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Hulk Hogan more famous than Michael Jackson, The Rock & others?‏

Hulk Hogan – Hulk Hogan more famous than Jackson and The Rock
03 May 2013

Hulk Hogan is more famous than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana or Elvis Presley, TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter has claimed.

Hulk Hogan more famous than Jackson and The Rock

Hulk Hogan is more famous than Michael Jackson or DWAYNE ‘THE ROCK’ JOHNSON, TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter has claimed.

The grappling legend is a hero to many people for his achievements in the ring and on screen and his blonde handlebar moustache and trademark bandanna have made him one of the most recognisable faces across the globe.

Dixie – who is The Hulkster’s boss on TV show ‘IMPACT Wrestling’ – insists he is mobbed by people no matter where he goes and even the late King of Pop and the ‘Fast and Furious 6’ actor, who turned himself from superstar wrestler to Hollywood action man, can’t match his fame.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ”He (Hulk) is bigger than any brand, company, name – he is synonymous with wrestling and is probably one of the most recognisable faces or figures on the entire planet. Name me someone who is alive today who’d be more recognisable in any corner of the world? In places like Africa and Asia, or if you were walking in Thailand? Princess Diana or Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley maybe? But they aren’t even with us anymore. The Rock?”

Despite the huge fame Dwayne, 40, has achieved from his starring roles in films such as ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ and ‘Pain & Gain’ and his recent headline appearance at ‘WWE WrestleMania’, Dixie isn’t convinced he can match 59-year-old Hulk’s popularity.

She added: ”Well, if you are walking in a village in Africa would people know who The Rock was? I think his film work has been outstanding. I’m a huge fan of The Rock, I think he is phenomenal, but would that happen?

Hulk’s fame – which has spanned across three decades – causes him and Dixie problems when they go out because a standard journey will take twice as long because people will keep stopping him to say hello and to ask for pictures and autographs.

She said: ”You can’t move when people speak to him because he stops and he is so kind and gracious. We can be in a car and people will be banging on windows and honking horns and that’s just at a stop light because they’re like, ”Oh my God! It’s Hulk Hogan!’ ”

This week Dixie announced ‘TNA IMPACT Wrestling’ will be broadcast live from The Hydro arena in Glasgow, Scotland, next January when the company tours the UK.

The special show will air as it happens on Challenge in the UK and Ireland and then will be broadcast just a few hours later on Spike TV in the US. There will also be live dates in Manchester, London and Birmingham in January and February and all will be filmed for television.

Tickets for ‘TNA IMPACT Wrestling’ – which features some of the biggest names in the sport including Sting and Jeff Hardy – are on sale now from and

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20 Responses

  1. MC Live says:

    Dixie. Shut up. I’m sorry, don’t wanna be negative here. But she needs to learn to shut up an plan out carefully what she says before she says it. And while she’s at it she might want to learn how to run a wrestling company. Would a village in Africa know the Rock? Cause if not then they probably don’t know Hulk Hogan. Will a city or a town in Africa know Hogan or the Rock, probably. But a village, probably not. Dixie, you are nice, but often times, you come off as stupid. At least in my opinion

  2. -J- says:

    Dixie again shows her brilliance…welcome to 1988 brother!

  3. Dev says:

    If it was 10 or 15 yrs back…. But now naa….
    Dixie some times you prove that you are no match to Vince…

  4. Chris James says:

    Dixie also said the moon is made of cheese.

  5. Matt says:

    Shes correct- Hogan made wrestling and no matter what arena they go to the Hogan chants are off the wall…

  6. ILMH says:

    Hey MAtt, that’s because they’re filled with wrestling fans. Let alone TNA fans who have Hogan fed to them as the lord and savior.

    Any arena that Rock enters, there’s TONS of chants, if you go by volume of chants, Rock is better. If you go by number of chants, Rock is better.

    BUT regardless of brand or no brand…. Hulk Hogan is recognizable for sure, but a lot of it is for the wrong reason. He’s had a really bad tv show, he has appeared sexually attracted to his daughter (exposing his testicle one time), he has a sex tape out there, and is the spokesperson for Rent-a-center.

    Hogan might be more recognizable, but being the biggest brand doesn’t alway mean the most desireable. See: Charlie Sheen.

  7. Max says:

    I believe a village in Africa would indeed know The Rock.

  8. Craig says:

    The Rock? Maybe, Michael Jackson and Princess Diana? What a joke

  9. Shockmaster Suplex says:


    ‘B.A. and Hulkster Go Nuts’ – A Nightmare Odyssey

    Hulk Hogan vs. Brock Lesnar segment

  10. raven12516 says:

    Who is this Hulk Hogan you speak of?

  11. Denis says:

    Actually if you want to go by who is more worldwide recognizable it would probably be soccer legend Pele.

  12. doc says:

    People recognize that they want to turn their TV’s off when he’s on.

  13. Dragon says:

    Hmmm. Lets see.
    #1Billions of album sales. Toured the world. Third world countries idolized him.
    #2 recent wwe champ, 2 current top movies with a third dropping in a few weeks, headlined the attitude era
    #3 god awful movies, he slammed Andre forever ago but won’t let anyone forget, son-failure daughter-failure ex-dating guys a third his age, not only over but at the bottom of the HILL and can’t walk away

    The only way hulk would even be able to compete as far as popularity is due to the fact that he’s always in the news for being a LOSER

    Was hulk great yes. Is he now no.

  14. Dragon says:

    @ Matt
    By that logic every band and show I’ve ever been to
    The headliner is the most popular person on earth.

    As far as your derpy hogan chants everywhere crap

    I’ve been to ROH, TNA, DG, DGUSA, Evolve WWE, shine, shimmer, chikara,FIP CZW. You know what they all have in common
    WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Any arena in the country does it.
    So once again by your Derp logic flair is 100% more popular than hogan

  15. eddie says:

    Did u people ever think maybe Dixie said that just to get people to talk like it has hhere

  16. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    @Dragon, The Ric Flair comment is on the money, most everyone knows the WOOOOOO! sound, the BROTHER phrase is equally as epic, the two most recognizable wrestling catchphrases of all time, Stone Cold’s WHAT?! chant ranks up there also, and now a days it’s YES YES YES NO NO NO chants of “The American Dragon” Daniel Bryan.

  17. VicVenom says:

    I personally been a Hulkamaniac for most of my life. I honestly can’t say she’s wrong, but she could have phrased it without sounding like an ass.

  18. craig says:

    Good one Dixie! I died laughing. Rocky’s always the biggest star of ALLLLLLL TIME.

  19. Mimura says:

    @Shockmaster Suplex, ergo Daniel Bryan is the most popular man in the world! The Dazzler rules all! YES YES YES!!!

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