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4/29 WWE Raw Recap


Monday Night Raw is live from Columbus  Ohio and we start the evening off with Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo on their way to the ring.

Ricardo Vs Zeb Colter Vs Big E in a Triple Threat Match. The winner gets to pick the Stipulation at Extreme Rules for the World Heavyweight Championship. We start as Zeb gets out of the ring very quickly. So its Ricardo Vs Big E to start it off. Big E Langston is in complete Control.  As Ricardo is getting beat up, Zeb is on the ring apron clapping his hands in approval. Big E takes off towards Ricardo in the corner but Ricardo reverses. But as Ricardo gets some offence, Zeb decides to get in the ring. Zeb and Ricardo is facing off but Big E Runs in and attacks Ricardo. Then Big E turns his attention to Zeb but he falls and acts like he is hurt. Ricardo throws the can at BIG E’s Head but to no avail. Big E drops his straps and Del Rio comes in and attacks him. Swagger and Ziggler is now involved. Swagger takes out Big E. Its Zeb and Ricardo left and Zeb gets the pin…1-2-but AJ stops the count. out of no where Ricardo Pins Zeb Colter…Winner: Ricardo Rodriquez. Del Rio gets to pick the Stipulation for the Extreme Rules Triple Threat Match. What a way to start Raw…

Later tonight Ryback and John Cena Take on The Shield as they promote that, they talk about John Cena’s Injury from the European Tour.

John Cena will be live up Next

1st Commerical Break


And we are back with a Did you know Fact…

Today is World Wish Day and no one has granted more wishes than John Cena. They show a video of Cena making a wish just this morning on the Today Show.

In Honor of World Wish Day they welcome out the Family and John Cena.

John Cena starts talking about how today is World Wish Day and talks about the families here tonight on stage wished for this. He wants us to visit to donate to help make wishes comes true. Tonight These three little boys are Honorary WWE Superstars. These kids are granted 1 wish and they chose to go to Monday night Raw. The segment ends with John Cena and the kids doing the You cant see me sign and thanks the crowd for making this moment so speical.

We now see Randy Orton walking to the Ring and he will be up next….


We are back live and Randy Orton is in the ring doing his pose and he is set to go One on One with Cody Rhodes.

Its back and forth match to start it off but Orton quickly gets the upper hand. Orton gets a beautiful Drop kick on Cody and then does another one with a quick cover with only a 1 count. Orton gets Cody in the Corner and gets a bunch of punches. Orton continues to have the upper hand with little offence from Cody Rhodes….Cody Finally gets a little offence but the fans start Chanting RKO very loudly but Randy only got a drop kick for the trouble. Orton finally gets back on the offence outside the ring. He is pumped up and sets Cody for his DDT from the ring ropes but Cody reverses with a Stun on the ropes. RKO out of no where? No Cody blocks it….and we go to Commerical.

We are back and Randy and Cody is throwing punches on the outside. Out of no where Cody Did a springing Knee to Orton as he tried to get back in the ring. Cody goes to the outside and puts Orton back in the ring. Cover 1-2- kickout. Rhodes is all over Orton now with punches and kicks. Cody gets a Headlock on Orton but he fights back to his feet. Orton tries to get out but Cody Reverses. Cody gets Orton in the corner but Orton gets back on the attack. He starts building back up but a kick to the face by Cody. Cody goes for a cover 1-2- Kickout. Cody says he its over…. He is going to the top rope…Orton starts to stir..Cody gets knocked down. Orton goes up for a Superplex and he hits it…1-2- kickout by Cody. Orton is in shock and he is arguing with the ref. Orton then gets his normal offence including the Slam off the ropes. Now Orton nails the DDT from the ropes, and Orton is going to the place…he is pumped and he is ready….RKO….no Cody Counters….Cross Rhodes 1-2- Kickout! Cody is livid! Cody is yelling at Randy that its over and Orton nails the RKO when Cody goes up for the The Disaster Kick. Winner Randy Orton

Matt Striker is in the ring and congratulates Randy on his victory. He asks if he is haunted by his Wrestlemania match? Haunted? No it fuels me, I have never felt so Extreme –  out of no where RKO To Matt Striker. Orton then poses for the Crowd!

