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Daily Discussion: Fourth member of The Shield

(photo credit: WWE – description: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have unleashed a true reign of terror on WWE in the name of “justice.” But could another Superstar be working for their destructive cause?)

Today’s topic: Kiran Devang suggested…”As per the WWE’s Facebook post, Who do you think will be the fourth member of The Shield …”

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30 Responses

  1. Sheila says:

    I think it’s going to be The Undertaker…yes I know that’s far fetched but I just have a gut feeling

  2. Woodsmeizter says:

    Kassius Ohno

  3. thrilledfan says:

    I hope they dont add anybody. The shields perfect the way it is.

  4. Clayton says:

    I think it’s fine with three men…

  5. BIG L says:

    C.M. Punk for sure.

  6. art123guy says:

    C.M. Punk would ruin it just like he did the Nexus.

  7. seth says:

    it’s not ryback…its PUNK

  8. MC Live says:

    They don’t need a fourth. They work perfectly fine the way they are, three men, and there’s no need to add anyone and take away from the aura they already put out, ala nWo. Leave them at three, and when that runs its course, break them up. If they were gonna do a fourth, or a leader, they should have done it around January. Now, they work so well, it’d just screw it up to change it

  9. Big Travis says:


  10. vicodin123 says:


  11. Skeeter Valentine says:

    It would screw it up but I think it’d be Punk or Orton.

  12. cas says:

    if any, i think Ohno…but they shouldn’t add any more members. 3 is so money. any more and they become the spirit squad

  13. art123guy says:

    Big Travis

    Nope, HOLLYWOOD Hogan!

  14. Gerald says:

    Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) – he should have been one of the original members

  15. king says:

    Paul Heyman. Think about it. With Punk gone and Leaned soon to be gone Hey man needs something new to do so why not manage the Shield? I could be wrong but it seems like the most likely answer if they don’t want to add an actual wrestler to the group.

  16. Chris says:

    It might not even mean a fourth person is joining. Think about it, The Shield are a unit. They are rarely without each other. When one is down, there is another backing him up. That shadow could just be symbolic. 3 men, together as 1.

  17. ali says:

    i reckon its funaki

  18. Dev says:


  19. Loo s says:

    Vince McMahon ….”It was me Austin!!!!”

  20. Matt says:

    CM Punk, when he returns,.,then Brock Lesnar will be the final member and they’ll all be one big stable again under Paul Heyman’s control, trying to take over WWE…until CM Punk wins the WWE title again and calling himself best in the world again which upsets Lesnar, so he leaves the group and demands a title shot at Punk…that’s what I think will happen

  21. Paul says:

    Knowing WWE, it’ll prolly be Ryback, or a returning Mason Ryan.

    It better not be the loony guy from NXT..

  22. FreakonaLeash says:

    Your hearing it here first from me. JOHN LAURANTIS

  23. Guled says:

    What I want: Chris Hero
    What i’ll except: CM Punk

  24. mike says:

    John cena

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