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Daily Discussion: Your favorite Triple H match

Today’s topic: What is your favorite Triple H match?

Yesterday’s discussion – Should Triple H be inducted into the GERWECK.NET hall of fame?

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29 Responses

  1. Simba says:

    Triple H vs Cactus Jack, Royal Rumble 2000… That match had everything, WWE can only dream of putting on a match half as exciting/dramatic these days.

  2. Clayton says:

    Vs rock at summer slam 98

  3. mrjoshdude says:

    Either his match with Undertaker at wrestlemania last year or his street fight with mick foley at royal rumble 2000

  4. flas says:

    Royal rumble 00, street fight v cactus jack at MSG

  5. Max says:

    Versus Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28. All out brawl.

  6. HunterHeardAWho says:

    Summerslam 2002 Vs HBK
    Benoit vs HBK Vs HHH Wrestlemania XX
    He was in it but it was not him that made it good.

  7. Skeeter Valentine says:

    My favorite match was probably the SummerSlam match with Michaels.

  8. mike says:

    Vs Steve Austin or vs Kurt angle

  9. thrilledfan says:

    HIAC vs Batista

  10. d lo says:

    Street fight from royal rumble 2000 vs cactus jack and 2 out of 3 falls vs stone cold no way out 2001

  11. fairfax says:

    VS. THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR, WRESTLEMANIA 12…or vs. Henry O. Godwin Arkansas Hogpen Match, In Your House.

  12. Adam says:

    Hell in a Cell v. HBK
    Wrestlemania 20 Triple Threat
    Royal Rumble 2000 Street Fight
    matches v Undertaker at Wrestlemania deserve to be up there too

  13. Scott II says:

    Vs. Foley at the 2000 Royal Rumble

  14. amf3891 says:

    Vs cactus at 2000 rumble wish I could find the video online somewhere

  15. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    Jean Paul Levesque vs. Alex Wright (Starrcade 94)

    Terra Ryzing vs. Brian Armstrong (WCW Worldwide 1993)

    Jean Paul Levesque vs. “The Natural Dustin Rhodes (WCW Saturday Night 1-28-95) last wcw appearance for Paul

  16. Dev says:

    Vs HBK, Vs Rock SS, Vs Batista HIAC

  17. MC Live says:

    WrestleMania XX and WrestleMania XXVIII

  18. Chris James says:

    HHH vs Cactus at the royal rumble. And his match with Shawn at SummerSlam.. Epic.

  19. Rodney says:

    Triple H vs Stone Cold Three Stages of Hell No Way Out 2001.

  20. craig says:

    To all of my fave wrestling fans, go get a copy of the history of the wwe title. Disc three has the best match of all time. Mick vs the game-msg rr2000!

  21. Chief says:

    HHH vs Eugene

  22. Chief says:

    or HHH Shawn Michaels and Chris Beniot Triple threat

  23. Guled says:

    Triple H vs Stone Cold Survivor Series 2000

    DX vs Spirit Squad Vengeance 2006

    Cm Punk vs Triple H NoC 2011

    Underrated Mention:
    his match with vince at armaggedon, everything was sweet including stephanie’s heel turn which created the era known as mcmahon-helmlesy! (sp?)

  24. Montez says:

    HHH VS Rock- Judgment day 00
    HHH Vs. Shawn- Bad Blood 04
    HHH vs. Cena- Mania 22
    HHH Vs. Austin- NWO 01

  25. Jau says:

    Chris Benoit making him tap out WM 2004

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