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The latest word on John Cena’s injury

The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE champion John Cena’s injury is a significantly bruised heel. It’ll be addressed more on Raw tonight.

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6 Responses

  1. Guled says:

    in the words of Ron Simmons: DAMN!

  2. snowpanth says:

    I wish Cena would turn into a significantly bruised heel

  3. Geoff says:

    Significantly….but bruised? Kinda gives two different impressions. It could be a 8-monther…but could also be a chin-up-and-walk-it-off..?

  4. Hipnosis says:

    LMAO this comes from his HEEL TURN he did 2 weeks ago XD

  5. Jack says:

    My guess is he’ll suck it up and work through it so all the haters can claim it was just a work.

  6. Chris James says:

    Taker wrestled Mick in the cell with a broken ankle. Just saying.

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