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Review of Wrestling’s Most Awesome Manager DVD‏

Wrestling fans have long been called stupid for liking the product. They truly live up to that billing on Kayfabe Commentaries Wrestling’s Most Awesome Manager. Like the other previous editions, fans went to and voted on a list provided. This is a list of those that were left out of the top five all time managers by the wrestling fans:

Captain Lou Albano, “Classie” Freddie Blassie, Fabulous Moolah, Missy Hyatt, JJ Dillon, “Grand Wizard” Ernie Roth, General Skandar Akbar, “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, Mr. Fuji, Sensational Sherri, Sunny, “the Perfect 10” Babydoll, Sunshine, Precious, Truth Martini, Downtown Bruno, Paul Jones, Abudadein, “Doctor of Style” Slick, Arnold Skaaland, and “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan.

by Alan Wojcik

If you missed the opening DVD in the series, the panel of debaters for this season are: Stevie Richards, New Jack, former WWE/WCW/TNA creative writer Vince Russo, Blue Meanie, Sunny, Diamond Dallas Page, Sandman, Sean Waltman, Kevin Nash & wrestling journalist/photography legend Bill Apter. Some of the debaters have personal/professional history with the top five and we do get some great stories about them. Having Mr. Apter here gives the younger fans the historical viewpoint and outside of Sheldon Goldberg, Mr. Apter is the smartest man alive on the history of professional wrestling.

I have major issues with number five and minor issues with number three who will not be mentioned since we’re spoiler free. Let’s just say the ECW fans had their computers voting 24/7. The other three members of the list should be watched by this generation of stars to learn from when cutting promos or training to be a manager in their promotion. I am honored to have met and interviewed several of the people in contention and voted to this list. Coming up on the Kayfabe Commentaries list of releases include: YouShoot with DDP (May 7) and Timeline: History of the WWE 1994 with Sean “123 Kid” Waltman.

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