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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson news and notes

The Rock tweeted the following…

– After Hercules, I’ll partner up w/ Wahlberg – cool HBO project, then possibly FAST 7 – haven’t decided yet on that. #RockTalk @melehlert88

– Most challenging acting role to date has been #PainAndGain Very complex character who’s f*cked up, yet has to deliver humanity.@TheRon_Says

– Rehab is coming along well. 3 hernias repaired leads to lots of swelling.. in the cash & prizes area. #GreatBallsOfFire 😉 @MelindaLiggins

** ‘Pain & Gain’: movie review

*** Hilarious crime comedy ‘Pain & Gain’ is ‘GoodFellas’ on steroids

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  1. bizarro says:

    how can you not post the tweet where he basically said Mania was his last match and the 3 year run to boost WWE ratings worked — that’s more news than anything here and was at the same time

  2. me says:

    Said! Such a disapointment!
    Was actually looking forward to matches with BROCK and possibly BATISTA!
    Maybe some of the upper-mid-carders: DOLPH, ALBERTO, MIZ, BARRETT, SWAGGER, maybe a decent program with Daniel Bryan and CODY RHODES …

  3. BobDX says:

    3 year visit worked….. Yeah but he is gone again.

    The ratings will fall again because of that. John Cena has the Hogan in the early 90’s effect. Draws viewers but also forces some away at the same time.

  4. -J- says:

    thank you rock, he noted that he came back to “do the honors” putting cena over more…he has to go out on a better note than that but I can respect if he chooses to stop as an in ring performer.

  5. Chicago Made Punk says:

    His “hashtagging” abilities have become a little bit more annoying.

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