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Apr 28, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

from Alan Wojcik:

On Saturday April 27, 2013 SCW hosted “Championship Glory” at the Salvation Army of Sanford, 700 West 24th Street, Sanford, FL. Their home site is for more information on their next upcoming event on June 8th.

Irish Jack made his way out to the ring to address the fans to talk about his radio program “Happy Hour” and decided to do it in person with Sweet Thing Willie (blatant gimmick infringement from the legendary Superfly P .) The two gentlemen talked for a few moments and enacted a dance class of sorts. The party was interrupted by Bobby Adams who called out Jack on his Bostonian heritage. SCW GM the Mighty Ox made his way out and said if they wanted to hook it up, let’s hook it up! As Ox exits ringside I still have zero idea who the good or bad guys were in this situation.

(1) Irish Jack (w/Laurel O’Connor) defeated Bobby Adams.

Jack wasted no time in getting a couple of single leg takedowns into pinfall attempts before they traded armdrags and headlock takeovers. Adams resorted to some cheap shots to get control as O’Connor protested from the floor. Jack fought back with a suplex for two but thanks to a rake of the eyes Adams took over once more with a rear chinlock. Jack fought to his feet and threw several punches. He kept Adams on the defensive and won with a enziguri. After the match Willie returned and hit Adams with a Sky High Slam to make the fans happy. Personal note, there is only one true great Irish star in Florida, CJ O’DOYLE!!

(2) In a semi-final match, “Fashion Tsunami” Johnny Armani (w/London Vice) defeated ECW Legend Stevie Richards.

This had to be the biggest in-ring test in the career of Armani and before the match you couldn’t tell, but then again Vice probably was talking him up. As soon as the bell rang the trash talking began and Armani backed off a bit. On the first few exchanges of moves Armani had some control which got his mouth motoring on overdrive. Once Richards got a brief moment of control, Armani bailed to the floor for the comfort of Vice’s arms. Back in the ring we had the traditional test of strength which Richards broke to get in some offense but Armani raked the eyes. That led to Richards being worked over by both men behind the referee’s back. Armani focused his attack on Richards’ neck region with several holds. Armani went for a legdrop on the ring apron but only met the edge of the ring which is solid. That allowed Richards time to recover and get on the attack. Richards had enough of Vice’s involvement and tossed him into the ring. That would be costly as Richards was rolled up by Armani holding the tights for leverage to cause a HUGE upset in the tournament.

Before Richards could exit the ring, the Green Light Hit Squad made their way to the ring for their scheduled match against Rico Casanova. They insulted Richards and called out Casanova wanting to know where his partner was. Casanova came out and said he was already in the ring, Stevie Richards!

(3) DWE champion Rico Casanova/Mystery Partner Stevie Richards defeated Green Light Hit Squad members Jason Cade & SCW FL champion JD Amazing (w/Mr. Sensation).

Casanova and Richards made for a good team early on working over their opponents. That ended when the Hit Squad was isolate the already worked over Richards to their side of the ring. Cade and Amazing made some timely tags working on Richards’ neck previously injured by Armani. Richards got in a quick move and tagged out to Casanova who went on the offensive hitting all three members of the Hit Squad. In the end it was a forearm from Casanova that spun Cade around into the word famous Stevie Kick to win the match.

(4) In a semi-final match, “Man with Most Torque” Victor Creed defeated “Weapon of Mass Satisfaction” London Vice (w/Johnny Armani.)

Armani came back out with Vice predicting they would face off in the finals. Someone forgot to tell Victor Creed that, as he went right on the attack. Vice was rocked by several moves and slid to the floor for some water and a distraction from Armani. It worked as Vice snuck in and dumped Creed to the floor and feigned a knee injury, keeping the referee busy as Armani beat down Creed. Once Creed was tossed back in the ring by Armani, Vice smartly grounded Creed with a chinlock. Creed fought back and dropped Vice on the ropes in a Tree of Woe followed by a dropkick to the chest. The match went to the floor where Creed knocked down both men. Creed brought the match back to the ring here Creed hit a top rope elbow but Armani stopped the pinfall. Armani got dumped on his ass and realized Creed’s wife was ringside so he hit on her. This brought Creed out to jump Armani and nearly lose via countout. Creed beat the ten count but rolled right into several boots. But it wasn’t enough as Creed hit the Torque Neckbreaker to win and advance to face Armani later in the night. After the match Armani came back out to console his fallen partner.