We now see Bri and Nikki Bella backstage and they are talking about the New Divas Reality Show. They are on their way to the ring. Nikki will go One on One with Naomi next on Raw.


We are back and the Bellas are in the ring. They show a sneak peak of the New Divas Reality Show and its On E!

Out comes Naomi with Cameron and Nikki goes on the attack to start the match off. Naomi reverses with a some nice high flying moves. Finally Nikki rolls to the outside to gather herself. She gets back on the attack but the ref backs her up and Twin magic and Bri is in the ring and gets the roll up and the win. Winner: Nikki Bella ….but wait the ref tells them to come back.  The Ref DQ’s Nikki and Naomi is now the Winner…but the Bellas Attack before they can celebrate. They clean house and the Bellas leave but not without making a statement.

Who can Stop the Shield? Up Next


Here comes the Shield to the ring and Dean Ambrose has the microphone first. When we arrived to the WWE we said we would bring Justice and that’s what we have done. – Seth Rollins says the moment we started our Crusade in the WWE at Survivor Series. We stopped Ryback from becoming WWE Champion. Roman Reigns says that’s just the beginning and no one can stop the house of justice, Not the Great One, A Giant and not even the Champ. Generation after Generation bows down to the Undertaker but the Shield Bows down to NO ONE…Rest In Peace! They now show a video package from Smackdown and the match between Dean Ambrose and Undertaker. Justice doesnt care if your undefeated at Wrestlemania when your number is called….You go down. As Seth starts to talk about John Cena and Ryback……3MB comes to the ring. Heath Slater says Wait one min….Shield shut up. You think you have buisness with John Cena and Ryback? No you got business with 3MB tonight.  Drew McIntyre says who the hell do you three think you are?

Looks like a 3-3 fight. The SHield and 3MB goes at it and the Shield gets the upper hand pretty quickly. Then out of no where here comes Team Hell no. Kane and Daniel Bryan is now in the ring and the Shield Retreats. Then Team hell no starts beating up 3MB with Heath Slater getting a chokeslam for his troubles. The fans start chanting Yes Yes Yes as the Shield Leaves and Team Hell No is left in the ring.

We See John Cena Backstage getting taped up. Ryback comes in and says you can tape that up all you want but it doesnt change the fact your hurt. Cena says Ya hurt, not Injured and i can be more effective on 1 leg than you are on two. Ryback leaves as we go to Commercial.


We come back and the Announcers are talking about Pizza? Ok….Here comes Dolph Ziggler with Big E and AJ. This is a Champion vs Champion match

Dolph Ziggler Vs Kofi Kingston

They say Congrats to Kofi on being a new daddy and he will face Antonio Cesaro on WWE Main Event this Wednesday.

Ziggler and Kofi start off with some nice wrestling moves but kofi has the upper hand very early. Huge kick to the face and a Splash off the ropes. Very acrobatic match between the two and Ziggler just cant keep the offence. Kofi spring boards into a Drop Kick. Ziggler is back in this thing as we go to commerical.

We are back and Ziggler has Kofi on the ground. Dolph is messing with Kofi and he is showing off. Dolph crashes and burns in the turnbuckle. Kofi has a chance to make a comeback…but no Dolph gets back up and starts punching Kofi like crazy. Kofi is trying to come back…some good chops and dropkicks. Kofi is back into it….He is ready for the Boom Drop and he hits it…Setting up for Trouble in Paradise…..and Dolph reverses and nails him with a DDT and Ziggler covers 1-2 kickout. Out of no where SOS but Dolph kicks out. Kofi Nails Dolph with Trouble in Paradise but AJ puts Dolph’s foot on the rope. Kofi is yelling at AJ and Big E pulls dolph out of the ring. Kofi then attacks them both on the outside. Kingston pushes Dolph back in the ring and he goes to the top rope. Kofi gets a beautiful Cross Body but Dolph kicked out at 2. AJ is on the apron and Big E then gets Kofi. Kofi hits him down but Ziggler rolls him up. 1-2- no Kofi then reverses the roll up and kickout. Kofi goes to the top and misses! Dolph hits the Zig Zag and finally gets the 1-2-3! Winner: World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. As they celebrate the win Big E attacks Kofi Kingston.

