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Poster: Rob Conway to defend NWA belt against Ricky Morton

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  1. MC Live says:

    Morton looks almost pathetic. Old and in an nWo shirt. I don’t wanna say it, but damn

  2. Big B says:

    Damn Bubba, thats a MWO ( mullet world order) tshirt , do you know rock and roll is forever, the king of bandanas will be champ and the crowd will be hanging from the rafters cause the place will be SOLD OUT!! Kevin Nash wishes he could get a title shot but that jerk couldn’t sell ice in hell. don’t be surprised if Ricky replaces the Rock at Wm30, Ricky ain’t no steroids goon so he ain’t missing no shows cause of a sore tummy. ROCK&R0LLbubba

  3. Swayze says:

    This match is the epitome of ridiculous indy wrestling that I love and want to see live.

  4. Kerry says:

    I loved R&R when I was a teenager. Ricky had matches against Ric Flair when they were both in their prime & the NWA actually meant something, to see him in a match for the NWA world heavyweight championship now is unbelievable

  5. Beacon of Hope says:

    Looks like Grandpa wants to roll around in his underwear and pretend fight again.

  6. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    A few months ago I found Ricky Morton’s “hit” song on Youtube to let my husband have a listen. It is once again stuck in my head. This doesn’t help.

    But if I was anywhere nearby, I would be there along with @Kerry cheering Ricky on and wondering why Robert Gibson isn’t at ringside.

  7. -J- says:

    u never too old to rock n roll…rassle maybe.

  8. cool arrow says:

    Morton’s still better than a lot of guys half his age.

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