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Spoilers: WWE Smackdown taping results from London


Jack Swagger b Alberto Del Rio in a wild no DQ match. Crowd was hot for the match with Swagger winning with the doctor bomb.

Layla b Aksana

The Shield did an interview talking about winning on Raw and Dean Ambrose said he was going to beat Undertaker.

Fandango b Justin Gabriel. Fandango was very over here. Legdrop off the top finisher

Big Show b Sheamus via knockout punch after distraction from Mark Henry. The crowd turned on the match with boring chants

Wade Barrett b William Regal

Mark Henry b Randy Orton via DQ when Sheamus ran in and gave Henry a Brogue kick. Orton laid out Henry after the match with an RKO.

Undertaker b Dean Ambrose with a choke slam and gogoplata submission. Very good match. After the match The Shield beat down Undertaker three-on-one, including Roman Reigns spearing him through the barricade and then leaving him laying after the triple team power bomb.


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10 Responses

  1. Guled says:

    The Shield’s no longer undefeated
    good to hear.

  2. Ram_Z says:

    Well, the shield as a unit is still undefeated, ambrose is not undefeated tho

  3. havok says:

    still undefeated as a team, but having your only loss being from taker aint bad

  4. joseph says:

    if taker is at extreme rules that would be so cool…the ratings would be amazing.
    such a shame wrestlemania 29 was a bunch of crap.

  5. -J- says:

    that ambrose kid is going places, no shame in losing to taker.

  6. Boogeyman says:

    The Shield. Still undefeated. Dean Ambrose, not but getting beat by taker wayyyyyy better than losing to someone like zack ryder

  7. Tony says:

    How’s this the shield wins money in the bank but then dissension begins by them trying to cash in but the others not wanting him to

  8. Matt says:

    Let’s not forget Rollins was DQ’d in a singles match against Big Show before WM29. #MARK

  9. oudk says:

    It may not seem like it, but getting a match with The Undertaker, who only wrestles part time and chooses who he faces, is a pretty big deal. They must have high hops for Ambrose

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