Up Next: Here Comes the Pain… The Story of HHH/Brock Lesnar is coming up next.


we come back with another Did you know? as we see Ziggler, Big E and AJ walking backstage. Katelyn and Natalya find them. She is taunting not holding back when they have their Divas match. There is a Gift and Ziggler is like i didnt lol Katelyn has a Secret Admirer as we go back to the Ring. Then they show the Brock Lesnar and Triple H Video Package.

Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox is backstage and Ryback walks in. Ryback tells them Cena has left him alone against the shield to many times, its not happening again. They agree and its now The Shield Vs Ryback and Team Hell No. Ryback says Been there and done that…NO!

Commercial Break

We are back and some more Tracking Pizza? Wow

Here comes Jack Swagger wtih Zeb Colter and he will face Zack Ryder

Zack gets in the ring and Swagger is all over him. Zack gets some offence including a Drop Kick but it quickly turns around on him. Swagger gets a big body Slam and then goes after his ankle. He nails the Swagger Bomb not once not twice but 3 times but no…Ryder reverses the third one. Swagger goes to the outside as Ryder Throws him out via back body drop. Ryder goes to the top but misses and gets stuck in the Gutwrench Powerbomb. Swagger then gets Ryder in the Patriot Lock and he taps. Winner: Jack Swagger and after the match Zeb punches Ryder and talks smack to him.

Mark Henry is on his way to the ring and he has a Rope on his shoulder…Up Next
We come back and they show a video of Ryback leaving the building As Mark Henry is in the ring. Mark Henry said he is the Strongest man in the World and he wants two opponents.

Mark Henry vs Sweet T in a Tug of War…and Mark Henry clearly won this and Mark Henry is yelling what as Brodus Clay comes out. Here we go again but this time with Brodus Clay. Mark Henry won that one with ease as well but here comes Sheamus! He gets on the Mic and congratulates him on those wins. He says I know you said two but how about one more? So here we go for another Tug of War match against Mark Henry. As Mark Henry is about to win, Sheamus lets go and Mark Henry Falls and when he got back up he got a Brogue kick for his trouble.

They Show a Replay of earlier with Cena and the Kids from Make a Wish.

Brad Maddox is backstage with Team Hell No. Kane says it looks like a Handicap Match again. So Vickie announces the Shield Vs Team Hell No in a handicap match. She tells Brad there is one more thing she needs him to do as we go to Commercial.

They Show that the Rocks latest movie Pain and Gain is #1 in the Box Office.

Brad Maddox finds John Cena and Cena says he will be Team hell No’s partner.

Out comes Ricardo Rodriquez….

Alberto Del Rio Vs Antonio Cesaro

They start off the match with some arm reverses back and forth. Del Rio goes into a Headlock and Antonio Reverses but gets knocked right down. Antonio gets a nice Suplex and he gets on the attack. Del Rio gets back in control and they are wrestling back and forth with different arm locks. It is totally back and forth and Cesaro gets some nice uppercuts. until Del Rio gets a beautiful Hurricarana and a Backstabber. Fans start chanting Si Si Si and goes for the Arm Breaker but Cesaro goes to the outside. We go to Commercial

We come back with Cesaro and a renaked choke on Del rio in the ring. Del Rio stuns him and gets back in the match. Roll up 1-2- kickout. Cesaro hits him and gets a 2 count as well. Cesaro hits a beautiful Body Slam but Del rio still kicks out. Cesaro keeps on the attack until Del Rio gets the reverse. Del Rio gets a nice Tilt a wirl Backbreaker. Del Rio is getting ready and instead Cesaro rolls del rio up..1-2- kickout. Beautiful Bridge pin and Cesaro kicks out. Del Rio gets a huge Kick to the face but cesaro still kicks out. Del Rio goes for teh arm bar but Cesaro reverse into a Roll up but del rio reverses back and Cesaro Taps out. Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio gets on the Mic and he says he gets to choose the Stipulation for Extreme Rules. The Triple Threat Match will be a Ladder Match.

Tonight on Raw: Shield Vs Cena and Team Hell No

Up Next: Fandango Vs Great Khali


We are back and here comes Fandango to the ring and Great Khali is already in the ring. This is a Dance off.

First up Khali and Natalya …and they are at least trying. Now Fandango with Summer Ray.