After the intermission “Roadblock” Rex Dixon came out to address the fans about his career & his business relationship with SCW Promoter Chris Carson. Mr. Carson came out and privately addressed Dixon. Dixon didn’t like what he heard and called Carson back into the ring. Carson came back in and talked face to face with Dixon and the fans about his fifteen years as promoting SCW, called out his in state competition and called Rex out to compete one more time. Rex thought it over and accepted Carson’s challenge to one more match before retiring.

(5) SCW Cruiserweight champion Chasyn Rance defeated Jason Cade of the Green Light Hit Squad (w/Mr. Sensation.)

Rance and Cade exchanged some chain wrestling holds with neither gaining a full advantage. That was until the action briefly went to the floor where some trash talking began. On the ring apron Rance went for a piledriver but Senastion grabbed his client’s feet and when Rance went for the move he hit only the ring canvas. This allowed Cade the chance to take over on the champion with a cravat (sic). Rance kicked out of several pin attempts and that caused Cade to pitch a fit as the Southerners like to say. He missed a top rope frog splash and it allowed Rance to hit an Emeral Frosion like move to win. Senastion went to attack Rance post match but got hit with the between the ropes piledriver to the fans delight.

(6) SCW Women’s champion Santana Garrett/Luscious Latasha defeated Leva Bates/Justine Silver.

Bates came out sporting Incredible Hulk hands and green hair and early on it helped her out. Silver however didn’t fare so well against the opponents who took turns beating her up. Silver went to the ring apron for some alone time and Latasha interrupted it. The bad part was Latasha’s throat was dropped on the top rope. That allowed Silver and Bates some time to take control of the bout. Bates went for the Hulk SMASH but missed Latasha causing the ring to shake!! Bates lost the Hulk hands and she was rolled up for two by Latasha before quickly getting a tag to the fresh partner. Santana could only watch from the ring apron as her partner was worked over. But the tables were turned on Bates as she accidentally damaged Silver’s arm. That allowed Garrett to tag in and lay out her opponents. Garrett hit her Muta inspired Hangspring Elbow but Bates fought back with her top rope foot stomp. As Bates fought with Garrett, Silver bailed to the floor and was joined by the Green Light Hit Squad who watched Latasha and Garrett win after back to back handspring splashes.

Before the main event the Mighty Ox unveiled the new SCW Heavyweight championship belt to both the competitors and the fans.

(7) In the finals to crown new SCW FL Heavyweight champion, Victor Creed (w/his wife) defeated Johnny Armani (w/London Vice.)
The opening minutes were a feeling out process that ended when mid ring shoulder tackles led to Creed backing Armani to a corner for ten punches followed by a body block that sent Armani crashing to the floor. Creed suplexed Armani back into the ring for two but a follow up move was stopped by Vice’s heel trip from the floor. That split second allowed Armani time to knock Creed down with a shot to the throat. Armani wasted no time in going for chokes, back rakes and eye gouges. Armani went for a submission with a camel clutch but Creed fought out and dropped backwards forcing Armani into the mat for two. Armani wasn’t hurt bad enough and quickly hit Creed with a neckbreaker for two. Creed fought back and scored a two count of his own. Creed went for a power move but Armani countered out into an inverted DDT for two. Creed got to his feet and hit a pump handle power slam but missed the top rope elbow drop. That left both men struggling to their feet and exchanging double clotheslines. Vice began talking trash with Creed’s wife and that led to his daughter kicking Vice in his package. Armani took his eyes off Creed to confront the outside situation. When he turned around he

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