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Source: Wrestlemania 29 tops 1 million PPV buys

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Our man @courtbauer reports WrestleMania 29 doing 1.2-million – with price hike and HD increase, expected to be highest grossing ever

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  1. Julio says:

    WWE did it again…played us all for fools

  2. ali says:

    what happened to all that crap about wwe reuslts being disastrous and horrifying?

  3. T says:

    BS. The buyrate was supposed to be disappointing. I will wait and see when the real numbers are released.

  4. Jon says:

    No T, the buyrate was “surprisingly shocking”.Its just the IWC here, they see that and automatically assume it means its low but in reality are basing that on nothing but their own opinions. Reality tho is 1.2 million is indeed the buyrate, thats not low or anything at all, nowhere but in comments section did any legit news post say it was disapointing, the saying was “surprisngly shocking”.

    Perhaps learn to understand that on the internet, not everything 12 people who comment on here say is TRUE.

    “surpisngly shocking” does not neccesarily mean disapointing.

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