Winner: Great Khali

Fandango doesn’t like this and he attacks Khali. He gets the Leg Drop on Khali

Next is a Video Package from Smackdown with Undertaker and The Shield.

and now we go back to the Ring and out comes WWE Champion John Cena. Out comes Team Hell No and we go to Commercial


We come back and here comes The Shield and the match starts off with a brawl in the ring. Team Hell no takes care of the shield but we finally start the match. Kane and Dean Ambrose are in the ring and Dean gets a Huge Suplex. He tags out and kane is now beating up Seth Rollins. Kane grabs the ref and cena tags himself in. Cena and Dean Ambrose is going at it now. But cena goes straight to Daniel Bryan. He taks back out to Kane with alot of tags in and out. Daniel bryan is putting Ambrose into a Submission but tags Kane back in. Kane goes for the pin but only gets a 2. Kane goes to the top but Ambrose moves. Double Team Suplex on Kane from dean and Seth rollins. And we go to Commercial

We are back from Commercial and the Shield has control. Dean Ambrose has Daniel Bryan in the middle of the ring in a Submission but he gets out but Dean stops it, after a near fall Rollins gets tagged in. Daniel bryan is being grounded in the middle of the ring but he finally gets some momentum but a kick to the back of the head. Rollins goes for the cover 1-2 kickout. Cena is yelling at Daniel to get back into it. Daniel is sure trying and starts elbowing Roman Reigns but Roman hits a big body slam on Bryan to keep him from tagging out. Daniel is crawling to the ropes and he gets up and Roman runs and flys over the top rope. Daniel Bryan gets his chance….He crawls to John Cena and he gets the tag. Here comes KANE and he is on fire. Nice Sideslam on Ambrose and throws Rollins over the rope. Kane goes to the top again and hits the Flying Clothesline. Kane is setting up the chokeslam but no he throws him over the rope. He is tearing the announce table apart. Dean Ambrose gets a DDT on Kane to the outside. Dean goes back in the ring. Kane is on the outside but gets back in the ring at the count of 9. Dean is all over him once he does get back in but Kane gets his Chokeslam. He found his opening and is trying to tag…..CENA TAGS IN. He is running all over Roman Reigns. He does the You cant see me and the 5 knuckle shuffle. He catches Rollins off the top rope but he leg gave out. SPEAR by Reigns and 1-2-3! The Shield Wins


As the Shield is Celebrating their win, Here comes Ryback! Cena is in the ring holding his ankle and you hear JBL say, I dont care what he says…he is hurt bad! And Raw goes off the Air


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12 Responses

  1. aag44 says:

    So the face gets to picke the stipulation?? It’ll probably be a boring one, then… Or, maybe PIÑATA ON A POLE anyone?????

  2. Jack says:

    Vintage Orton With vintage Cole commentary. You gotta love JBL.

  3. DBRude says:

    So that awesome match between Randy and Cody was for nothing?

  4. Saxon says:

    Is Roman Reigns injured?

    I was hoping Del Rio picked submission match.

    Stupid referee during divas match lol.

    Crazy counter by Cody Rhoads!

  5. Fisha695 says:

    Where the hell was the rest of the roster? It seemed like there were only maybe 8 or 10 wrestlers there tonight as Del Rio, Ricardo, Swagger, Dutch, Ziggler & Big E were in almost every segment of the show haha

  6. James says:

    What happened to Fandango’s old dancer? She was much better and more attractive than that blonde bimbo he has now.

  7. Gweedo says:

    Here goes James and his rant against blondes…

  8. craig says:

    @James: u r right on the money. The brunette was mind-boggling

  9. -J- says:

    Big surprise…your favorite superhero is willing to rise above “injury”, try try again, never give up, NEVER.

  10. Guled says:

    some thoughts ran through my mind last night..

    1. the referee was helping out his sistas because hes black

    2. ending should’ve been ryback further “injuring” cena to cement his heel turn.

    3. fanbungo/khali was a mess. i really wanted to see fanbungo challenging himself.

    4. antonio cesaro’s burial, here we come.

    i would have more but they’re too much ;p

  11. -J- says:

    Hope cena gets better soon :/

  12. -J- says:

    lol hi troll of -J-…when did you get here?

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