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Kurt Angle Admits CM Punk Is Among The Best Today

From Richard Gray:

Kurt Angle spoke with Alex Barie of about being the workhorse in WWE before he left [for TNA Wrestling] and how he sees CM Punk in a similar situation. In the piece, Angle gave his thoughts on CM Punk:

Punk has a lot of ability. His ring work is great. But what sets him apart is his promo skill. You have to have both to get to that level of greatness. I personally don’t like Punk, but I have to respect him. Is he a “Kurt Angle?” Heck no. But he is among the best today.

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  1. Shane says:

    Ugh. Punk is impossibly better than Kurt Angle. If we were comparing him a 2004 Kurt Angle? Prolly a different story. But Kurt Angle hasn’t been the same for a long long time.

  2. -J- says:

    Cant argue with that punk is a talented sob.

  3. Sinister says:

    Yeah, I miss the old Kurt, but he gave the devil his due. Good call

  4. Captain Ass says:

    He gave the devil his due but nobody is better than the great Kurt Angle himself….if you ask Angle, that is.

  5. SAI says:

    C’mon. Angle in his prime vs CM Punk? No contest. Angle, even at his age is still better than most.

    Punk has the better character though, and promo skills.

  6. david says:

    Pass the blunt over Shane. Angle even today is better than Punk. It’s close btu Angle gets the win.

  7. kent says:

    Punk is totally better in everything, ring work and promo!

  8. Jau says:

    Punk is just an overrated punk.

  9. rob_mor says:

    The differences between Angle and Punk range. Even their similarities are off by a hairline fracture. They’re similar in the sense that they’re both passionate, competitive guys. Where they differ is the source of their motivations.

    Angle took his Olympic Wrestling career and training very seriously. Angle decided to come into Professional Wrestling because it was a business decision. Does anyone remember how much Angle sucked back in the day? I barely do because he got so good so fast that it’s hard to remember Angle when he was green.

    Punk takes his Professional Wrestling career very seriously. Punk went into wrestling because he’s obsessed with every facet of the business. I remember when Punk was another boring IWA Mid South wrestler. Punk’s passion fueled him to continual develop himself in the indy scene. Punk gradually got better and better after having feuds with Raven and Joe. Punk worked hard enough to keep his indy name in WWE.

    Angle’s work with comedy far exceeds that of Punk’s. Punk will not allow himself to be the butt of the joke. Punk demands respect – be it in the kayfabe sense, or when he’s representing the company on Talking Dead or any other appearance. Maybe Angle had better writers, but he’s somehow managed to take silly wrestling angles and deliver stellar matches.

    Punk’s had few defining moments in the WWE. Largely what we see is what we’ve got right along. Not to say that is terrible, but I am not seeing any growth from Punk. Unfortunately, Punk hasn’t had any memorable feuds in WWE that were defining enough to shape both competitors. Punk needs his Benoit. Punk still needs his Alliance to feud with.

    Punk tried to step up with his pipebomb speech, but needs something consistent to add meaning to what he does and says. Punk could be the voice of the 18+ crowd, but isn’t able to do that entirely.

    All this being said, to an American watching pro-wrestling after 9/11 … no Superstar was bigger or more pure than Kurt Angle. I am not sure that Punk will ever have the opportunity to inspire as much as Kurt Angle has. I am not sure that Punk will ever have the opportunity to have as many brilliant feuds, be the butt of as many hilarious jokes or win the olympics with a broken freaking neck.

    Punk is great and shines in an era of mediocrity. However, Punk wouldn’t be this good if the competition was as developed as it was when Angle was on top of the business.

    TLDR; Punk is great, but doesn’t have the opportunity to shine that Angle did. Angle wins.

  10. Shane says:

    Angle has a legacy that probably exceeds Punk is nearly every aspect. However, since about 2006, Angle has been wrestling in terrible health, has really lost his way in the way he works and falls back on stiff suplexes and head drops when he doesn’t know what to do. He’s also deteriorated mentally to the point of near insanity with the stuff he talks in interviews and on twitter. He should absolutely be retired at this point and tbh the style he works makes me think he could very easily die in the ring. I don’t think anyone wants that. Had he retired or at the very least stepped away when he left the E in 2006, he’d be one of the greatest of all time. The last several years have severely tainted his legacy IMO

  11. Shane says:

    And no offense to anyone who thinks he’s still as great as he once was but I think gassing dude up on that “best in the world” line is really doing him a great disservice.

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