 guys are talented but they suck the way they’re being used. Bully Ray, Devon and Anderson are great on the mic, gotta love the muscle of Gallows and Knux. Garrett and Wes do suck though, they should be in the Shield. Aces & 8s were great in the beginning, unknown with masks, all eventually revealed that Bully was their leader all along and people joining all the time. They never really got stale and it’s been going for a while. I love watching TNA videos from the last year just too see all the subtle things like D’Lo saying “Let em in! Let em bring the fight to us” and Aries accusing Bully early on about being behind them and I just love the fact that they had a long storyline that has carried over all these months with all the details. I doubt the Shield will ever reveal a leader. They will job to Cena at Summerslam or something and comeback as singles stars. WWE doesn’t have storylines.

  9. 36Chambers says:

    I can walk away from Imapct for a year, turn it on and it is the same Sh*t. The company revolves around a washed up Sting, Hogan hobbles down to the ring to steal TV time, and there is always some BS faction made up of over the hill wrestlers or WWE rejects. I honestly do not know how anyone can watch that crap every week, let alone defend it.

  10. Eric says:

    @36Chambers I can walk away from WWE for a year, turn it on and it is the same Sh*t. The company revolves around Cena to steal TV time, and there is always multiple talented and misused wrestlers that should go to TNA so they can be used better I honestly do not know how anyone can watch that crap every week, let alone defend it.

  11. darko22582 says:

    @ Eric I’m gonna agree bully and Anderson are good. Hell, they’re great. And yeah people like the shield cuz of the Indies, ambrose is every bit as entertaining as bully or anderson on the Mic, probably better and rollins is great in ring. Gallows is ok but Knox blows. I think neither Tna or WWE deserves defense. They both pretty much suck. I guess it boils down to putting up with Hogan and cena and shoddy writers on both sides to see who.we all individually wanna watch. wrestling shangri la would be punk, the shield, cesaro, barrett, Rhodes , ziggler and bryan, sandow, Orton, bourne, meet up with styles, bully , aries, Anderson, roode, storm, DeVon, Matt Morgan, and throw in Shelton Benjamin, mvp, john Morrison, Chris hero, Bray wyatt and the Brisco’s and get Paul heyman behind the promotion and do away with all the crap from both shows we have to stomach to enjoy bits and pieces

  12. darko22582 says:

    Imo anyway

  13. darko22582 says:

    Oh yeah forgot Christopher daniels and Samoa Joe….. get mcmg back together and add them in the mix too.

  14. Eric says:

    @darko22582 Hogan does hog the spotlight but not nearly as much as Super Cena. Cena has been stale and on top for the past 9 years. At least Hogan was man enough to turn heel twice. Hogan may have the storylines about him but rarely do you even see him wrestling. Everyone thought he would be facing Bully at Slammiversary but no, it is Sting. Are there better options than Sting? Sure. Is TNA perfect? No. WWE made mistakes in the Attitude Era too. TNA is more unscripted and they are less limited in what they can say. TNA has been putting the spotlight on guys like James Storm, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Daniels, Kaz and Aries. These talents I hope will be even more in the spotlight when the Aces&8s are over. It will be a new era because there are new eras all the time in TNA, instead of WWE just pushing Cena down our damn throats for 9 years. Same old same old. And if Dean Abrose is as talented as you say he is, he should go to TNA so he can showcase his talents properly in front of the world. He will be dancing with Hornswaggle and Great Khali in a few years if he doesn’t.

  15. 36Chambers says:

    Why would you wish TNA on any WWE wrestler? You do realize that they would not make any money right? Just so you can watch them show their work rate on .09 viewers a week. Don’t be such a mark.

    As much as I hate Cena and turn off the TV every time he is on, you are flawed with your opinion because of one main reason….CENA DRAWS MONEY….WWE TURNS A PROFIT.

    Until TNA can produce a star who can draw or until they can turn a profit they will always suck. You can mark out all you want but they will always get .09’s!

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