4/20 NWA Dawg results from Clayton, NJ

Apr 22, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

NWA DAWG Results April 20th at the Clayton High School in Clayton, NJ

An enthusiastic crowd witnessed a great night of wrestling action at the Clayton High School in Clayton, NJ..

In the opening match the NWA DAWG Tag Team Championships were defended as AssailANT & Marc Kreiger ( Substituting for Joey Spades ) took on the very popular duo of AC ROC ( Shaheem Ali & Marc Cruz )… The match was back & forth until a miscommunication between AssailANT & Kreiger ( along with Kreiger’s Manager The Sensational One ) caused AssailANT to hit Kreiger.. Kreiger then walked out of the match leaving AssailANT to fight by him self.. It was too much for him to Handle & AC ROC became your new NWA DAWG Tag Team Champions…

Biggie Biggs came out to explain to the fans that “MDogg20” Matt Cross could not be there because of commitments with the hit NBC-Universal Television how the American Ninja Warrior.. Because of a delay of taping & contractual obligations Cross was not aloud to leave the set to take part in the event.. He was going to be awarded the NWA Eastern Shores Championship but refused to take it saying championships should be won in the ring not awarded.. Just then the “Notorious 187” Homicide ( who was back stage visiting friends ) came out & street clothes, took the mic & talked about how much he loved the NWA.. He then said since Biggie was with out opposition for the night he would like to face him for the Vacant NWA Eastern Shores Championship.. NWA DAWG CEO Dr. Lawrence Zirconium made the Match official as the Main Event for the evening…

In a 4 on 4 elimination match Donnie Hart, South Philly’s Finest & David Starr took on Tyrone Kidd, Kevin Cross, Michael Massacre & Kyle Winant.. All 8 wrestlers were chosen to be part of this match by Anthony Nese & Papadon after taking part of a seminar held by the 2 earlier in the evening.. The fans were very vocal throughout this match Giving the team of Hart, Starr & S.P.F a very large amount of boos, jeers & interesting Jersey style comments… Starr was the sole survivor of his team defeating Michael Massacre to win the match…

The next match was a Grudge Match between Breaker Morant & Dirty Money w/ Thomas Rodman & the Sensational One (S-1).. Last time NWA DAWG was in Clayton Breaker Morant sent Thomas Rodman to the Hospital.. Rodman vowed revenge & brought in Dirty Money as his hired gun…The match was spectacular in it’s brutality & intensity.. The crown was 100% behind Breaker Morant & equally hating on D$.. Dirty Money won the Match with a roll up & holding of the tights.. Breaker though cleaned house of D$, S-1 & Thomas Rodman for a while until the numbers game caught up on him & the trio violently attacked Breaker, Injuring him & sending him to the hospital… It was so intense that a few members of the crowd were trying to rescue Breaker from the assault & Breaker’s Children left the building crying for the well being of their father…

In a match up between two fan favorites 3rd Generation Superstar Lance Anoa’i took on the Undefeated NWA DAWG Competitor “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy… The fans were solidly behind both wrestlers as the fought, clawed & beat each other from pillar to post.. This was a match of 2 wrestlers who refused to lose & the winner would be decided by not who was better but who was the most lucky… In the end Joe Gacy remained undefeated in his biggest win to date.. Gacy impressed NWA DAWG Management & I think he is in line for a championship shot some time in the future at either the NWA Eastern Shores Championship or the NWA DAWG Championship..

In a battle of High Fliers Amasis defeated the “Coqui Kid” Sebastian Cruz.. Cruz was very frustrated by his loss & it looks like his days of being a nice guy are over..

In what many of the fans in attendance are saying was a wrestling classic the “Greek God” Papadon took on the “Premier Athlete” Tony Nese.. When this match comes out of DvD or VOD please go out of your way to witness it.. It truly was amazing.. In the end Papadon used a low blow behind the ref’s back to secure the victory.. The fans have been begging NWA DAWG to put them both in the ring again because not only was nothing settled but they want to see the artistry both of these talented wrestlers can demonstrate against each other on the canvas of the squared circle..

In a Battle Royal “Playboy” James Coller won after Apollyon & Xerox Double Eliminated each other…

In the Main Event for the vacant NWA Eastern Shores Championship Homicide fought the “Jersey Shore Dream” Biggie Biggs…The Match was fought all over the building & the fans were enjoying the frenzy.. After a crazy back & forth Match up Biggie his Homicide with his Big Bang to pin Homicide & become the new NWA Eastern Shores Championship

For those wishing to send Breaker Morant well wishes you can send them to the NWA DAWG offices at 609 Heston Road, Glassboro, NJ 08028

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