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Poll results: Would you like to see Batista return to WWE?

Would you like to see Batista return to WWE?

Yes (61%, 568 Votes)
No (39%, 361 Votes)

Total Voters: 929

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5 Responses

  1. Saxon says:

    I would, be that guy that takes the title from Cena or feuds with Lesnar after he seems unstoppable.

  2. ZBob says:

    Why would you not want him back?!? His last heel run was amazing, and I would love for him to pick up where he last started with cena

  3. Mackdeezy says:

    I wouldn’t mind at all, if he’s still got it he’s still got it. I keep hearing this whole shpiel about “the young guys” which while I don’t disagree with I believe that sometimes you have to work with what’s worked best. You need someone there to also show the new guys how its done.

  4. Meh says:

    I rather see Batistwo (aka Mason Ryan) on WWE TV.

    Saxon? Are you the same Saxon from GameFAQs that gets called a Joke Account by everyone there?

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